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The DevTool is an admin tool used to change stuff on a server. It can be used to delete blocks and objects owned by others, access objects on Deeds without permission, and a couple other admin tasks.

Acquiring[edit | edit source]

The DevTool can only be acquired by using the admin /give command.

Full command:

/give Devtool

Usage[edit | edit source]

Use functions are as follows:

  • Left-click a block, object or vehicle to delete it instantly.
  • Right-click to place a copy of your carried block without removing the one from your carried inventory.
  • Interact (default key E) on a block give you the block in your carried slot.
  • Interact (default key E) on object ignore the Auth (can access vehicle or object inside a private claim)

Disposal[edit | edit source]

Once you are done using the DevTool you can dispose of it using the /dumpselected command while it is selected in the hotbar.

Full command: