Mortared Stone

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Mortared Stone
Block Items
MortaredStone Icon.png
Old stone
Carried in: Hands
Weight: 10 kg
Stack limit: 15
Used as Currency: Yes
Item ID: MortaredStoneItem
ID Number: 199
World Object
MortaredStone Placed.png
Room Material: Tier 1
MortaredStone Form.png

Mortared Stone is a block item that can be made at the Masonry Table with Stone and Mortar.

It is a Tier 1 building material, and can be used in place of Hewn Logs for building to preserve tree resources.

Mortared Stone can be placed in various block forms for construction while a hammer is active. Click the button to the left of the toolbar, or hold Left Shift + Mouse Wheel Scroll.

In-game Description

Old stone


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