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A brilliantly colored bulb with an earthy sweetness.
Used at: Bakery Oven, Campfire, Cast Iron Stove, Farmers Table, Mill
Calories: 230cal
Nutrients: Carbs: 2
Protein: 0
Fat: 2
Vitamins: 4
Nutrition Density: 3.4782608695652 per 100 cals
Carried in: Backpack
Weight: 1.25kg
Stack limit: 100
Item ID: BeetItem
Food, Raw Food, Root, Vegetable,

A Beet is gathered from Beets Plants found around the world. They can also be farmed by planting Beet Seed and growing Beets. Beet can be eaten and used in cooking.

See Also[edit | edit source]

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See Beets for Ideal Planting information.

For Farming levels, see Agriculture.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipes


Used in Recipes

Crafting Station Item Materials Level Needed Crafting Time
Labour Cost XP Gained
Bakery Oven Baked Beet x1 Beet x4 Baking
Level 1
2 25 1
Campfire Charred Beet x1 Beet x1 Campfire Cooking
Level 0
0.5 15 0.5
Campfire Beet Campfire Salad x1 Beet x1 Fruit Tag x1 Greens Tag x1 Campfire Cooking
Level 1
1 15 0
Campfire Root Campfire Stew x1 Beet x1 Camas Bulb x1 Scrap Meat x1 Flour x1 Campfire Cooking
Level 4
1 15 1
Fat Tag x1
Campfire Wild Stew x1 Huckleberries x2 Beans x1 Beet x1 Flour x1 Campfire Cooking
Level 6
1 15 1
Vegetable Tag x1
Cast Iron Stove Fruit Salad x1 Huckleberries x10 Beet x6 Cooking
Level 1
4 25 1
Cast Iron Stove Basic Salad x1 Corn x5 Tomato x6 Beet x5 Cooking
Level 1
4 25 1
Cast Iron Stove Vegetable Medley x1 Beans x8 Tomato x6 Beet x4 Cooking
Level 1
0.8 25 1
Farmers Table Beet Seed x1 Beet x1 Farming
Level 1
0.4 25 0
Mill Sugar x3 Beet x6 Milling
Level 1
2 50 0.5