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There are many tools to use within the world of Eco. Keep in mind, that in order to obtain certain resources, you MUST use the designated tool to collect them.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

The different tool tiers differ by how many calories you use per action.

For example, the wooden shovel takes 50 calories per dig action. An iron shovel takes only 5 calories.

Damaged Tools[edit | edit source]

Damaged/broken tools can still be used, but the calorie cost of using them drastically increases (5x).

Types of tools[edit | edit source]

Axe[edit | edit source]

The axe is used to chop down trees.

Bow[edit | edit source]

The bow is used to hunt animals.

Hammer[edit | edit source]

The hammer is used to break crafted blocks.

Hoe[edit | edit source]

The hoe is used for tilling the ground in order to plant seeds.

Pickaxe[edit | edit source]

The pickaxe is used to mine stone and other raw materials from the planet.

Soil Sampler[edit | edit source]

The Soil Sampler gives a reading of the ground in the nearby area.

Road Tool[edit | edit source]

The Road Tool (previously known as Road Tamper) is used to create dirt roads.

Scythe[edit | edit source]

The scythe is used to clear weeds and to collect berries and other plant life.

Shovel[edit | edit source]

The shovel is used to dig up grass, dirt, and sand.

Machete[edit | edit source]

The machete is used to clear plants quickly.