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Strange Loop Games regularly releases updates to Eco. New versions are available for download at Strange Loop Games' website and are automatically downloaded through Steam.

New client and new server versions are released simultaneously. Outdated servers are incompatible with new game clients, and vice versa.

Changelogs/notes for minor and major releases are posted in the Eco Discord server #announcements channel and on Steam. Steam or Discord are the source of the changelogs posted here unless stated otherwise.

Beta[edit | edit source]

v9.4.6[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed: Players and other objects would sometimes appear invisible to others
  • Fixed: The audio for chopping trees and other tools would sometimes stop playing until switching tools
  • Fixed: Members of a demographic were not given edit permissions when that demographic was assigned as a manager of a registrar title or a bank account
  • Fixed: 32-bit build would crash on startup
  • Fixed: Casting a fishing pole was creating errors in the server log
  • Fixed: Issue with banlist on servers
  • Fixed: Using RCON with a non supported command was causing an exception
  • Added: /kick, /listusers and /listadmins commands now all have RCON support

v9.4.5[edit | edit source]

  • Added: New emotes: /wave, /sit, /bow, and /salute
  • Added: Modkit support for custom images for signs and Ecopedia banners (More Info: Example Mod & Wiki Documentation)
  • Fixed: Laws using a progressive percent were unable to accept 0 as the minimum threshold
  • Fixed: Firing a bow was creating errors in server logs

v9.4.4[edit | edit source]

  • Added: New admin commands to help manage the skill points and levels of other players
  • Fixed: It was possible to exploit furniture score calculations by placing furniture in the gaps of the wall between rooms
  • Fixed: Plants would not render on the edges of the screen when rotating the camera in third person
  • Fixed: Eco client would freeze when failing to get a response from Steam while in the middle of connecting to a server. This now causes a timeout with an error message explaining the problem.
  • Fixed: Eco client would freeze when failing to connect to a Cloud Worlds when the relay server was unreachable
  • Fixed: Using "Global Timer" as the value for a law effect would cause an exception
  • Fixed: There was a situation that could result in some plants dying on a fresh world even when they were in a habitable environment
  • Fixed: Exiting a UI with the left mouse button would also trigger the tool being held
  • Fixed: Economy Viewer would show negative values for crafting time remaining on public crafting stations with finished orders
  • Fixed: Mods downloaded from were being placed in the incorrect folder
  • Fixed: There were still cases of rounding errors for currency transactions with fractions of a cent
  • Other: Various Localization updates and fixes

v9.4.3[edit | edit source]

  • Harvesting grass and wheat was causing a client crash
  • The camera was set to a fixed position when driving a vehicle as opposed to adjusting to face the direction the vehicle was moving
  • Players were often appearing invisible to others
  • Tool animations would not always display when viewing others use a tool

v9.4.2[edit | edit source]


Civics & Contracts

  • Custom stats for civics were still recording even when the action that triggered the stat increase was prevented
  • Text formulas in laws could sometimes cause the server to crash and the save to become corrupted
  • The Distribution Station was incorrectly using time played to determine if eligible to receive items, rather than using days since joining the server
  • Contracts were unable to be marked as failed
  • Admin command /titles unassign was not working when targeting someone besides self
  • It was not possible to repay loans when using a personal account
  • Amount owed for a loan contract would not always update to reflect the amount remaining after making a partial payment

Food & Nutrition

  • Added modable variables for minimum calories and minimum nutrients provided for food items to be eligible for cravings (default is 200 calories and 12 nutrients)
  • Increased default amount of calories provided for food items to be eligible to a favorite/least favorite food to 500 from 50
  • Added modable variable for minimum nutrients provided to be a favorite/least favorite (default is 50)
  • Increased default minimum calories needed to be considered for Food Variety to 100 from 50
  • Increased default number of foods needed for Food Variety bonus to be hard capped from 40 to 60
  • Food variety bonus would instantly jump up to the hard cap of 50% bonus when reaching the soft cap of 25%
  • Sound effect for eating was not playing


  • Added mod support for UI prefabs for a collection of variable types: Boolean, IEnumerable, Int32, and String
  • Servers with large mods could experience slowdown when multiple people were connecting to the server for the first time and needed to download mods
  • Quick Join & URL links would not did not properly launch with Steam version of Eco


  • Updated Localization to cover many new strings
  • Updated tooltips for Lavish Workspace and Frugal Workspace talents to indicate the crafting tables must be placed on claimed land for these talents to work
  • Property overlay is now displayed on the map by default (It can still be disabled)
  • Punctuation marks in chat were displaying an empty deed
  • Pollution & sea level rise were missing statistics on the web UI
  • Local worlds saves were unable to be sorted by date last played
  • When scrolling in the server browser, the background shade for servers was appearing above the server list
  • Opening the citizen object UI was showing the World Progress tab by default rather than the citizen objectives
  • Exhaustion preference UI now displays units to indicate the number selection is based on hours
  • There were typos in the Ecopedia "Trade" and "Property" entries
  • After playing for a long amount of time, new chat messages and notifications would sometimes stop displaying
  • "Setting Up Shop" achievement was not displaying an icon when unlocked
  • When level 0 in a specialty, the experience tooltip for this specialty would display symbols rather than a number for the amount of experience needed to level up this specialty

Vehicles & Tools

  • Further polished legacy cart controls to fully restore old cart behavior
  • Skid steer did not have its normal smooth movement when picking up rubble
  • Vehicles could slide on ramps even when movement keys were not being pressed
  • Vehicles would sometimes disappear when crossing zero point on the map
  • In some situations, tools would no longer work after switching from third person view to first person
  • When using tools in third-person view, they could have faster animations than when using them in first-person view

General Fixes:

  • It was possible to place objects on the edge of property that overlapped into other's property
  • Doors incorrectly required solid ground both in front of and behind the door in order to be placed in a location
  • On rare occasions, a server would be unable to start after a restart due to being unable to load the chat
  • Missing inventory stacks caused by removing modded items caused a NullReferenceException crash
  • Incompatibilities in the latest Unity version were causing hard to identify client crashes
  • Avatar could sometimes clip through the ground when moving through zero point
  • Using command "/skills all" followed by command "point" caused Eco to freeze

v9.4.1[edit | edit source]



  • Wind generators now calculate height bonus from the center of the blades instead of the top occupancy point
  • Brick Fireplace recipe moved to Kiln from Masonry Table so it can benefit from Pottery upgrades
  • Slight nutrient buff to Sunflower
  • Fixed: Seed recipes on the Farmers Table were not benefiting from increased crafting speed from upgrades
  • Fixed: Sunflower did not have increased stack size on Steam Tractor


  • Fixed: Some popular mods from 9.3 were not compatible with 9.4 due to changes in how chat handled custom commands


  • Added option to the control settings to enable legacy cart controls which uses mouse look to turn instead of the keyboard
  • Turned down camera sway when turning with a cart in first person
  • Fixed: Carts were having trouble getting enough momentum to climb ramps
  • Fixed: Carts were not able to easily transition off ramps unless the connected block was tamped with a road tool


  • Fixed: Desired purchase quantities for stores would reset to 0 when scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Fixed: Economy Viewer was not displaying all text when using Chinese language

Other Fixes

  • Disabled option for servers to enable the experimental Education & Settlements feature
  • Decreased match score benefit when a server has the Needs Immigrants status from losing active players
  • Fixed: Setting the Specialty Cost Multiplier to 0 would cause the server to crash
  • Fixed: A desync in the client would occasionally cause a crash related to the RPCManager

v9.4.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • Power Generation Updates
  • New Hairstyles and Outfits
  • Animated Emotes & Third Person Camera Improvements
  • New Food Content
  • Exhaustion System for Public Servers
  • Eco RCON Support


  • Optimized LOD system for rendering objects in the distance
  • Optimization calculations involving large deeds especially when unclaiming
  • Optimized the database system that results in faster performance and smaller file sizes
  • Reduced server impact for civics ticks and room value calculations that will result in less lag spikes for large servers during these times
  • Optimized logic for frequent plant spawner calculations
  • Optimized interactions when mining with Improved Tool Strength talent
  • Optimized calculations that occurred when sea level rise was occurring
  • Fixed memory leak when highlighting a block

