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Crafted Objects
Like a Skid Steer but more versatile. Great for high slope excavation.
Created at: Robotic Assembly Line
Carried in: Backpack
Weight: 300kg
Stack limit: 100
Item ID: ExcavatorItem

The Excavator is a vehicle used for digging. It is crafted at the Robotic Assembly Line.

It is fueled with Petroleum, Gasoline or Biodiesel.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Excavator requires roads that are 4 to 5 blocks wide to drive comfortably.

It can dig Stone, Dirt, ore, Sand, and Coal, and can even break tree branches. With Stone or ores, the Excavator must first break the blocks before picking up the pieces.

Items can not be dumped from the Excavator directly into Stockpiles or any other storage. Doing this will simply try to place them on top of the Stockpile, which will create issues.

Digging with the Excavator will consume more fuel than when it is being driven. It does not appear the pollution rate increases during digging.

Operating Instructions[edit | edit source]

While you are in the driver's seat, mouse over the "1" slot on your toolbar. This will display the operating instructions.

Press 1 to go from drive mode to digging mode. Pressing 1 when driving will instantly stop you, and lock your Excavator in place.

Drive mode controls[edit | edit source]

  • W — Move Forward
  • S — Move Backwards
  • A — Turn Left
  • D — Turn Right
  • Mouse — Free look

Digging mode controls[edit | edit source]

  • W — Raise Boom
  • S — Lower boom
  • A — Rotate left
  • D — Rotate right
  • Mouse — Free look
  • Mouse left click — Dig
  • Mouse right click — Drop item (whatever you have highlighted on your tool bar, press and hold to quickly empty)
  • Mouse left click + Move mouse left — Close bucket
  • Mouse left click + Move mouse right — Open bucket
  • Mouse left click + Move mouse up — Extend boom
  • Mouse left click + Move mouse down — Retract boom

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You can use WSAD keys and Mouse commands at the same time for maximum digging! Note that left click will always dig, so while moving your boom/bucket you can dig at the same time.
  • Keep in mind it is a very heavy item to carry in your inventory at 30kg. If it gets stuck you can pick it up like a cart, but you have to have the weight to do so.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Station Item Materials Level Needed Crafting Time
Labour Cost XP Gained

Robotic Assembly Line



Steel Plate

Nylon Fabric

Advanced Combustion Engine

Level 1

20 3000 24

Rubber Wheel


Steel Axle

Light Bulb

Used in Recipes


Gallery[edit | edit source]