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Fertilizers (Items)[edit]

Currently bugged as of v. 0.8

In Agriculture fertilizers are used to amend soil nutrients and can be crafted at the Farmer's Table. They change the value of the primary plant nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Multiple different types can be crafted at the Farmer's Table by combining items with different fillers.

Soil composition[edit]

A player using the Soil Sampler can determine the composition of the soil: temperature, moisture content, and nutrients. As plants deplete nutrients through Farming, a farmer can replenish the Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) levels through applying different fertilizers. Caring for soil nutrients is key to achieving continual high yields and optimum growing conditions. To learn more about controlling temperature and moisture content see Agriculture.

Types of Fertilizers[edit]

There are multiple different types of fertilizers that can be crafted at the Farmer's Table, each with it's own recipe and effects. A comprehensive overview of fertilizer types (as of follows:

Types of Fillers[edit]

Fillers are crafted specifically for use in fertilizer production and are made from combining Plant Fibers or Wood Pulp with dirt at the Farmers Table.

A comprehensive overview of filler types (as of follows:

How Fertilizer Works[edit]

Fertilizers appear to be applied to the soil of the entire 5x5 plot it's used on, meaning it affects a 5x5 area which you can see by holding a Land Claim Stake.


According to Agriculture page, a player can over-fertilizer a plot of land to the detriment of crop survivability, growth, and yield.

Fertilizers (Specialty)[edit]

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Level Crafting Unlocks Benefits
0 Soil Sampler Recipe
1 Blood Meal Fertilizer Recipe
Compost Fertilizer Recipe
Hide Ash Fertilizer Recipe
Pulp Filler Recipe
2 Camas Ash Fertilizer Recipe
Fiber Filler Recipe
Pelt Fertilizer Recipe
3 Berry Extract Fertilizer Recipe
Composite Filler Recipe
Phosphate Fertilizer Recipe


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