General Improvements

  • New Prairie Dog animal that lives in the grasslands
  • Improved visual effects when harvesting plants
  • Improved logic for Elevator Call Post so it will control the closest elevator and no others
  • You can now sit on either side of a bench (or any seat with no back)
  • Reduced frequency for shouting "Timber" while logging, though it will always occur if no trees have been cut in the past 30 minutes
  • Improved audio when a tree is falling
  • Graphics improvements in less well-lit areas to improve contrast
  • Improved property overlay visibility at different light conditions
  • Expanded inventory sounds to include picking up items
  • Fuel storage is no longer linked by default when placing stores and crafting tables
  • Added ability to join servers via a weblink. For full details check the related wiki article
  • Added an automatic server backup before migration to an upgraded version starts
  • Added a new error message when failing to start a server if the cause is that the save is corrupted
  • Chat API has been reintroduced and now endpoints require admin authentication
  • Meat category in Ecopedia renamed to Raw Meat
  • Papaya now categorized as plant in Ecopedia, while Saguaro Cactus is now categorized as a tree
  • Improved animations in images for server categories in server browser

Balance Changes

  • Player movement speed increased by 10%
  • Small Wood Cart is now crafted by Logging specialty
  • Plants will only spread if there is a living member of the species nearby
  • New progression for which specialties craft Modern Upgrades:
  • Advanced Smelting -> Industry -> Composites -> Electronics
  • All Modern Upgrade recipes labor cost changed to 1000
  • Rooms must be fully claimed in one continuous deed to count for house score
  • Upgraded hammer tiers now unlock the additional multi-box fill types, with only Point and Line types being available on the Stone Hammer
  • Hammer speed increased
  • Starter Campsite now starts with a Stone Machete instead of a Torch Stand
  • All Research Papers experienced provided by crafting reduced by 25%
  • Added nutrient and moisture constraints for Cotton
  • Reduced initial spawn percentage of Cotton
  • Adjusted diet for Jaguar so they are less likely to wander into other biomes
  • Fish trap no longer functions in salt water
  • Pastry Dough is now crafted by Baking
  • Bread carbs & protein increased, fat and vitamins decreased. Recipe cost increased to 2 Leavened Dough
  • Baked Meat now provides more protein than fat
  • Reintroduced Clean Moon Jellyfish recipe on Fishery
  • CO2 Canister is now an item instead of a food
  • Lumber Door recipe cost adjusted to match Softwood/Hardwood variants

Bug Fixes


  • Audio when chopping trees would sometimes stop playing
  • Inventory movement sound was not playing when using Ctrl+Click to move items


  • Elections for titles with multiple winning candidates were selecting the incorrect winners for candidates after the highest vote receiver
  • It was possible to bypass laws that prevented producing air pollution by rapidly clicking the button to turn on an air polluting object
  • Constitution amendments were not correctly displaying as invalid when viewed from the Civics tab on the Amendment world object
  • It was possible to exceed the daily limit for giving reputation by using work parties after using the reputation UI to give someone a review with 0 reputation
  • It was not possible to give reputation to players with a quotation mark in their name
  • Tooltip for Elected Title's "Who Can Remove From Office" incorrectly stated this action happens at a Ballot Box instead of an Executive Office
  • Requirements for Admin Demographic listed "Citizen is an admin" twice
  • Adjusting a law that referenced player statistics on very high population servers could occasionally cause a save to become corrupted if the adjustment happened while the stat was being calculated


  • Currency transaction could sometimes result in a failure when the owner had less than 0.01 of the currency needed due to rounding errors from previous transactions with a percent cost
  • It was possible to create two currencies with the same name
  • Work party tooltips did not update to reflect ingredients and labor that had already been added
  • The "Put Items in Container" contract tooltip was not updating with the remaining items needed after some items, but not all, had been placed in the container


  • Visual holes in water could appear when adding and removing blocks
  • Sign text was not visible when viewed behind glass or water
  • Stockpile visualizer for trucks was not displaying secondary materials for blocks like Glass
  • When Lumber was attached on top of Glass, one side of the lumber would turn invisible
  • Black shadow meshes would occasionally appear on borders between certain block forms
  • When using the Land Claim Stake, the edge of the property highlight became blurred with neighboring blocks if they were located at a higher elevation


  • Custom blocks created in the ModKit were not appearing in game

Plants & Animals

  • It was possible for plants to recover from extinction
  • Joshua Tree's crown was behaving strangely after being cut down
  • Alligators would sometimes despawn when stepped on
  • Plants would sometimes block the avatar creation screen after joining a server for the first time

Rent & Residency

  • Residency invitations were not appearing for Registrar titles if the invitation happened before being added to the title
  • Housing values for deeds with no residents were displaying incorrect values
  • Residents could not open doors for property they were a resident on if they did not have full authorization on the property
  • When creating a rent offer, the currency used was not defaulting to Global Default Currency (it can still be manually changed)
  • House value was not updating correctly after transferring or unclaiming property

Tools & Vehicles

  • Vehicles would sometimes fall below the surface when moving faster than the chunks were loading
  • Carts were jumping in place when blocks or ramps were placed nearby
  • Using the hammer to place blocks would occasionally cause a disconnect with the error "Failed to handle RPCResponse"
  • Excavator would spam the dig action after being prevented by a law
  • Crane arm had strange behavior when crossing zero point on the map
  • Crane would still function while the escape menu was open
  • 3rd person tool animations were not perfectly synced up which became noticeable after holding the interact button for an extended period of time
  • It was possible to speed up tool animations beyond the intended amount by clicking for a fraction of a second to cancel the animation
  • Shot arrows would disappear when crossing zero point on the map
  • Fish trap had incorrect world occupancy and so could be placed in walls


  • Weight values for vehicles in the storage UI were incorrectly splitting between two lines
  • Hovering over a Tag ingredient in the crafting UI was displaying talents benefits unrelated to the tag
  • Hovering over icons during the tutorial were not highlighting correctly
  • Item tooltips & Ecopedia reference section were not displaying icon background colors for things like Research Papers
  • Other players' icons on the minimap often had jerky movement
  • Mouse cursor was not changing to a hand pointer when highlighting the disconnect button
  • During the Campsite Tutorial, moving the Campsite item to a different slot in action bar would not cause the tutorial arrow to follow.
  • Buttons in Treasury UI had text exceeding the boundary of the buttons
  • Pressing Enter while a world was loading would cause the Chat UI to appear prematurely
  • Highlight marker for editing deeds on the minimap would disappear after toggling any layers within the World Layers tab.
  • When moving a tool, the durability bar would sometimes remain in the original inventory slot
  • Stockpile UI could get stuck open if opening Block Forms UI before closing
  • Pressing the skill window hotkey multiple times before the skill tutorial was completed would cause multiple confirmation boxes to appear that would each have to be closed
  • Species with composite names (Ex: Snapping Turtle) were displayed without a space
  • Images in Eco News on title screen were often appearing after a delay
  • The mouse cursor would continuously flicker when pointed at the border of a text with a hint popup
  • Long usernames and passwords would exceed their respective text boxes on the title screen
  • Chat channel names would appear stretched out and vertical with exceptionally long chat messages.
  • Ecopedia frames for selected pages would display incorrectly when toggling "Show Undiscovered" while a page that was selected became hidden
  • "Can't send string as localizable, because it has too many arguments" error message would occasionally appear in the server logs of very large servers
  • Tutorial was not automatically displaying the next step when a previous step was completed

v9.3.6[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed a bug with WebUI that could result in severe sever lag with frequent chat requests
  • Improved handling of chat history that will result in smaller file sizes for larger saves
  • Two new sand concentration recipes for the Screening Machine and Sensor Based Belt Sorter
  • Sand Concentrate recipe craft time reduced to 0.7 minutes from 1 minute
  • Glass recipe craft time reduced to 1.2 minutes from 1.5 minutes and Sand cost reduced to 4 from 6
  • Quicklime Glass recipe yield and craft time reduced to 1 (minute) from 2 (minutes), Sand cost reduced to 3 from 10, Quicklime cost reduced to 2 from 3, craft time reduced to 1 minute from 2 minutes, and experience provided reduced to 70 from 175
  • Fixed an issue with copying laws that would cause the original law to be changed

