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Type of rooms available in ECO:

Definition[edit | edit source]

A room is a space that is completely enclosed with blocks. Gaps in walls for windows and doorways can be up to 2 blocks wide and 1 block tall or 2 blocks tall and 1 block wide. A doorway does not need to have a Door installed. Gaps in the ceiling, such as for stairs or a ladder, will combine a room with the one above it or invalidate the room completely if open to the sky.

Checking the "Status" tab of a crafting station placed within the room will display any issues preventing the table from functioning.

All crafting stations and furniture take up a certain amount of room volume, distinct from the physical "footprint" of the object. Crafting station volume requirements are generally much higher than furniture volume requirements.

Ownership[edit | edit source]

By default, a crafting station on private property claimed with a Land Claim Stake will only be usable by the property owner. This can be changed in the "Auth" tab of the crafting station. Adding player names, demographics or Everyone to the auth list will allow others to use the crafting station.

See also: Auth

Room Building Materials[edit | edit source]

Raw materials that can be stacked, such as Dirt and Stone, can be used to make room walls, ceilings, and floors, but they are Tier 0 and will lower the Room Tier.

Below is a List of Block Tiers if a Block has a Variant it may not be shown in the list. For example, Mortared Granite is a variant of Mortarted Stone so it won't appear.

More Information:Block Tiers

Block Tier
Hardwood Hewn Log1
Hewn Log1
Mortared Granite1
Mortared Limestone1
Mortared Sandstone1
Mortared Stone1
Softwood Hewn Log1
Copper Pipe2
Hardwood Lumber2
Iron Pipe2
Softwood Lumber2
Corrugated Steel3
Reinforced Concrete3
Steel Pipe3
Ashlar Basalt4
Ashlar Gneiss4
Ashlar Granite4
Ashlar Limestone4
Ashlar Sandstone4
Ashlar Shale4
Composite Birch Lumber4
Composite Cedar Lumber4
Composite Ceiba Lumber4
Composite Fir Lumber4
Composite Joshua Lumber4
Composite Lumber4
Composite Oak Lumber4
Composite Palm Lumber4
Composite Redwood Lumber4
Composite Saguaro Lumber4
Composite Spruce Lumber4
Cotton Carpet4
Flat Steel4
Framed Glass4
Nylon Carpet4
Wool Carpet4

Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

Most crafting stations will only function if they are placed inside a room composed of a certain amount of blocks from a specific "tier" of building materials and enough volume in room for all crafting stations.