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Smelting is a skill in the Smith tree. Leveling up Smelting allows players to smelt different types of ores into bars, and unlocks the respective skills to improve their speed and efficiency in smelting.


Level Crafting Unlocks Benefits
0 Advanced Smelting Skill Book Recipe
Anvil Recipe
Bank Recipe
Blast Furnace Recipe
Cast Iron Stove Recipe
Cement Kiln Recipe
Copper Ingot Recipe
Copper Pipe Recipe
Currency Exchange Recipe
Gold Ingot Recipe
Iron Axe Recipe
Iron Hammer Recipe
Iron Hoe Recipe
Iron Ingot Recipe
Iron Pickaxe Recipe
Iron Pipe Recipe
Iron Scythe Recipe
Iron Shovel Recipe
Mint Recipe
Sawmill Recipe
Smelt Copper Recipe
Smelt Gold Recipe
Smelt Iron Recipe
Stove Recipe
Treasury Recipe
1 Candle Stand Recipe
Tallow Wall Lamp Recipe
Wall Candle Recipe
2 Brazier Recipe
3 Ceiling Candle Recipe


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