Paper Milling

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Paper Milling is a specialty in the Carpenter profession. It requires learning the Paper Milling Skill Scroll from the Paper Milling Skill Book. It unlocks the skill and recipes Paper, Paper Efficiency, and Paper Speed.

Currently, specializing in it has no purpose, as anyone can make Paper after learning its' skill scroll.

Specialty: Paper Milling Unlocks

Level Crafting Recipes Talents
0 |- 1
  • Paper
  • Printing Supplies
  • Paper Milling Upgrade
  • Large Festive Paper Lantern
  • Large Paper Lantern
  • Small Paper Lantern
  • 2 |- 3 |- 4 |- 5 |- 6 |- 7 |}

    Learning[edit | edit source]

    Crafting Recipes


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