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There are many tools to use within the world of Eco. Keep in mind, that in order to obtain certain resources, you MUST use the designated tool to collect them.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

The different tool tiers differ by how many calories you use per action.

For example, the wooden shovel takes 50 calories per dig action. An iron shovel takes only 5 calories.

Damaged Tools[edit | edit source]

Damaged/broken tools can still be used, but the calorie cost of using them drastically increases (5x). Tools can be repaired at the Tool Bench.

Types of tools[edit | edit source]

Axe[edit | edit source]

The Axe is a tool used for chopping Trees.
There are various tiers of axe that are available, and each one is craftable.

Bow[edit | edit source]

The Bow is used to hunt animals for meat. For it to be used, the player must have a collection of arrows in their inventory.
A free Bow is provided upon first leveling up the Hunting skill in the Hunter skill tree. Further bows can be crafted at a Workbench.

Hammer[edit | edit source]

The Hammer is a tool used to pick up certain items and blocks, as well as to place various housing materials. The hammer can be used to return furniture, Crafting Table, and most placed blocks to the player's Backpack. Having a hammer active while carrying building materials allows you to select what block form you want with Shift + Mouse Wheel Scroll.

There are various tiers of Hammer available.

Hoe[edit | edit source]

A Hoe is used to tilling the ground or prepare Dirt for Farming. To use a Hoe, left-click on a Dirt or grass block and it will change into tilled dirt. For any seeds to be planted, the ground must be tilled first.

There are various tiers of hoes.

Pickaxe[edit | edit source]

The pickaxe is tool what used to mine stone and other raw materials from the planet as Stone, Coal, and ores. Using the pickaxe on these blocks will turn them into rubble, allowing them to be picked up by pressing E. There are various tiers of pickaxe and players start the game with a Stone Pickaxe. To repair a pickaxe in Tool Bench you will need part of the material used to craft it: Stone to repair Stone Pickaxe, Iron Bar to repair Iron Pickaxe etc.)

Soil Sampler[edit | edit source]

The Soil Sampler gives a reading of the ground in the nearby area.

Road Tool[edit | edit source]

The Road Tool (previously known as Road Tamper) is used to create dirt roads. The Road Tool is a way of making roads. Using the tool on dirt will turn that block into a Dirt Road. The Iron Road Tool is an upgraded version of the Stone Road Tool. Dirt roads will dry out in Desert biomes, but their respective Dirt Ramp won't.

Scythe/Sickle‎[edit | edit source]

The Scythe or Sickle is a tool used to harvest Wheat, Plant Fibers, Bunchgrass and other plants. The Scythe costs 20 calories per plant harvested for each use (eg if you harvest 2 plants with one swing it will cost 40 calories total). Leveling up the Farming skill in the Agriculture tree will reduce its calorie usage.

Shovel[edit | edit source]

The shovel is a tool for digging up Dirt, Sand, Crushed Rock Tag and Crushed Ore. Each level of shovel can carry an increasing number of stacks. The shovel is also used to harvest Camas Bulbs.

Machete[edit | edit source]

The Machete is a tool used to cut through grass and clear plants quickly. There are various kinds of Machete.

Rock Drill[edit | edit source]

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