v9.3.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed bug with client closing after disconnecting from a server
  • Improved behavior for splitting deeds so the original deed is maintained while a new deed will be created for the split plots
  • Fixed crash when Grant Title was selected as payment for a Work Party
  • Fixed crash when environment statistics were referenced but a specific statistic was not selected
  • Fixed crash when using modded objects that did not have a prefab assigned
  • Fixed bug that could cause trees to go missing when leaving and re-entering an area
  • Fixed bug that could result in "Caused by Actions" civic articles to have the reverse effect
  • Fixed bug where debts could not be forgiven

v9.3.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed crash with meteor tutorial
  • Fixed issue where banning a player could result in others being unable to vote
  • Fixed crash when a server was hosted in Turkish language
  • Fixed bug that could result in being unable to target some fallen trees, carcasses, and carts
  • Fixed memory leak with pipes
  • Improved optimization when interacting with objects
  • Wooly animals may now be cooked on a campfire
  • Fixed issue with Modkit that resulted in DiscordLink mod not working

v9.3.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


Update 9.3.3 has been released with fix for critical issue introduced in 9.3.2 for movement hack detection which dropped legal players from server.

v9.3.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


ATTENTION: This update contained a critical issue and has been retracted. A build that has the issue fixed is currently being created and will be released as soon as possible, containing these fixes.

  • Fixed crash when using Treasury account in stores
  • Fixed bug where Shift+dragging items wasn't able to move items between different stack size storages
  • Fixed bug with incorrect weight calculation when moving items into empty slots
  • Fixed bug with RPC Response Error causing disconnects from server.
  • Fixed bug that displayed warning in server logs related to vehicle interaction checks
  • Fixed bug that allowed taking money from Contract Escrow using work parties
  • Updated ban lists to be JSON compatible. Re-save required for existing wrong lists.
  • Excavator storage is no longer hidden
  • Cotton Boll now has Crop tag and can be stored in silos

v9.3.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed bug with pipes disappearing
  • Fixed crash related to RPC issues
  • Fixed crash with recurring transfers for elected titles and demographics
  • Fixed inability to use government accounts in stores
  • Fixed bug with using shift+drag to transfer items between stockpiles not working
  • Fixed alignment for text in images for Ecopedia
  • Fixed potential migration issue with config
  • Fixed issue that didnt allow to host multiple servers with different IPs but the same ports on the same machine

v9.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


Features[edit | edit source]

  • Major tailoring profession rework
  • New Cotton plant which can be found in the Wetlands biome
  • New ingredients: Cotton Boll, Shorn Wool, Nylon, Cotton Thread, Wool Yarn, and Nylon Thread
  • New crafting stations: Loom, Automated Loom, Advanced Tailoring Table, and Spin Melter
  • New Cotton, Wool, and Nylon fabrics which can be used as an alternative to Cloth
  • New Modern Tailoring Upgrade
  • New Tier 4 blocks: Cotton Carpet, Wool Carpet, and Nylon Carpet
  • New clothing outfits for Builder, Farmer, Smith, and Tailor
  • New Gloves clothing slot
  • New Corrugated Steel Door and Corrugated Steel Fence Door
  • Rent feature is now enabled by default
  • Renter’s belongings are now placed in void storage after being evicted from a property
  • New optional control setup for excavator to allow simpler movement
  • Added “Hands” option as a tool selection choice for laws related to plants and construction
  • Bank accounts can now be seized via laws or executive actions
  • Admins can now ban or mute players based on a timer with a reason given
  • Updated icons for tabs in the Economy Viewer

Optimization[edit | edit source]

  • Multiple client optimizations to help address FPS degradation over time
  • Optimized sound controller to remove leak that was contributing to FPS degradation over time
  • Optimized tree rendering performance
  • Optimized calculations for claiming/unclaiming large deeds
  • Optimized process for loading chunks
  • Optimized database calculations for civics and other periodic ticks
  • Optimizations relating to opening and closing UI windows
  • Optimized performance for servers with a large amount of mods when multiple players were connecting at the same time
  • Optimized minimap when large amount of icons were displayed on map
  • Optimized calculations for animal AI

Modkit[edit | edit source]

  • Modifications to existing items and recipes changes can now be made with partial hooks without rewriting the original files. This means changes will not be overwritten with each update. For full details, see the readme in the mod folder.
  • Fixed modkit exception while working with block sets

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Added anti-cheat detection and various cheat fixes
  • Fixed bug where vehicles could be stolen
  • Fixed crash with recurring transfers
  • Fixed crash and authorization issues with Plow Field contracts
  • Fixed crash when setting craft resource modifier to an invalid number
  • Fixed crash when making multiple modifications to a Demographic list that occurred in the same Demographic update tick when the citizen’s hours to check was left blank
  • Fixed occasional crash when editing deeds on the Real Estate desk
  • Fixed crash when attempting to pay rent from an invalid bank account
  • Fixed crash when using Hours Played as a condition for maximum residency occupants
  • Fixed bug where tooltips would get stuck refreshing even when the mouse was stationary
  • Fixed bug with stores being listed multiple times in tooltips and the Economy Viewer
  • Fixed bug with election drafts where citizens other than the creator of the draft could start the election
  • Fixed bug with being unable to interact with a fish trap
  • Fixed bug with tools not working correctly when dragging them into the currently selected toolbar slot
  • Fixed bug with server not allowing connections if the meteor timer was set to an extremely large value
  • Fixed ability to rejoin a residency after the invite was no longer active
  • Fixed ability to become a resident of a property after an invited demographic was removed
  • Fixed bug with invited residents being unable to pick up their own objects on their residence when they did not have authorization to the entire deed
  • Fixed bug that allowed creating non-contiguous deeds with the Real Estate Desk
  • Fixed inability to select “Move In” or “Rent” as a condition when drafting a law based on “Pay Rent or Move In Fee”
  • Fixed bug with getting stuck in third person view when pulling a cart with no backpack
  • Bank account source for Elected Titles wages can now be set to the Treasury
  • Housing value pie chart now has correct proportions for different room types
  • Elected Titles no longer have their term extended when the title holders change
  • Laws that prevent pollution will now deactivate any objects currently polluting after passing
  • Taxes now work correctly for the currency exchange
  • Fixed bug with being unable to remove bank account users and title holders when an authorized Bank/Registrar was placed on a non-authorized claim
  • Fixed bug with contracts still showing as invalid after updating a removed bank account
  • Player movement on minimap is less jerky
  • Fixed bug with vehicle deed icons incorrectly displaying in minimap
  • Fixed bug with editing a district map when the district crossed point (0,0)
  • Fixed bug with minimap where icons on the other side of the world would appear incorrectly in 3D mode
  • Fixed graphic issues with minimap after updating the render scale
  • Fixed tooltip for crafting recipes displaying perks for unrelated talents
  • Fixed the displayed max tier when writing a contract to build a room.
  • Fixed bug in Ecopedia where information about the constitution would appear in unrelated entries
  • Fixed bug where the interaction highlight could appear green when aiming a hammer at an unauthorized property
  • Pressing escape button while sleeping no longer causes the world to continue fast forwarding
  • Fixed bug with the hide chat tag button making the cursor flicker
  • Pressing “+” or “-” button quickly on contracts no longer causes numbers to skip
  • Settlement civic objects are no longer visible when the experimental feature is disabled
  • Backer items can no longer be spawned by admins
  • Wind Turbine table texture changed to metal from wood
  • Fishing reel sound now stops when the reel animation stops
  • Improved consistency with tree falling sounds
  • Various typo fixes

Balance[edit | edit source]

