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Tailors make clothing, with the recent changes in 10.0, Tailoring now provides skill specific clothing sets that do not provide bonuses but provide an aesthetic for that skill.

Specialties unlock new unique abilities and crafting recipes. New specialties can be gained by earning character experience.

Clothing Items (10.5)[edit | edit source]

Names Recipe Benefits Description Weight (KG)
Bandana Tailoring Table:

15 Leather Hides 10 Fabrics 600 Tailoring (L3) labor

N/A "It just looks cool" 0.1
Basic Backpack N/A* Increases max carry weight by 5 kg "A basic backpack to carry supplies" 0.1
Bearpack Advanced Tailoring Table:20 Cellulose Fibers

25 Fur Pelts 30 Fabrics 1200 Tailoring (L4) labor

Increases max carry weight by 15 kg "Can you can carry as much as a bear! Not really, but it helps you carry more." 0.1
Big Backpack Tailoring Table:

20 Leather Hides 10 Fabrics 600 Tailoring (L2) labor

Increases max carry weight by 10 kg "A survival backpack that offers more support than the basic backpack." 0.1
Builder Boots Advanced Tailoring Table:

1 Steel Bar 5 Leather Hides

5 Nylon Fabric 1200 Tailoring (L5) labor

Decreases calories consumed when using tools by 30% "Snug work boots with side zippers." 0.1
Builder Gloves Advanced Tailoring Table:

10 Leather Hides 10 Nylon Fabric 1200 Tailoring (L5) labor

N/A "Leather construction gloves with durable palms and fabric backs for breathability." 0.1
Builder Helmet Advanced Tailoring Table:

5 Plastic 10 Nylon Fabric 1200 Tailoring (L5) labor

N/A "A plastic hard hat that protects from falling objects and other hazards found in construction sites." 0.1
Builder Overalls Advanced Tailoring Table:

40 Nylon Fabric 1200 Tailoring (L5) labor

N/A "Durable overalls with cargo pockets and hammer loops." 0.1
Builder Shirt Advanced Tailoring Table:

10 Nylon Fabric 20 Cotton Fabric 1200 Tailoring (L5) labor

N/A "A short sleeved work shirt made from a blend of

cotton and synthetic materials."

Bycocket N/A* N/A "Also called chapeau à bec, or Billed Hat in france due

to it's bird-beak like appearance."

Camo Pants 0.1
Camo Shirt 0.1
Capris 0.1
Carbide Helmet Lamp 0.1
Chef Hat 0.1
Chef Pants 0.1
Chef Shirt 0.1
Chef Shoes 0.1
Cloth Belt 0.1
Cloth Cape 0.1
Derpy Hat Tailoring Table:

2 Leather Hides 5 Fabrics 40 Tailoring (L1) labor

N/A "Sombrero that doesn't fit anyone. You feel embarrassed to wear it." 0.1
Explorer Boots 0.1
Explorer Gloves 0.1
Explorer Hat 0.1
Explorer Pants 0.1
Explorer Shirt 0.1
Farmer Boots 0.1
Farmer Gloves 0.1
Farmer Hat 0.1
Farmer Overalls 0.1
Farmer Shirt 0.1
Garden Boots 0.1
Gigot Sleeve Shirt "Cool piratey shirt that makes your biceps look bigger than they really are" 0.1
Henley Tailoring Table:

1 Leather Hide 25 Plant Fibers 40 Tailoring (L1) labor

N/A "A Henley shirt is a collarless pullover shirt, characterized by a placket beneath the

round neckline, about 8 to 13 cm long and usually having 2 to 5 buttons. It essentially resembles a collarless polo shirt."

Light Backpack Tailoring Table:

20 Cellulose Fibers 5 Fabrics 600 Tailoring (L3) labor

Increases movement speed and increases max carry weight by 5kg "Smaller than your standard three-day backpack. You can't fit that much inside, but that make you more agile" 0.1
Low Top Shoes Tailoring Table:

4 Leather Hides 150 Tailoring (L1) labor

Decreases calories consumed when using tools by 10% "Basic, ordinary, every day, run of the mill, nondescript, conventional,

commonplace, humdrum, standard, middle-of-the-road, garden- variety low-top shoes."

Muffin Hat N/A* N/A "I have no idea why it's called that, but it's not edible." 0.1
Oil Head Lamp 0.1
Primitive Canvas Boots N/A* 0.1
Primitive Canvas Pants N/A* 0.1
Primitive Canvas Shorts N/A* 0.1
Primitive Fur Belt N/A* 0.1
Primitive Leather Boots N/A* 0.1
Primitive Leather Pants N/A* 0.1
Primitive Leather Shirt N/A* 0.1
Primitive Leather Shorts N/A* 0.1
Running Shoes 0.1
Sandals 0.1
Shipwright Hat 0.1
Shipwright Overalls 0.1
Shipwright Sandals 0.1
Shipwright Shirt 0.1
Shorts 0.1
Smith Apron 0.1
Smith Bandana 0.1
Smith Boots 0.1
Smith Gloves 0.1
Smith Pants 0.1
Smith Shirt 0.1
Square Belt 0.1
Tailor Bowler Hat 0.1
Tailor Pants 0.1
Tailor Shirt 0.1
Tailor Shoes 0.1
Tall Boots 0.1
Trapper Fur Hat N/A* 0.1
Trapper Leather Hat N/A* 0.1
Trousers 0.1
Tunic 0.1
Villagers Cowl Lowered N/A* 0.1
Villagers Cowl Raised N/A* 0.1
Wanderers Hood Lowered N/A* 0.1
Wanderers Hood Raised N/A* 0.1
Work Backpack 0.1
Work Boots 0.1

*This clothing item can only be obtained by having it on your avatar before joining a server.