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Animals[edit | edit source]

Agouti Alligator Bass Bighorn Sheep Bison Blue Shark Cod Coyote Crab Deer Elk Fox Hare Jaguar Moon Jellyfish Mountain Goat Otter Pacific Sardine Salmon Snapping Turtle Tarantula Tortoise Trout Tuna Turkey Wolf

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Asphalt Concrete Basalt Crushed Basalt Gasoline Birch Log Biodiesel Barrel Log Ceiba Log Redwood Log Joshua Log Water Clay Gneiss Corrugated Steel Granite Crushed Granite Dirt Road Crushed Iron Ore Crushed Gold Ore Crushed Copper Ore Crushed Oil Shale Crushed Coal Crushed Slag Oak Log Spruce Log Iron Ore Iron Pipe Iron Bar Reinforced Concrete Dirt Gold Ore Gold Bar Limestone Crushed Limestone Stone Road Stone Sewage Cedar Log Brick Composite Birch Lumber Composite Oak Lumber Composite Spruce Lumber Composite Cedar Lumber Composite Palm Lumber Composite Lumber Composite Saguaro Lumber Composite Ceiba Lumber Composite Redwood Lumber Composite Joshua Lumber Composite Fir Lumber Compost Iron Concentrate Gold Concentrate Copper Concentrate Flat Steel Copper Ore Copper Pipe Copper Bar Garbage Petroleum Tree Debris Framed Glass Saguaro Rib Softwood Hewn Log Hardwood Hewn Log Palm Log Sand Sandstone Lumber Softwood Lumber Fir Log Wire Ashlar Basalt Ashlar Gneiss Ashlar Granite Ashlar Limestone Ashlar Sandstone Ashlar Shale Shale Crushed Shale Steel Pipe Steel Bar Glass Mortared Basalt Mortared Gneiss Mortared Granite Mortared Limestone Mortared Stone Mortared Sandstone Mortared Shale Wet Tailings Hardwood Lumber Hewn Log Coal Tailings Slag Crushed Stone Crushed Gneiss Crushed Sandstone

Foods[edit | edit source]

Charred Agave Pineapple Pineapple Friend Rice Charred Pineapple CO2 Canister Bolete Mushrooms Bear SUPREME Bean Paste Beans Charred Beans Boiled Sausage Boiled Grains Crimson Salad Prime Cut Charred Mushrooms Jungle Campfire Stew Jungle Campfire Salad Leavened Dough Yeast Fried Camas Charred Fish Fried Hearts Of Palm Fried Hare Haunches Charred Meat Fried Vegetables Fried Tomatoes Fried Fiddleheads Fried Taro Campfire Roast Liquid Nitrogen Acorn Hydrocolloids Baked Tomato Baked Agave Baked Corn Camas Bulb Bake Baked Beet Baked Heart Of Palm Baked Roast Baked Meat Baked Taro Cereal Germ Charred Fireweed Shoots Topped Porridge Pastry Dough Taro Root Cookeina Mushrooms Corn Charred Corn Cornmeal Corn Fritters Corn Starch Flatbread Agave Leaves Camas Bulb Oil Infused Oil Macaroons Milk Flour Acorn Powder Amanita Mushrooms Meaty Stew Meat Stock Meat Pie Scrap Meat Raw Roast Charred Camas Bulb Seared Meat Prepared Meat Vegetable Medley Vegetable Stock Vegetable Soup Elk Wellington Boiled Rice Heart Of Palm Papaya Charred Papaya Camas Paste Maltodextrin Bearclaw Pirozhok Prickly Pear Fruit Giant Cactus Fruit Charred Cactus Fruit Fireweed Shoots Fiddleheads Field Campfire Stew Tomato Charred Tomato Bannock Basic Salad Simple Syrup Wheat Wild Stew Root Campfire Stew Campfire Stew Rice Root Campfire Salad Fern Campfire Salad Campfire Salad Tallow Charred Sausage Sugar Sugarcane Beet Greens Beet Campfire Salad Beet Charred Beet Agave Seed White Bursage Seed Pineapple Seed Birch Seed Big Bluestem Seed Barrel Cactus Seed Seagrass Seed Heliconia Seed Spruce Seed Fireweed Seed Arctic Willow Seed Dwarf Willow Seed Saxifrage Seed Bullrush Seed Saguaro Seed Cedar Seed Corn Seed Creosote Bush Seed Lupine Seed Prickly Pear Seed Orchid Seed Bunchgrass Seed Palm Seed Papaya Seed Fir Seed Sunflower Seed Tomato Seed Wheat Seed Beet Seed Ceiba Seed Redwood Seed Taro Seed Grass Seed Trillium Seed Pumpkin Seed Jointfir Seed Ocean Spray Seed Huckleberry Seed Waterweed Seed Joshua Seed Kelp Seed Charred Heart Of Palm Sweet Salad Wild Mix King Fern Spore Fern Spore Filmy Fern Spore Bolete Mushroom Spores Cookeina Mushroom Spores Amanita Mushroom Spores Lattice Mushroom Spores Crimini Mushroom Spores Raw Fish Raw Sausage Raw Meat Raw Bacon Elk Taco Charred Taro Tortilla Transglutaminase Simmered Meat Pumpkin Wilted Fiddleheads Stuffed Turkey Fruit Muffin Fruit Salad Fruit Tart Bread Camas Bread Crispy Bacon Huckleberries Huckleberry Pie Crimini Mushrooms Ecoylent Huckleberry Extract

