Steel Sickle

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Steel Sickle
A steel sickle used to harvest crops or cut grass. Has an AoE with each swing.
Created at: Anvil
Carried in: Backpack
Weight: 10kg
Stack limit: 1
Item ID: SteelSickleItem

A big improvement over the Iron Sickle, the Steel Sickle can be acquired by crafting it on an Anvil. It is the first sickle that can harvest more than one plant per swing which can decrease harvesting time.

It harvests the targeted plant as well as the three directly next to it for a total of 1-4 plants per swing (1 away from target excluding direction player is standing, in a ┴ shape), and can be used 1,000 times before needing repair at a cost of 8 Steel Bars.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Station Item Materials Level Needed Crafting Time
Labour Cost XP Gained
Anvil Steel Sickle x1 Steel Bar x10 Lumber Tag x5 Advanced Smelting
Level 1
0.5 250 0.1

Used in Recipes