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World Object Items
Crane Icon.png
Allows the placement and transport of materials in an area.
Created at: Robotic Assembly Line
Carried in: Backpack
Weight: 25kg
Stack limit: 100
Item ID: CraneItem
ID Number: 106
Construction, World Object, Object, Storage Container, Polluter, Vehicles, Product,
World Object
Crane Placed.jpg
Vehicle/Mobile Object: Yes
Fuels Used: Liquid Fuel Tag

The Crane is an item added in Eco v0.7.5.0 that allows for the quick building of floors, walls, or columns. It may also be used to transfer and sort large amounts of carried items between stockpiles, vehicles, and other inventories.

It is fueled with Petroleum, Gasoline or Biodiesel.


To operate the Crane, target the upper part of the object and press E. Target the lower part of the Crane will open the info panel.

The Crane has what is called a grabber at the end of the cable, which is what is used to collect (or grab) items from stockpiles, vehicles, or other inventories. Radial positioning of the grabber is done by raising or lowering the boom while lowering/raising the grabber to maintain the grabber's height.

To interact with stockpiles, vehicles, and other inventories, position the grabber to be near (usually above) them. The inventory will be highlighted green and a tooltip will be shown to indicate you are able to interact with it. You can grab blocks and carried items from the inventory with the Left Mouse Button, or drop them in the inventory with the Right Mouse Button. The Crane will only pick up one type of block or carried item, which means it may be used to sort blocks/items in a stock yard (which is a collection of stockpiles).

The Crane can also place blocks in a rectangle along a horizontal or vertical axis. Left-clicking once sets the first corner of placement, and the second click determines the opposite corner, similar to clicking and dragging a selection box. The size of the wall, floor, or column that can be created is only limited by the number of blocks the crane is carrying and the range of the crane. The first corner of placement must be near another solid block, but the second corner may be up in the air provided that you have enough blocks to build up to it.

Since the boom cannot be extended or retracted, placement of the crane is crucial. The Crane only takes up a 1x1 footprint, so it can be fit into tight spaces, despite what its model may suggest. It may be advantageous to place the Crane significantly higher above the area it will be working in, to get a better view.

The Crane consumes fuel whenever someone is occupying the driver's seat, even if the boom is not being moved.

Operating Instructions[edit]

  • Left-click — Collect blocks from Stockpile or vehicle / Build with collected blocks
  • Right-click — Place blocks in Stockpile or vehicle
  • W — Lower boom
  • S — Raise boom
  • A — Rotate Crane left
  • D — Rotate Crane right
  • Mouse Wheel Raises/Lowers the grabber
  • Shift + Mouse Wheel — Change block form, if available
  • E — Enter/exit Crane

In-game Description

Allows the placement and transport of materials in an area.


Crafting Recipes

Crafting Station Item Materials Level Needed Crafting Time
Labour Cost XP Gained
RoboticAssemblyLine Icon.png

Robotic Assembly Line

Crane Icon.png


Gearbox Icon.png


SteelPlate Icon.png

Steel Plate

Nylon Fabric

AdvancedCombustionEngine Icon.png

Advanced Combustion Engine

Industry Icon.png

Level 2

10 3000 24
RubberWheel Icon.png

Rubber Wheel

Radiator Icon.png


SteelAxle Icon.png

Steel Axle

Used in Recipes