Plants[edit | edit source]

Agave Amanita Mushroom Arctic Willow Barrel Cactus Beans Beets Big Bluestem Birch Bolete Mushroom Bullrush Bunchgrass Buttonbush Camas Cedar Ceiba Clam Common Grass Cookeina Mushroom Corn Creosote Bush Crimini Mushroom Deer Lichen Desert Moss Dwarf Willow Fern Filmy Fern Fireweed Fir Heliconia Huckleberry Jointfir Joshua Kelp King Fern Lattice Mushroom Lupine Oak Ocean Spray Old Growth Redwood Orchid Palm Papaya Peat Moss Pineapple Pitcher Plant Prickly Pear Pumpkin Redwood Rice Saguaro Cactus Salal Saxifrage Seagrass Spruce Sunflower Switchgrass Taro Tomatoes Trillium Urchin Waterweed Wheat White Bursage

Skills[edit | edit source]

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Tags[edit | edit source]

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Tools[edit | edit source]

Soil Sampler Chainsaw Drill Hydrometer Ecko TheDolphin Wooden Shovel Wooden Hoe Wooden Bow Iron Pickaxe Iron Shovel Iron Hoe Iron Machete Iron Rock Drill Iron Hammer Iron Sickle Iron Axe Blasting Charge Recurve Bow Devtool Dev Flood Tool Stone Pickaxe Stone RoadTool Stone Machete Stone Hammer Stone Sickle Stone Axe Pickaxe Property Tool Composite Bow Shovel Bow Hammer Hoe Meteor Shard Modern Pickaxe Modern Scythe Modern Shovel Modern Hoe Modern Machete Modern Rock Drill Modern Hammer Modern Axe Steel Pickaxe Steel Shovel Steel Road Tool Steel Hoe Steel Machete Steel Hammer Steel Sickle Steel Axe Axe Fishing Pole Torch

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Basic Upgrade Lvl1 Basic Upgrade Lvl2 Basic Upgrade Lvl3 Basic Upgrade Lvl4 Mining Basic Upgrade Logging Basic Upgrade Masonry Basic Upgrade Hunting Upgrade Carpentry Basic Upgrade Campfire Cooking Upgrade Basic Engineering Upgrade Tailoring Upgrade Paper Milling Upgrade Butchery Upgrade Fertilizers Upgrade Farming Upgrade Advanced Upgrade Lvl1 Advanced Upgrade Lvl2 Advanced Upgrade Lvl3 Advanced Upgrade Lvl4 Baking Upgrade Smelting Upgrade Pottery Upgrade Mining Advanced Upgrade Cooking Upgrade Logging Advanced Upgrade Masonry Advanced Upgrade Milling Upgrade Mechanics Advanced Upgrade Carpentry Advanced Upgrade Advanced Baking Upgrade Advanced Smelting Upgrade Advanced Cooking Upgrade Glassworking Advanced Upgrade Modern Upgrade Lvl1 Modern Upgrade Lvl2 Modern Upgrade Lvl3 Modern Upgrade Lvl4 Mining Modern Upgrade Oil Drilling Upgrade Composites Upgrade Mechanics Modern Upgrade Glassworking Modern Upgrade Cutting Edge Cooking Upgrade Advanced Masonry Upgrade Industry Upgrade Electronics Upgrade

