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Block Items
Log Icon.png
A stack of logs.
Carried in: Hands
Weight: 10 kg
Stack limit: 20
Fuel energy: 4000 J
Item ID: LogItem
ID Number: 312
World Object
Room Material: Tier 0
Fuel, Block, Object

A Log is a block item that can be harvested from trees using an axe. Up to 20 logs may be carried in a player's hands. Logs can be placed on the ground by right-clicking. They can be turned into Hewn Logs, a building material, at the Workbench.

Logs must be stored in a Stockpile or on the ground, but a Carpentry Table can turn them into Boards, which can be stored in chests and are used to make some items.

Mid to late-game, Logs are used to make the more advanced Lumber.

Logs stacked in the world


Sustainable harvesting of Logs requires responsible replanting and cleanup practices. Use an Axe to uproot the tree stump, and to clean up Tree Debris to gather Wood Pulp and tree Seeds, it will also allow saplings and other plants to regrow in the area.


  • Logs can be stacked to make walls, ceiling, or floor of a basic room that can be used for crafting.

In-game Description

A stack of logs.


Crafting Recipes


Used in Recipes (potentially deprecated due to removal of groups - clean this up)




  • Prior to Alpha version, the skill Logging yield increased the amount of logs picked up by 1 each level. With points invested in Logging Yield, players could maximize the number of logs gained from a single tree by cutting it into the smallest possible chunks. Each chunk would benefit from the Logging Yield skill, effectively multiplying the Logs gained by the skill.
  • As of Beta 9.0 the Log is no longer obtainable. It has been replaced with a separate variant for each tree species.

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