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Block Items
A combustible mineral that, when used as a fuel, provides lots of energy but generates lots of pollution.
Carried in: Hands
Weight: 4kg
Stack limit: 20
Fuel energy: 20,000J
Item ID: CoalItem
ID Number: 1746
Fuel, Coal, Burnable Fuel, Excavatable, Block, Ingredient,
World Object
Room Material: 0

Coal is a resource found in underground seams. It spawns abundantly in Wetlands. Can also be found in Grasslands that are wide enough (not the beach grasslands found around some Biomes) but not as abundantly. It can be mined with any pickaxe.

It is one of the softest ores, always broken in one hit from a pickaxe - conveniently so, as it is a very useful resource throughout the game.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

If a Coal deposit can be found early game, it is useful as fuel in crafting stations such as the Campfire, Bloomery and Kiln. Once the Blast Furnace is built, Coal is outclassed by the availability of Charcoal.

Location[edit | edit source]

Coal, being made from the remains of dead life, is likelier to be found in livelier areas. Interestingly enough, Rainforests don't seem to have much Coal.

Wetlands[edit | edit source]

Coal spawns abundantly almost directly below the surface of Wetlands, combined with the usual height of Wetlands you can usually just drive right into the biome and get all the coal you ever need.

This abundance implies much death in the biome, and a previously lush environment.

Grasslands[edit | edit source]

Coal can only be found in the Grasslands biome within Sandstone. According to game files, Coal has a 70% chance to spawn in bands 13-16 blocks below the surface. Coal bands spawn in a very limited depth range compared to metal ores. Bands (seams) of Coal may extend horizontally to reach other biomes and vertically to reach lower or greater depths.

Rainforest[edit | edit source]

Coal can be found within Rainforests, between 20 and 40 blocks. It is relatively difficult to mine in these depths, and this location is thus usually disregarded for mining Coal.

The surprisingly deep location may indicate a long past mass extinction event* in such areas.

*One of which Eco's planet is being approached with.

In-game Description

A combustible mineral that, when used as a fuel, provides lots of energy but generates lots of pollution.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

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