Worldobjects[edit | edit source]

Country Marker Elk Skypiercer Fedeartion Marker Homestead LogicGate TownHall Arrastra Bank Large Hanging Birch Sign Large Standing Birch Sign Large Hanging Stone Sign Large Hanging Saguaro Sign Large Hanging Lumber Sign Large Hanging Ashlar Basalt Sign Large Hanging Ashlar Gneiss Sign Large Hanging Ashlar Granite Sign Large Hanging Ashlar Limestone Sign Large Hanging Ashlar Stone Sign Large Hanging Ashlar Sandstone Sign Large Hanging Ashlar Shale Sign Large Hanging Ceiba Sign Large Hanging Redwood Sign Large Hanging Mortared Granite Sign Large Hanging Mortared Limestone Sign Large Hanging Mortared Stone Sign Large Hanging Mortared Sandstone Sign Large Hanging Hardwood Sign Large Hanging Softwood Sign Large Hanging Joshua Sign Large Hanging Oak Sign Large Standing Oak Sign Large Hanging Spruce Sign Large Standing Spruce Sign Large Hanging Cedar Sign Large Standing Cedar Sign Large Hanging Palm Sign Large Standing Palm Sign Large Hanging Fir Sign Large Standing Fir Sign Large Standing Stone Sign Large Standing Saguaro Sign Large Standing Lumber Sign Large Standing Ashlar Basalt Sign Large Standing Ashlar Gneiss Sign Large Standing Ashlar Granite Sign Large Standing Ashlar Limestone Sign Large Standing Ashlar Stone Sign Large Standing Ashlar Sandstone Sign Large Standing Ashlar Shale Sign Large Standing Ceiba Sign Large Standing Redwood Sign Large Standing Mortared Granite Sign Large Standing Mortared Limestone Sign Large Standing Mortared Stone Sign Large Standing Mortared Sandstone Sign Large Standing Hardwood Sign Large Standing Softwood Sign Large Standing Joshua Sign Rug Large Large Lumber Stockpile Census Bureau Bathtub Rocker Box Workbench Masonry Table Wainwright Table Fish Trap Windmill Wind Turbine Screening Machine Waterwheel Wooden Elevator Call Post Combustion Generator AirPollution Generator Sheep Mount Bison Mount Elk Mount Goat Mount Truck Door Corrugated Steel Door Composite Oak Door Composite Spruce Door Composite Cedar Door Composite Saguaro Door Composite Fir Door Composite Ceiba Door Composite Redwood Door Composite Softwood Door Composite Joshua Door Composite Birch Door Composite Lumber Door FlatSteel Door Hewn Softwood Door Hewn Door Composite Palm Door Lumber Door Softwood Lumber Door Ashlar Basalt Door Ashlar Gneiss Door Ashlar Granite Door Ashlar Limestone Door Ashlar Stone Door Ashlar Sandstone Door Ashlar Shale Door Mortared Granite Door Mortared Limestone Door Mortared Stone Door Mortared Sandstone Door Hewn Hardwood Door Composite Hardwood Door Hardwood Lumber Door Wooden Fabric Bed Wooden Straw Bed Wooden Table Lamp Wood Sign Wood Cart Large Lumber Door Large Windowed Lumber Door Wooden Elevator Wooden Ceiling Light Wooden Floor Lamp Latrine Couch Blast Furnace Street Sign Contract Board Brazier Liquid Crafter Stop Sign Board Of Elections Executive Office Treasury Corrugated Steel Fence Door Stone Door Stone Brazier Stone Well Ashlar Limestone Fireplace Ashlar Basalt Fireplace Ashlar Gneiss Fireplace Ashlar Granite Fireplace Ashlar Stone Fireplace Ashlar Sandstone Fireplace Ashlar Shale Fireplace Mortared Granite Fireplace Mortared Limestone Fireplace Mortared Stone Fireplace Mortared