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Charred Fireweed Shoots

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Charred Fireweed Shoots
It tastes somewhat burnt but at least the fire has removed the bitter taste.
Created at: Campfire
Calories: 350cal
Nutrients: Carbs: 5.0
Protein: 1.0
Fat: 0.0
Vitamins: 6.0
Nutrition Density: 3.4 per 100 cals
Carried in: Backpack
Weight: 0.1kg
Stack limit: 100
Item ID: CharredFireweedShootsItem
ID Number: 2570
Charred Green, Food, Product,

Charred Fireweed Shoots is food created at the Campfire.

See Also[edit | edit source]

For a list of food recipes, see Food.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Station Item Materials Level Needed Crafting Time
Labour Cost XP Gained


Charred Fireweed Shoots

Fireweed Shoots

Campfire Cooking
Level 0

0.5 15 0.5

Used in Recipes


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Calories gained from eating was 120 prior to Alpha 5.5
  • Nutrients were "40, 0, 0, 50" prior to Alpha 5.5

History[edit | edit source]

Alpha 5.5 Added an in-game description and a new icon. Changed the Calorie and Nutrient values.
Beta 9.0 Changed from Boiled Shoots to Charred Fireweed Shoots.