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An introduction to cooking with an oven. Levels up by crafting related unleavened recipes.
Skill Information
Profession: Chef
Max Level: Level 7
Talent Information
Level 3 Talents:
Level 6 Talents:
Item ID: BakingSkill

Tables used in Baking: Bakery Oven

Baking is a branch of cooking which always involves heating up ingredients without direct flame.

It is an alternative to Cooking, having higher quality products but needing much greater collaboration with Farmers and Millers.

Additionally, it is the only Skill that shares its' crafting station with the later version of itself, Advanced Baking.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Outside of lower quality Baked Vegetables, every single recipe requires interaction with other Professions, namely Butchery and Milling. It is recommended for Bakers to discuss their location with Butchers & Farmers, in order to assure agreeable trade between all parties.

Baking can be a difficult practice if the user is in a remote location, unreachable by most roads. It's advisable for a Baker to make their store(s) in accessible areas.

Learning[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipes


Used in Recipes