Camas Bulb

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Camas Bulb
CamasBulb Icon.png
Plant to grow a camas plant.
Created at: N/A
Calories: 150.0
Nutrients: Carbs: 1.0
Protein: 2.0
Fat: 5.0
Vitamins: 0.0
Nutrition Density: 5.3 per 100 cals
Carried in: Backpack
Weight: 0.01 kg
Stack limit: 100
Improve Gathering: Gathering
Item ID: CamasBulbItem
ID Number: 681
Vegetable, Root, Raw Food, Crop, Crop Seed, Seeds, Food, Object, Ingredient

Camas Bulb are a gathered from Camas, which are found in Grasslands throughout the world. Camas bulbs can be planted by using a camas bulb on tilled soil. Camas bulbs can also be eaten or used in cooking recipes.

See Also[edit]

For a list of food recipes, see Food.

See Camas for Ideal Planting information.

For Farming levels, see Agriculture.

In-game Description

Plant to grow a camas plant.


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  • Calories gained from eating was 120 prior to Alpha 5.5
  • Nutrients were "30, 0, 15, 0" prior to Alpha 5.5
  • Weight was 0.10kg prior to Alpha 5.5


Alpha 5.5 Changed the Calorie, Nutrient, and Weight values.

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