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Logging is a specialty found in the Carpenter profession. It reduces the calorie cost and time of felling trees for Logs.

While efficiency reduces calorie cost per swing of the axe, damage decreases the number of times it needs to be swung. Some trees (like Oaks) need more hits to be felled, so this skill can be useful in saving time and calories.

Specialty: Logging Unlocks

Level Crafting Recipes Talents
  • Carpentry Skill Book
  • Shipwright Skill Book
  • Board
  • Charcoal
  • Dendrology Research Paper Basic
  • Wooden Keel
  • Wooden Mold
  • Wooden Oar
  • Logging Advanced Upgrade
  • Logging Basic Upgrade
  • Butchery Table
  • Farmers Table
  • Hewn Chair
  • Hewn Door
  • Small Shipyard
  • Wainwright Table
  • Small Wood Cart
  • Hewn Logs
  • Particle Boards
  • Recycle Hewn Log
  • Saw Boards
  • 2
  • Fiber Scutching Station
  • Hewn Bench
  • Hewn Table
  • 3
  • Hewn Dresser
  • Huge Banner Sign
  • 4
  • Hewn Nightstand
  • Registrar
  • 5
  • Huge Wooden Banner Sign
  • 7

    Learning[edit | edit source]

    Crafting Recipes


    Used in Recipes