  • Recipes that previously cost Cloth now cost new Fabric tag which includes Cotton Fabric, Wool Fabric, and Nylon Fabric
  • Cloth and Cellulose Fiber default craft time increased to 1 minute from 48 seconds
  • Cloth recipe labor cost increased to 100 from 50
  • Cellulose Fiber recipe labor cost increased to 100 from 20
  • Bearpack recipe moved to Advanced Tailoring Table
  • Industry vehicles now cost Nylon Fabric instead of Cellulose Fiber
  • Compound Bow recipe now costs Fiberglass + Nylon Thread instead of Fiberglass + Steel Bar
  • Basic clothing recipes that previously cost Plant Fibers now cost Fabric
  • Animal mounts and stuffed animals are now produced by Hunting specialty
  • Charcoal recipe craft time reduced to 1 minute from 4 minutes, labor cost reduced to 40 from 80, and experience provided reduced to 1 from 2
  • Updated formula for residency penalty for multiple residents
  • Large Corrugated Steel Door now costs Corrugated Steel instead of Steel Bar
  • Decreased canopy space requirement from Ceiba tree and increased initial spawn percentage
  • Agouti can now get calories from Ceiba trees
  • Labor cost for crafting seeds on the Farmers Table increased to 40 from 20
  • Epoxy, Plastic, and Synthetic Rubber recipes experience provided changed to 1 from 2
  • Fiberglass recipe labor cost increased to 150 from 75
  • New tags Medium Fish and Large Fish to condense fish recipes in the Campfire and Fishery
  • New recipe Fish Stew based on Meaty Stew that uses Charred Fish as an alternative for Charred Meat
  • Shuck Clams and Clean Urchin recipe costs reduced to 2 Clams/Urchins
  • Water Pumps no longer have unnecessary Economy tag

Quality of Life[edit | edit source]

  • Installed module name is now visible when viewing the module component for a crafting station
  • Auto-run no longer stops when checking inventory or chatting
  • Adjusted radius of Elevator Call Post so it can interact with the Industrial Elevator from all angles
  • Temporary chat notifications no longer appear in non-related chat channels
  • Remove From Office UI now only displays Elected Titles the user has permission to remove
  • Titles and Bank Accounts are now ordered alphabetically in their respective UIs
  • 'Public Crafting Stations' tab in Economy Viewer will now show only publicly listed crafting stations instead of all stations accessible to the player
  • Treasury now has a button that displays a list of all government accounts
  • Improved sorting of species world layers in the minimap
  • Improved excavator suspension to prevent tilting up and down while in use
  • Demographics, titles, and elected titles can now be assigned a backup owner for property and bank accounts incase they are removed
  • Adjusted brush size for drawing districts in the minimap
  • Improved behavior of the top notification panel
  • Updated vehicle control UI and removed unused vehicle controls
  • Updated display names for Specialty Upgrades to be more readable
  • Ecopedia images now have their text localized, as well as a collection of other localization updates
  • Fixed ability to swap tools in the repair bench when both tools are of the same type
  • Cancelling a civic draft will now reset the editable title text
  • Updated Network config template to allow changing settings for Web Server URL and Relay Server Address
  • Improved alignment of messages in the notifications panel
  • Improved alignment for long district names in Minimap.
  • Cursor now updates to the interact symbol when hovering over objects in the minimap
  • Clarified error message when hosting a private world with a world name that contains unsupported characters

v9.2.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed crash when using “Resident of District” law condition when residency was set to a property without a plot
  • Fixed crash with experimental rent feature when a resident was unable to afford rent
  • Fixed crash with laws that prevented actions when unable to make a payment
  • Fixed “Object not set” error when trying to add a civic to an election
  • Fixed calculation for housing value for deeds with large number of residents and rooms
  • Improved optimization for claiming/unclaiming large deeds.

v9.2.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed crash when setting up a registrar title with wages
  • Fixed crash with strings that were too large for the localizer
  • Fixed crash related to controller manager
  • Fixed display error on player tooltip when no residency was set
  • Fixed display error on store tooltip when the store was setup for barter transactions

v9.2.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed crash related to rent and deeds
  • Fixed crash related to animal AI
  • Fixed bug with recent and favorited servers showing as offline on Your Servers page.
  • Fixed bug with permissions being not being granted to titles
  • Fixed bug with main menu where it was possible to open the settings menu twice

v9.2.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from selecting the default crafting results for hewn logs and mortared stones.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the crafting sound to go on even after crafting has ended.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented SLG-Accounts from logging into the game.

v9.2.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


Features[edit | edit source]

  • New residency system for establishing a primary residence and sharing housing bonuses
  • Added an Industrial Elevator that is capable of transporting multiple large vehicles in and out of a mine
  • Added Storage Silo with greatly increased storage capacity for crops, seeds, and fertilizer
  • Added a collection of new modern signs
  • Added new building forms for Corrugated Steel
  • Added ability able to zoom in and out while in third-person when holding the Alt key
  • Implemented new in-game Bug Fixer icon for those who have helped report and fix bugs on GitHub
  • When proposing civics, the proposer can now start an election even if they have permission to pass civics without an election
  • New experimental rent feature which can be enabled via the server configs
  • Boards have an updated icon

Optimization[edit | edit source]

  • Improved optimization for resizing the objectives UI
  • Improved optimization for chat storage
  • Improve optimization for minimap with large numbers of world markers
  • Improved optimization for serializations
  • Eco can now take advantage of additional VRAM. Added setting to change max amount of VRAM used, defaulted to max GPU memory.

Balance[edit | edit source]

  • Deeds must now be contiguous to count as one deed
  • Decreased CO2 absorption by trees by 25%
  • Increased max CO2 produced by animals to 25 PPM from 10 PPM
  • Decreased spread rate for all trees
  • Increased craft time for smelting Iron Bar, Copper Bar, and Gold Bar on a blast furnace to 18 seconds from 15 seconds
  • Steel Bar recipe Coal cost increased and Quicklime is now a static ingredient
  • Increased max carry weight for Wood Cart, Skid Steer, and Excavator
  • Increase weight of tailings
  • Increased weight of Copper Bar and Gold Bar
  • Decreased weight of Steel Bar
  • Decreased weight of all Rocks, Crushed Rock, Ore, and Crushed Ore
  • Decreased weight of Dirt, Sand, and Clay
  • Decreased weight of Ashlar Stone
  • Reduced movement speed reduction caused by some plants
  • Reduced Fur Pelts provided by Small Animals to 1 from 2
  • Reduced experience provided by butchering animals
  • Increased Rubber Wheel cost of Truck to 6 to match model
  • Glass recipe now costs extra Sand and has Crushed Limestone as a static ingredient
  • New alternate Glass recipe using Quicklime that has extra output
  • Reduced Glass cost of Fiberglass, Framed Glass, Framed Glass Door, Large Windowed Lumber Door, and Advanced Upgrade Lvl 2
  • Increased the amount of Limestone available in world generation and adjusted formation patterns

Quality of Life[edit | edit source]

  • Added “Settings” button to the main menu
  • Transferring property now requires a confirmation from the new owner before the transfer is completed
  • Store tooltips now display the currency balance for the account used in that store
  • Deeds are now clearly outlined on the map and easier to identify
  • Improved camera view when aiming a bow in third person
  • The room tier tooltip will now display how many empty corner blocks are affecting the room tier.
  • Resizing the Economy Viewer will now save settings when closing and reopening
  • Barter trades in Economy Viewer appear separately in the balance column instead of listing a zero account balance
  • The top notification panel can now be expanded by pressing the “N” key
  • World markers can now be opened by clicking on the text of the marker
  • Pressing escape while renaming an object will now cancel the text instead of opening the escape menu
  • Shortcut keys are now disabled while viewing all option menus
  • Ballot Box and Executive Office UI now has additional information about available civic actions
  • Improved handling of duplicate pop-up notifications so they are consolidated into one notification
  • Renamed old keybinding for Crouch to Dive / Sneak
  • Improved transition animation when opening up a notification tab
  • Icons for laws are less spread out in law notifications
  • Improved notification when attempting to submit an incomplete law draft
  • Improved button offsets for minimap in windowed and full-screen mode
  • Updated description for Farms, Mines, Pollution, and Data tooltips for Ecopedia
  • Updates to the map tutorial to reflect new dockable and pop-out mini-map
  • Amendments will now appear as added articles when viewing the constitution
  • Pressing escape to close a popup dialog no longer activates cursor
  • Added localization support for Ecopedia Reference group names
  • Added localization support for contract payment information
  • Added localization support for pickaxe tooltip
  • Added new server config to set the minimum citizen age required to qualify for the Abandoned demographic

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed issue with being unable to join a friend’s game via Steam
  • Fixed bug preventing placing a Large Corrugated Steel Door
  • Fixed physics issue with tree trunks and other objects not settling correctly
  • Fixed “Log cannot be sliced any smaller” error when attempting to cut the end of larger tree trunks
  • Fixed water from pipes not expanding outwards
  • Fixed bug in Economy Viewer where all currencies were displayed as being created by “Jimmy
  • Fixed server crash when attempting to pick up a vehicle that was prevented by a law
  • Fixed “Items Crafted” law trigger not checking for crafting byproducts, like Tailings
  • Fixed “Chop Tree” law trigger not recognizing the Not Felled condition
  • Fixed “Dig or Mine” law trigger not recognizing Skid Steers and Excavators
  • Fixed a number of law triggers to have more accurate item filters and descriptions
  • Fixed elected titles losing permissions for bank accounts after changes were made to the title
  • Fixed election website not showing voting history on previous elections
  • Fixed Default World Currency not being the initial selection for Stores and Crafting Stations
  • Contracts with Nested Clauses now correctly check all conditions when “Any” is selected
  • Fixed bug with incorrect yes vote count when viewing active elections
  • Fixed animal pathing to respond better to landscape changes
  • Fixed animals falling into caves and get stuck
  • Fixed bug with teleporting fish
  • Deer have improved hitbox detection
  • Fixed Tortoise laying down in awkward angles
  • Fixed Snapping Turtle strange behavior while turning
  • Fixed animals moving incorrectly on ramps
  • Turkey Carcass now correctly has Animal tag for item filter
  • Old Growth Redwood no longer spread
  • Fixed issue with moisture calculation that could result in patches of a biome missing some of the native plants
  • Fixed Skid Steer ability to break rocks on unauthorized land
  • Fixed issue with avatar being blocked by plants during initial creation
  • Fixed bug with posting contracts where changes made to the contract requirements would not always save
  • Fixed Pending Elections notifications box resetting to the top position when using the mouse wheel
  • Deeds can now be authorized to Titles that deed owner is not a member of
  • Meteor cutscene can no longer trigger while sleeping
  • Fixed bug where having passengers in a vehicle could remove road speed buffs
  • Fixed error when trying to pick up a vehicle with non-empty storage when having enough inventory space to take all the items
  • Fixed bug with being launched into the air that could occur when standing above a block that was broken
  • Fixed currency duplication bug that could occur when marking a contract as failed
  • Fixed issue with Flat Steel Windows and Floors not connecting
  • Fixed visual bug with minimap that occurred when editing a deed and using the hotkey to close/reopen the map before saving
  • Toolbench now gives correct error message when trying to insert a non-tool for repair
  • Fixed issue with rearranging work orders that could result in a permanent map marker until reconnecting
  • Tooltip for additional labor required in Crafting UI now correctly rounds to whole numbers
  • Fixed tooltip for Work button in Crafting UI occasionally overlapping the Work button
  • Tutorial pop-ups can no longer extend past the edges of the screen
  • Fixed bug with government buildings occasionally not retaining proposed amendments after being picked up and replaced
  • Currency is now created only after it has been minted for the first time instead of after it has been named.
  • Fixed error when trying to create a new currency on unowned property
  • Fixed bug with occasionally displaying incorrect number of specialties learned in the profession tooltips
  • Fixed incorrect room calculation near wold wrap
  • Bullrush now properly displays harvest animation
  • Rearranging the linked storage containers in the Storage UI will keep the alternating color pattern to distinguish containers
  • Fixed strange behavior with dragging items between linked inventories that have different capacities
  • Government account description tooltip is no longer hidden by the interface
  • Arithmetic for law operations now display with correct format in law tooltip
  • Small Mortared Signs now have a stone table texture for the UI
  • Fixed margins on popup error notifications
  • Fixed inability to switch tools after using the Land Claim Stake to claim while carrying blocks
  • Fixed audio bug with passengers hearing an engine sound if leaving a vehicle after the driver
  • Fixed issues when migrating servers from version 9.0.5 to version 9.1 and higher
  • Fixed bug with currency exchange not respecting buy limits for exchanges
  • Fixed number alignment for difficulty settings when creating a world in the client
  • Fixed icons on signs sometimes appearing outside the border of the sign
  • Fixed bug with item links being broken in chat when a player joined with a similar name
  • Fixed music only playing intermittently
  • Fixed tax notification when selling something in a store and the taxed account does not have enough funds to pay the tax prior to the transaction
  • When using a Fishing Pole, the line will no longer get stuck outside of water.
  • Fixed issue with some recipe names appearing as only “Recipe” in tooltips
  • Fixed connection issues when using Thai regional format in Windows
  • Various Ecopedia typo fixes

v9.1.9[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Elk have a new reindeer skin, complete with candy antlers
  • Spruce trees are now decorated with glowing lights
  • The distribution station has been adorned with lights and stockings
  • Storage crates will now appear as wrapped presents

v9.1.8[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed access to inventories of removed objects and vehicles remotely by using a pot.
  • Fixed an issue that created unremovable ghost blocks in stockpiles that persisted during server restart.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the loss of items when a storage was removed while being accessed.
  • Fixed a rare crash when removing an elevator call post.
  • Prevented creation of multiple users with same Steam ID / SLG ID.

v9.1.7[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Reverted recent physics changes that probably cause issues with teleporting to zero coordinates

v9.1.6[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Optimized stockpile calculations to improve performance in crowded areas
  • Fixed possible server crash when modifying titles
  • Fixed collision with Flat Steel wall corner that could prevent movement in areas it shouldn't
  • Fixed ability to jump between ladders
  • Increased default movement speed on ladders and added option to sprint on ladders
  • Modders can now use apostrophes in item names

v9.1.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed bug with skid steer and excavator creating rubble that couldn't be picked up
  • Updated to have new format (existing server configs will be unaffected)

v9.1.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed bug with inability to remove fuel from vehicles

v9.1.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Can no longer change owners of a property when you have access, unless you are an owner
  • Fixed bug with destroying trees by placing a block on them
  • Fixed bug with getting stuck on avatar creation if rolling back to a previous update version
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to remove debris or blocks near tree roots
  • Tall Boots now start discovered
  • Updated description for lumber furniture
  • Fixed typo in Plant Fibers description
  • Various Ecopedia typo fixes

v9.1.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed crash that could occur when updating a server into different localization
  • Fixed bug with server configs where it was possible to have 0 experience requirement for specialties
  • Fixed bug with placing ramps inside trees
  • Fixed bug with strange tooltips appearing in linked storages
  • Fixed issue with reference assembles not being included in modkit
  • Typo fixes for Henley and Building section in Ecopedia

v9.1.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed Sweeping Hands not working
  • Fixed Work Party UI to allow customization
  • Fixed inability to pick up Ballot Box and Executive Office
  • Fixed Crushed Gneiss to have Crushed Rock tag
  • Fixed ability to vote on drafts before they have been put to election

v9.1.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


Features[edit | edit source]

  • Elections can now contain multiple provisions. IE: add a law, remove a demographic, and update an election, process, etc in a single election.
  • A special privilege is granted during a new constitution election, allowing any civic object addition to be attached to that election. Allows the founding constitution to configure multiple aspects of government at once.
  • Added new properties to Election Processes to instant-finish with success/fail if the percent of total voters reaches a given value of yes/no.
  • When a world object with attached civic objects is removed, those objects become orphaned, and can be reclaimed by anyone who puts down a matching type. IE, if someone picks up the court to kill the laws, someone else can put down another court and reclaim them.
  • Pollute Air laws can now reference the location of the pollution source
  • Added new building forms for Ashlar Stone, Framed Glass, Reinforced Concrete, Corrugated Steel
  • Art improvements for Flat Steel and Reinforced Concrete
  • Added new roof forms for Hewn Logs, Mortared Stone, Lumber, Corrugated Steel, Flat Steel, and Reinforced Concrete
  • New art for Wooden Elevator Call Post
  • Added new variants for Mortared Stone Doors
  • Stores owned by titles can now sell items
  • Ladders now have an option to climb over the top with a new animation
  • Fishing animations now viewable for other players in third person
  • The Steam Tractor Harvester now has a down/up animation when activating
  • Added "lock" mode for tooltips when "Ctrl" is pressed
  • New icon for Deep Crust when using Rock drill at bedrock
  • Admins can now globally /mute players in chat
  • Admins can now add and remove global map markers

