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A tree is a plant in Eco found commonly throughout the world. Trees can be harvested for Logs and Wood Pulp using an axe.

Growing Trees[edit | edit source]

Seedlings can be grown where the ground has been tilled with a Hoe. The growth rate of a tree depends on its environmental conditions. Soil conditions can be checked with a Soil Sampler

As of Beta 7.2.3 trees will regrow naturally if you remove all the wood pulp and tree stumps.

Remember to leave at least some trees around in the area however because if you deforest an entire area they will not grow back.

Tree Seeds[edit | edit source]

Seedlings can be obtained by striking leaves on a tree with an axe before chopping the tree down.

The default tree seed drop chance is 30%. As of Beta 7.2.3, Only Cedar, Birch and Oak seeds can be acquired in this way.

In version 8.0, tree seeds are gathered by clearing the Tree Debris that remains after felling a tree.

Types of Trees[edit | edit source]

There are many types of trees in ECO: