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Level Crafting Unlocks Benefits
0 Campsite Recipe
Cellulose Fiber Recipe
Cloth Recipe
Normal Hair Recipe
Notch Belt Recipe
Peasant Hair Recipe
Scruffy Hair Recipe
Square Belt Recipe
1 Basic Backpack Recipe
Capris Recipe
Derpy Hat Recipe
Elk Mount Recipe
Fabulous Pants Recipe
Garden Boots Recipe
Gigot Sleeve Shirt Recipe
Henley Recipe
Low Top Shoes Recipe
Padded Chair Recipe
Rug Small Recipe
Running Shoes Recipe
Tall Boots Recipe
Trousers Recipe
2 Big Backpack Recipe
Bison Mount Recipe
Camo Pants Recipe
3 Camo Shirt Recipe
Couch Recipe
Light Backpack Recipe
Rug Medium Recipe
Washboard Recipe
Work Backpack Recipe
Work Boots Recipe
4 Bearpack Recipe
5 Stuffed Elk Recipe
6 Rug Large Recipe


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As of ECO 5.5, the Tailoring skill can be used to make shoes, clothing and backpacks that enhance your abilities:

  • The Basic Backpack increases carrying capacity by 5.0kg, the Big Backpack by 10.0kg, and the Bearpack by 15.0kg.
  • Camo clothing lets you get slightly closer to animals before they notice you.
  • The Light Backpack has the same capacity of the Basic Backpack but gives extra movement speed
  • The Work Backpack is a Basic Backpack with slightly less calorie usage.
  • Work Boots reduce calorie usage slightly.
  • Running Shoes increase your movement speed.

All other equipable items are purely cosmetic.