Sandstone Fireplace Capitol Planter Pot Square Brick Fireplace Bookshelf Button Computer Lab Salt Basket Campfire Crane Padded Chair Tiny Stockpile Planter Pot Round Kitchen Laboratory Composite Oak Bench Composite Spruce Bench Composite Cedar Bench Composite Saguaro Bench Composite Fir Bench Composite Ceiba Bench Composite Redwood Bench Composite Softwood Bench Composite Joshua Bench Composite Birch Bench Composite Lumber Bench Hewn Softwood Bench Hewn Bench Composite Palm Bench Lumber Bench Softwood Lumber Bench Ashlar Basalt Bench Ashlar Gneiss Bench Ashlar Granite Bench Ashlar Limestone Bench Ashlar Stone Bench Ashlar Sandstone Bench Ashlar Shale Bench Mortared Granite Bench Mortared Limestone Bench Mortared Stone Bench Mortared Sandstone Bench Hewn Hardwood Bench Composite Hardwood Bench Hardwood Lumber Bench Laser Icebox Sawmill Ceiling Candle Store Small Hanging Birch Sign Small Standing Birch Sign Small Hanging Stone Sign Small Hanging Saguaro Sign Small Hanging Lumber Sign Small Hanging Ashlar Basalt Sign Small Hanging Ashlar Gneiss Sign Small Hanging Ashlar Granite Sign Small Hanging Ashlar Limestone Sign Small Hanging Ashlar Stone Sign Small Hanging Ashlar Sandstone Sign Small Hanging Ashlar Shale Sign Small Hanging Ceiba Sign Small Hanging Redwood Sign Small Hanging Mortared Granite Sign Small Hanging Mortared Limestone Sign Small Hanging Mortared Stone Sign Small Hanging Mortared Sandstone Sign Small Hanging Hardwood Sign Small Hanging Softwood Sign Small Hanging Joshua Sign Small Wood Cart Small Hanging Oak Sign Small Standing Oak Sign Small Hanging Spruce Sign Small Standing Spruce Sign Small Hanging Cedar Sign Small Standing Cedar Sign Small Hanging Palm Sign Small Standing Palm Sign Small Hanging Fir Sign Small Standing Fir Sign Small Sink Small Standing Stone Sign Small Standing Saguaro Sign Small Standing Lumber Sign Small Standing Ashlar Basalt Sign Small Standing Ashlar Gneiss Sign Small Standing Ashlar Granite Sign Small Standing Ashlar Limestone Sign Small Standing Ashlar Stone Sign Small Standing Ashlar Sandstone Sign Small Standing Ashlar Shale Sign Small Standing Ceiba Sign Small Standing Redwood Sign Small Standing Mortared Granite Sign Small Standing Mortared Limestone Sign Small Standing Mortared Stone Sign Small Standing Mortared Sandstone Sign Small Standing Hardwood Sign Small Standing Softwood Sign Small Standing Joshua Sign Rug Small Small Stockpile Small Table Ashlar Small Basalt Fountain Ashlar Small Gneiss Fountain Ashlar Small Granite Fountain Ashlar Small Limestone Fountain Ashlar Small Stone Fountain Ashlar Small Sandstone Fountain Mill Mechanical Water Pump Anvil Tallow Wall Lamp Wall Candle Oil Refinery Pump Jack Transmission Pole Zoning Office Campsite Steam Truck Steam Engine Steam Tractor Switch Bakery Oven Kiln Cement Kiln Stove Carpentry Table Powered Cart Skid Steer Candle Stand Amendments Government Office Mint Advanced Masonry Table Advanced Carpentry Table Rolling Mill Industrial Elevator Currency Exchange Butchery Table Sink Registrar Carved Pumpkin Robotic Assembly Line Large Corrugated Steel Door Hand Plow Tallow Lamp Tallow Candle Assembly Line Electronics Assembly Sensor Based Belt