Optimization[edit | edit source]

  • Optimized texture memory usage, which will help with some GPU crashes when running out of memory
  • Optimized trade tracker to reduce performance degradation over time
  • Optimized stats querying in laws
  • Optimized calculations for accessing storage when multiple containers are in the same area
  • Optimized calculations when entering and leaving a large room
  • Optimized calculations for adjusting text width in UI
  • Optimization for memory use in Linux servers
  • Synced physics with freshly created rubble

Quality of Life[edit | edit source]

  • Revising civic objects (laws and such) will keep the old name, unless you change it
  • Election voting doesn't start until 'Start Election' is clicked in the side panel
  • Laws will now execute all sections even if it's the same trigger, unless 'prevent' is reached
  • Anyone can now claim abandoned projects from unowned tables
  • “Collect” button for work orders now updates correctly when changing owners. New owners can see it, but old owners cannot
  • Added option to select payment account for transactions on a public crafting table
  • Pressing escape no longer closes backpack
  • The fishing lure will now be cast towards where the camera is pointing
  • Added additional visual feedback for animal attacks
  • Special accounts rewards (alpha, beta bakers etc) now added to Void Storage on login and don't occupy backpack space
  • Improved global illumination
  • Added drop down menu to select input device for voice chat
  • Voice chat radius is now displayed in settings
  • Creating a world through the client now automatically adjusts crafting cost and time modifiers based on collaboration settings
  • Tool break sound now happens as soon as tool breaks
  • Footstep sounds in first-person are now more precise and volume was tweaked
  • Added more power to Dev Tool to bypass authority
  • Voting through the election website no longer refreshes the page
  • Starting a server is prohibited if Web Server Url is invalid
  • Clarified chat notification for taxes
  • Clarifies description of work clothes to indicate only using tools benefits from calorie reduction
  • Added “Reset to Defaults” button for audio settings
  • Added confirmation popup for reset to defaults button for Audio, Graphics, and Controls
  • Added error notification when trying to place a block in a doorway
  • Added error message to Mint if it can not be used to explain why

Balance[edit | edit source]

  • Steam Engine now pollutes and requires water
  • Solar Generator now requires water
  • Road Tools now give Basic Engineering experience
  • Bonus hunting experience is now granted for headshots
  • Stove is now crafted by Mechanics
  • Rock Drills now benefit from Mining specialty
  • Huckleberry Extract is now crafted by Milling
  • Flour cost decreased
  • Yeast cost decreased
  • Bear Claw skill requirement decreased
  • Elk Wellington nutrients increased and cost increased
  • Fruit Tart nutrients increased and skill requirement decreased
  • Macaroons cost changed and nutrients increased
  • Pirozhok skill requirement decreased
  • Stuffed Turkey nutrients increased and weight decreased
  • Baked Vegetables calories increased
  • Baked Meat calories increased
  • Flatbread nutrients increased
  • Fruit Muffin nutrients increased and cost decreased
  • Huckleberry Pie nutrients increased
  • Meat Pie nutrients increased
  • Excavator movement speed now fully benefits from roads
  • Decreased experience for Machete & Sickle
  • Adjusted recipe for Hewn Log Chair to match variations
  • Reduced default Hewn Log recipe labor cost
  • Adjusted Coyote Carcass weight to match similar carcasses

User Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Law notification popups can now be disabled
  • Removed chat notification when adding ingredients to a work order (still appears for work parties)
  • Changed Constitution font to more appropriate style
  • Work Party list is now sorted alphabetically
  • Sorting by price in the economy viewer now always puts blank prices last
  • Minted currencies are now displayed above player credits when viewing account balances
  • Changing the item filter now saves settings when closing the window
  • Stores no longer highlight red in Economy Viewer when they should not
  • Changed highlight colors in title screen to improve readability
  • Minimap colors for property and districts are not as opaque
  • Resources from different work orders are no longer combined into a single work party marker
  • Improvements to election website so it is more clear who won an election
  • Improvements to difficulty settings UI when creating world through the client
  • Improvements to server password UI for ease of use
  • Improvements to control settings UI
  • New status bars in crafting UI
  • Polished the escape menu UI
  • Visual improvements to Work Party UI
  • Improvements to UI for selecting block forms
  • Fixed alignment for nested clauses in contract UI
  • Improved position of election speech textbox when entering election
  • Visual improvements to show/hide animation for dialog boxes
  • Added scroll bar to in-game bug reporting tool
  • Shortcut for Push to Talk is now displayed in voice settings
  • Continue button for rejoining a server from main menu now expands with long server names
  • Text on Ratify button for constitution now fits correctly in button
  • Fixed text overlap in edit property window with very long property names
  • Fixed text overlap in election website when using collapse/expand function
  • Many UI fixes for Mac

Modkit[edit | edit source]

  • Added reference assemblies to the modkit for compiling mods. No more extracting them!
  • Fixed issue with chat icon sprites for mods

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a number of cases of civics objects not having references auto-update when they change.
  • Fixed bug with disappearing civic objects
  • Fixed crash when deleting a civic object that had a draft referenced in another civic
  • Fixed ignore-auth not working for property actions in laws. Now you can ignore-auth on claiming and unclaiming.
  • Fixed property owner not being selectable as context in laws.
  • Fixed exception when quickly changing law triggers
  • Fixed how values update with custom statistics in laws
  • Using a direct tax from the Treasury object now works again
  • Fixed bug with animals getting stuck and teleporting
  • Fixed bug with teleporting animal corpses
  • Fixed crash and exceptions related to animal pathing
  • Fixed animals not knowing how to move on ramps
  • Fixed strange animation with Alligator dying
  • Fixed crash when a store owned by a title had no one assigned to the title
  • Fixed server crash with “Stack Overflow” in specific situations with large mines
  • Fixed exception when leaving and rejoining the same work party
  • Fixed issue with room calculation where an object touching a wall at a 90 degree angle was treated as an open space
  • Fixed ability to pay loans without enough currency
  • Fixed title holders not able to unclaim property owned by the title
  • Tool efficiency talents now work correctly
  • Icons on signs now respect borders
  • Fixed exception when rubble or logs were removed after being shot with an arrow
  • Fixed world object UI not closing when the player moves away, allowing them to be accessed from unlimited distance
  • Fixed salmon being unable to be hit with arrows
  • Fixed strange behavior with picking up a bed while someone is sleeping
  • Fixed bug with property name displaying incorrect color
  • Fixed crash when setting Skill Gain Multiplier to 0
  • Fixed chat message when receiving 0 payment from a work party
  • Ecko Statue is now hidden from Housing Tag
  • Fixed server Discord link in tutorial not linking correctly
  • Reaped and potted plants will no longer have ghost-highlights after removal of the plant.
  • Fixed some laws being able to prevent play despite server disabling this option
  • Fixed footsteps sound occasionally getting stuck
  • Fixed glass plates not merging together when building
  • Fixed craft button for sub-recipes
  • Fixed admin command for assigning titles.
  • Fixed Fast-forward command not allowing fastwording to stop
  • Fixed /AToB admin command to not fail when player A isn't online.
  • Fixed /TargetTo admin command to not fail when the player isn't online.
  • Fixed issues with vehicles duplicating when there is extreme server lag
  • Fixed occupancy for Mortared Stone Signs
  • Fixed Cancel button in server password UI being inactive when “Remember Me” is checked
  • Fixed issue with work party UI not updating immediately
  • Fixed law names not being escaped from code in election website
  • Fixed text wrapping problems with long tooltip titles
  • Fixed issue with resizing objectives window
  • Fixed exception when editing visible layers in minimap
  • Fixed duplicate notifications when using Pick Up law trigger
  • Fixed plow action not working with laws
  • Fixed bug when making law with missing strings
  • Fixed transparency issues with potted plants
  • Fixed unowned world objects missing info about who placed it
  • Disallowed players to only have a space as a name
  • Fixed meteor timer showing in welcome text despite being disabled
  • Fixed wrong icon item displaying in tooltip title
  • Forage for Food tutorial now always shows 3 different types of food
  • Fixed stockpile tutorial to accept Saguaro Rib
  • Crafting Tutorial now correctly points to default Hewn Log recipe
  • Fixed bug with being unable to skip the tutorial when tasks are already completed
  • Fixed description for Charred Fireweed and Advanced Smelting Upgrade
  • Server setting Specialty Experience Divisor has been removed from server configs
  • Fixed plural names for Rugs & Mortared Stone variant
  • Various localization & typo fixes

