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Block Items
A pile of stones.
Carried in: Hands
Weight: 7kg
Stack limit: 20
Item ID: StoneItem
ID Number: 2055
Rock, Block, Ingredient,
World Object
Room Material: 0

This is an article about Stone as an item. See rock for more information about the types of rock and how to find them.

Stone is a block and crafting material that can be crafted from any type of minable rock. It can be stacked in the world in the same way that other rocks can, but cannot be found in raw form to be mined. When placed, it looks like Granite.

History[edit | edit source]

9.0.0 Stone is no longer obtainable through crafting and has been replaced with a Rock Tag which contains all Rock types.
Prior to 8.0
  • Stone was the only minable rock in Eco. It had a plain gray texture. It no longer spawns into worlds, so can no longer be mined.
  • Stone behaving oddly (e.g. teleporting to the surface, jittering, or falling from the sky) when mined in large quantities was a bug in Alpha and Early Access.