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Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Skills' not found. Tailors create clothing, furniture and other cloth related housing objects. It pairs well with Butchery (for hides/skins/wool) and Carpenter (for wood, other housing materials.) With the recent changes coming in 10.0, Tailoring now provides skill specific clothing sets. Additionally with the focus now on paintings for influence and the need for canvas, Tailors are a star profession for providing both Cotton and Linen canvas'.

Specialties unlock new unique abilities and crafting recipes. New specialties can be gained by earning character experience.

Tables Used:[edit | edit source]

Learning[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipes


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History[edit | edit source]

Beta 9.3.0 The Tailoring Update that expanded the items a tailor can make, and the tables they use.
Alpha 5.5 Tailoring skill can be used to make shoes, clothing and backpacks that enhance your abilities:
  • The Basic Backpack increases carrying capacity by 5.0kg, the Big Backpack by 10.0kg, and the Bearpack by 15.0kg.
  • Camo clothing lets you get slightly closer to animals before they notice you.
  • The Light Backpack has the same capacity of the Basic Backpack but gives extra movement speed
  • The Work Backpack is a Basic Backpack with slightly less calorie usage.
  • Work Boots reduce calorie usage slightly.
  • Running Shoes increase your movement speed.

All other equipable items are purely cosmetic.