Full Changelog

v9.0.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • MacOS Client is now available with functioning connection.
  • The minimap should now display correctly on Linux and MacOS. (There may be issues with maps > 1 km² on MacOS due to limit of tesselation level to 16)
  • Some issues with migration from 8.3.3 have been fixed.

v9.0.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Adjusted initial plant distribution and plant capacity calculations.
  • Overcrowding no longer causes plants to die and instead prevents plants from growing.
  • Several improvements to plant simulation. Mass extinction in deserts and jungles should no longer happen.
  • Nutrients in soil were added back. (On a existing world it can take up to five real days for layers to regenerate)
  • Increased initial population of Fireweed and made it growable in Tundra.
  • Updated pipes logic. Loops are no longer allowed and the status tab will now give more useful information about possible issues with pipes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused plants to spawn too close together.
  • Fixed an issue that caused sounds to disappear.
  • Fixed a duplication exploit with the lumber stockpile.
  • Fixed an issue that caused work orders to occasionally halt their progress.
  • Fixed an issue that caused icons to not appear when taking items.
  • Fixed an issue with the modkit that caused sprites to not work.
  • Fixed an issue with the in-game bug reporting system.

v9.0.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by looping fresh water pipes from a waste filter back into the fresh water supply
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the server was using the French language
  • Fixed a bug that allowed two currencies with the same name to exist as long as the casing was different
  • Fixed text alignment of the in-game news
  • Fixed an error when importing the new ModKit into Unity
  • First batch of improvements to plants to improve their survivability

v9.0.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Linux Client is now available (Including server and - for the first time - singleplayer)
  • IP binding for the webserver is now working correctly
  • Maximum amount to buy in the purchase list now updates correctly
  • The button to choose the type of road in road contracts can be clicked again
  • The last clause of a contract can be moved and removed again

v9.0.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Not being able to drag a broken tool into the repair slot
  • Broken Labor Icon

v9.0.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


The short list of what’s new:

  1. Performance – Much improved GPU and CPU performance.
  2. Government – Create constitutions, elections, laws, districts in-world.
  3. Work parties – Collaborate on projects and share rewards.
  4. Mining upgrade –Prospecting drills and new processing path for ore.
  5. New animals – predators with new behaviors.
  6. Crafting upgrade – Labor and flexible ingredients added.
  7. Ecopedia – In-game wiki.
  8. Cloud Worlds hosting service – SLG run hosting service.
  9. New biomes – Wetlands.
  10. New building system – Hammer and material types and shapes upgrade. Bulk actions.
  11. UI upgrade – Full pass on all UI.

Archived[edit | edit source]

Versions: - v8

v8.3.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed issue with Money Transfer not working if some accounts in the list has special symbols
  • Temporarily removed Full Screen Exclusive mode from game (you can use Full Screen Windowed Mode), because it causes crashes on some user configurations

v8.3.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed issue when in exclusive full screen mode the game may crash when switching between apps

v8.3.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Using specific markup on signs and vehicle license plates can no longer crash clients around the object, not allowing them to reenter the game.
  • Giving reputation to a player with a unicode name (shown ingame as "?????") will no longer crash the client of the reputation giver.
  • We added a potential fix for leaves and vegetation on Mac and Linux not being displayed, please give us a heads up if it works.

v8.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Performance Improvements:
    • Our developers have been working hard on countless internal changes for this update in order to increase the performance of Eco on a wide range of different hardware configurations. We have noticeably reduced memory consumption on clients, optimized network code, reduced the frequency of FPS spikes (micro lags) during movement and you should now have a smoother experience playing Eco. Please note that there is still more to come in the 9.X updates, as we do have other optimisations prepared and in mind that require more work and / or breaking changes that are better to be introduced in a major update.
  • Relay Servers:
    • For this update we added relay server support for cases where connections between client and server cannot be established in a normal way. This should fix most of the connection issues some players have experienced.
    • The config file for servers has the new option “RelayAddress” where a custom relay server can be configured (available for download as docker image from strangeloopgames/relay-server:latest). If no "RelayAddress" and no "RemoteAddress" is specified for a server then it will auto-discovery the relay server with best ping from a list of official relay servers and use it as fallback for clients who fail to connect the regular way.
  • Other Improvements:
    • Added auto-run function. It is disabled by default, but you can go to Key Bindings and assign a button. It works both for the character and for a vehicle.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to fall through rendered ground with their vehicles when above mines.
    • Fixed an issue that caused changed keybindings for the moving keys to not be saved.
    • Fixed an issue that made trees non-interactable or vanish during slicing and collecting.
    • Fixed an issue with the french localization in regards to player currency.
    • Fixed skid steer no longer interacting with tree debris.
    • Fixed several server crashes.
    • Fixed ModKit Issues.

v8.2.9[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


Excavator/Skid Steer improvements:

  • Fixed an issue that made the skid steer sometimes unable to dig ground near the bottom of the scoop.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the skid steer to spawn rubble underground.
  • Digging with the excavator and skid steer is now more responsive and less likely stuck in collisions.
  • Excavator scoop now interacts with physical objects, so it is less likely to stuck in rubble.
  • Fixed arm controlling logic when the vehicle becomes active / inactive during controlling.
  • Improved vehicle tools in regards to rubble
    • It spawns rubble one block below the tool to avoid picking it up just after dropping it
    • It now always spawns 4 rubble pieces from block and tries to collect them right after spawning

Bug fixing:

  • Lasers indicate correct power consumption in tooltips again. (Thanks to @Sekoris)
  • Improved speed of sequential demographic checks for the same user.
  • Disabled /unstuckvehicle for cranes, because they are unlikely to get stuck without having wheels to move.
  • Added error messages for vehicle tool out of fuel and when not enough space is available below them to place an item with the vehicle tool.
  • Fixed an issue during loading when some plants may be null after migration or removal of mods.
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to remove trees with vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to collect resources and arrows from animals more than once.
  • Fixed an issue with updating the housing stats in some cases after changing the room.
  • Fixed spelling for CTRL modifier


  • Added admin command /fuel to fuel vehicles.
  • Improved control binding UI
    • Escape now erases current binding
    • Left/right mouseclick outside of key binding button resets binding to previous value
  • Improved interaction with objects close to a stockpile and when the character is inside of a stockpile.