Sorter Shelf Cabinet Stockpile Lumber Stockpile Modern Double Street Light Modern Street Light Solar Generator Rug Medium Hanging Steel Mine Sign Hanging Long Steel Sign Hanging Steel Shop Sign Steel Table Lamp Hanging Steel Framed Sign Hanging Steel Plain Sign Standing Steel Brick Sign Steel Ceiling Light Steel Floor Lamp Distribution Station Starter Camp Ecko Statue Limestone Bison Statue Limestone Wolf Statue Limestone Otter Statue Limestone Owl Statue Framed Glass Door Standing Glass Sign Washboard Washing Machine Torch Stand Table Tool Bench Research Table Composite Oak Table Composite Spruce Table Composite Cedar Table Composite Saguaro Table Composite Fir Table Composite Ceiba Table Composite Redwood Table Composite Softwood Table Composite Joshua Table Composite Birch Table Composite Lumber Table Hewn Softwood Table Hewn Table Composite Palm Table Lumber Table Softwood Lumber Table Ashlar Basalt Table Ashlar Gneiss Table Ashlar Granite Table Ashlar Limestone Table Ashlar Stone Table Ashlar Sandstone Table Ashlar Shale Table Mortared Granite Table Mortared Limestone Table Mortared Stone Table Mortared Sandstone Table Hewn Hardwood Table Composite Hardwood Table Hardwood Lumber Table Tailoring Table Real Estate Desk Waste Filter Standing Long Steel Sign Construction Post Chair Composite Oak Chair Composite Spruce Chair Composite Cedar Chair Composite Saguaro Chair Composite Fir Chair Composite Ceiba Chair Composite Redwood Chair Composite Softwood Chair Composite Joshua Chair Composite Birch Chair Composite Lumber Chair Hewn Softwood Chair Hewn Chair Composite Palm Chair Lumber Chair Softwood Lumber Chair Ashlar Basalt Chair Ashlar Gneiss Chair Ashlar Granite Chair Ashlar Limestone Chair Ashlar Stone Chair Ashlar Sandstone Chair Ashlar Shale Chair Mortared Granite Chair Mortared Limestone Chair Mortared Stone Chair Mortared Sandstone Chair Hewn Hardwood Chair Composite Hardwood Chair Hardwood Lumber Chair Court Storage Chest Bloomery Wheelbarrow Toll Toilet Adorned Ashlar Basalt Bench Adorned Ashlar Gneiss Bench Adorned Ashlar Granite Bench Adorned Ashlar Limestone Bench Adorned Ashlar Stone Bench Adorned Ashlar Sandstone Bench Adorned Ashlar Shale Bench Adorned Ashlar Basalt Table Adorned Ashlar Gneiss Table Adorned Ashlar Granite Table Adorned Ashlar Limestone Table Adorned Ashlar Stone Table Adorned Ashlar Sandstone Table Adorned Ashlar Shale Table Adorned Ashlar Basalt Chair Adorned Ashlar Gneiss Chair Adorned Ashlar Granite Chair Adorned Ashlar Limestone Chair Adorned Ashlar Stone Chair Adorned Ashlar Sandstone Chair Adorned Ashlar Shale Chair Streetlamp Ballot Box Farmers Table Froth Floatation Cell Ashlar Large Basalt Fountain Ashlar Large Gneiss Fountain Ashlar Large Granite Fountain Ashlar Large Limestone Fountain Ashlar Large Stone Fountain Ashlar Small Shale Fountain Ashlar Large Sandstone Fountain Ashlar Large Shale Fountain Refrigerator Cast Iron Stove Stuffed Alligator Stuffed Bison Stuffed Elk Stuffed Wolf Stuffed Goat Stuffed Jaguar Fishery Stamp Mill Jaw Crusher Excavator Storage Silo Electric Wall Lamp Electric Water Pump Electric Stamping Press Electric Machinist Table Electric Planer Electric Lathe Powered Storage Silo