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Players who purchased ECO during Alpha (before Feb. 6 2018) will receive in-game cosmetic rewards: A Meteor Shard, Alpha Hat and Alpha Goggles, and special chat icons.

Meteor Shard[edit | edit source]

The Meteor Shard can hang off the player's backpack and be held in hand, where it glows slightly at night.

MeteorShard Held.jpg MeteorShard Backpack.jpg

Alpha Hat and Goggles[edit | edit source]

This headgear consists of a top hat and old-fashioned goggles. It is an homage to Vessel, another game by Strange Loop Games.


Chat Icons[edit | edit source]

Alpha backers and owners of ECO multi-packs will receive special chat icons next to their names in-game.

Chat logos.jpg

Videos[edit | edit source]