v8.2.8[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Improved physics and freezing / unfreezing behaviour of rubble.
  • Fixed spawn offset for big rubble pieces.
  • Fixed issue with jumping rocks and rubble playing portal (hopefully).
  • Rubble now doesn't like dancing as much as before and won't launch skid steers into space as frequently as before.
  • Added command /spawnallplants to spawn all plants with a particular growth stage.
  • Made bunchgrass reapable.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the metal brazier to not show linked storage. (Thanks to @Sekoris)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the steam tractor to not benefit from mechanics skill crafting time reduction. (Thanks to @Sekoris)
  • Fixed an issue with the general chat being duplicated in several languages, depending on client language.
  • Increased size of location coordinates for better readability.
  • Authentication of the elevator call post can now be set while holding a hammer.
  • Added command /targetowner to change ownership of a targeted vehicle.
  • Weight benefit of self improvement skill will now update without needing to relog
  • Fixed an issue that caused 100% matured helicona plants to sometimes not be harvestable

v8.2.7[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed plant harvesting

v8.2.6[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Bighorn sheep don't colide with vehicles anymore (like all other animals)
  • Fixed an issue that caused plants to not highlight correctly in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that caused sagebrush to be displayed as desert moss and desert moss being displayed as white bursage
  • Fixed crash during moving multiple item stacks from multiple inventories to storage with Ctrl+RMB
  • Fixed issue with selection of target account for mints
  • Fixed abuse case that allowed to surpass the weight limit by replacing stacks with lower weight
  • Fixed tab selection for store when world object becomes inactive while UI is opened.
  • Fixed issue when empty block in trench was incorrectly identified as window
  • Added /unstuckvehicle command that should help when the vehicle for some reason turned around or got stuck

v8.2.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed text on signs disappearing in edit mode
  • Fixed issue that caused wrong display of player level
  • Fixed crash during POI selection in contract creation UI
  • Fixed an issue with the seller / buyer tax valadation that didn't allow to buy for an amount close to the total currency amount
  • Fixed logic for room detection and room stats calculation
  • Empty edge blocks in rooms now count as tier 0 blocks
  • DirtRoad and DirtRamp are now correctly displayed in the room materials list
  • When the option EmptyBlocksCountAsWindows is set to true it now only allows 1 empty block per 10 wall blocks (configurable via the option "WallBlocksPerWindow" in without penalty to prevent abuse.
  • Fixed an issue with taxes when forgiving a debt.
  • Fixed an issue with taxes with loans in general
  • Removed "zero" holdings display from player currencies in economy viewer
  • Added date to the admin_commands.log
  • Fixed the display of benefits for recipe ingredients
  • Fixed strange lighting behaviour in caves and buildings

v8.2.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Slightly optimized client memory consumption
  • Now it less likely to fall into visually loaded chunk. It is still possible to fall into unloaded chunk.
  • Fixed: animal corpses sometimes non interactable
  • Fixed: SpawnPosition not saved after World Generation
  • Fixed: server list can't be loaded if one of servers has wrong TimeSinceStart information
  • Fixed: biomes not repaired if there are no one biome block
  • Fixed: rounding errors in craft
  • Fixed: plants produces same yield independent of maturity
  • Fixed an issue with young salal not being removable.
  • Fixed an issue with smelting giving more tailings than it said it would.
  • Added
    • /setlayer command which allows to set layer to specific value to random range or constant
    • /setlayer Nitrogen,0.5,1.0 - randomly sets world level of nitrogen in range from 0.5 to 1.0
    • /setlayer Nitrogen,0.75 - sets world level of nitrogen to 0.75

v8.2.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed issue with vanished biomes. Read more details here:
  • Fixed laws for alias matching (like "if you are World Leader")
  • Fixed graphs in Web UI for long periods. They now shows average value for data point instead of sum.
  • Localization update
  • Fixed unrestricted item pickup when overweighted.

v8.2.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Don't show Host you own world on Mac/Linux (because there no option for hosting local world)
    • Users and WorldGenerator config fixes:
    • Added spawn position config values to
    • Removed UseExactSpawnLocation from, because it was moved to
    • Removed RequireAuthentication from
    • Only perform nearby food spawn location updates if DelayNearbyFoodCheckMinutes > 0
  • Fixed sex selection on avatar screen
  • Fixed uproot for plants other than Tree (re-plant issue)
  • Added new option PreserveGeneratedModsAssembly to ModKit config which helps modders to get Eco.Mods.dll
  • Fixed crash for tutorial task when Logout called without first Login
  • Fixed crash on server startup when user saved without bank account (i.e. due to crash)

v8.2.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • It contains urgent fix for server crash happened when older client (8.1.x and before) connects to 8.2 server. Now it will just disconnect the client and will show friendly message.

v8.2.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Vivox proximity based voice chat!
  • Chunk loading improvements
  • Excavator rework
  • Multiple third person view fixes
  • Pipe system fixes
  • Tutorial fixes and improvements
  • General performance optimizations
  • Rubble trouble fixes (they still may appear on top, but now less less often)
  • Roots too strong famous bug fix
  • Lot of other bug-fixes

v0.8.1.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • Added the barrel cactus, white bursage and joshua tree to the desert biome.
  • Added exclusive fullscreen mode.
  • Added spruce trees to the taiga biome.
  • Added configuration menu for single player world to allow adjusting some settings easily.
  • Added /repairallrooms command to repair rooms that should contribute to the housing score, but don’t.
  • Added several admin commands to manage bank accounts:
  • AddAccountManager (accountID, userID)
  • RemoveAccountManager (accountID, userID)
  • AddAccountUser (accountID, userID)
  • RemoveAccountUser (accountID, userID)
  • CreateAccount (name(optional))
  • DeleteAccount (accountID)
  • SetAccountOwner (accountID, userID)


  • Fixed an issue that caused FPS drops when opening a store window.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ‘holes in water’ to cause FPS drops.
  • Fixed an issue with changes to cached storage UIs that cause framerate issues in busy areas.
  • Fixed an issue with long disconnect timeframes when selling or buying a large batch of items by using a customized LiteDB version with sum aggregation support. This also significantly reduces database size and database write counts.
  • Changed thread priorities to allow a better responsiveness and network performance with servers with a low count of cpu cores.
  • General performance improvements by optimising the amount of property updates being sent.
  • Several other optimisations that should help with fps issues including such that get better after restarting the game.


  • Single player servers now start in the same language as the launching client.
  • The level up messages no longer overlap targeted animals in hunting.
  • Stability of the authentication servers were improved and made independendent from our website servers.
  • Added an “All” button to the treasury allocation menu.
  • Added a configurable comma digit cut to the quantity selection.
  • Papaya plants can now be felled by axes.
  • Trees in plant pots now display a cute bonsai version of the trees.
  • Windowed mode retains its size and position and remembers changes to fullscreen via alt + enter.
  • Added minable tooltips to pickaxes.
  • Animals now try to avoid walking on roads and respond to vehicles more quickly.
  • Animals transition from lying to fleeing a bit faster now.
  • Collision with animals has been disabled for most physics objects.
  • The housing room value now calculates the best value for all specific categories + general and general separately and chooses the best value. All other housing components are being ignored, hybrid rooms full of items to maximize value is no longer possible.
  • The player activity layer was split from the trampled layer. Player activity underground should no longer ruin the biomes above.
  • A number of recipes had their level requirements restored.
  • Hewn logs were added in place of normal logs in multiple recipes to make the hewing specialty more useful in the late game.
  • Rubble can now be dropped in air without targeting another block, just like dirt
  • Fuel inputs are no longer a valid input slot for crafting recipes.
  • The UPnP error message was made more user-friendly.
  • Removed the generic calorie reduction from the self improvement skill.
  • Balanced the other benefits of self improvement.
  • Changed all crafting skill gains from being based off the craft time to being a per-recipe value.
  • Added the experience gained for a recipe to their tooltips.
  • Changed a few recipes to use more resources from the previous tier.
  • Added a confirmation popup when the player tries to place his starter camp on someone else's property.
  • Mints can now craft more than 999 items into coins at once.
  • Taxing in the treasury now also requires a reason to be given.
  • The vehicle controls are now disabled in chat mode.
  • The bed in the starter camp / tent can now be used to sleep, allowing single player players to sleep without needing to craft a bed.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a freeze when launching localized local server from client ‘New Game’ menu.
  • Fixed server initialization log messages to support Unicode characters.
  • Fixed localization of server initialization messages.
  • Fixed an issue with mints taking resources despite a law preventing the minting process, leaving you with neither coins nor the backing items.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the treasury to not show all available currencies.
  • Fixed the currency report showing unused currencies after dumping a currency in the treasury.
  • Fixed an exception related to taxes.
  • Fixed an exception related to minting.
  • Fixed the conditions that make the skills tutorial appear.
  • Fixed several typos in skill descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the skills menu to be unusable when clicking on the icon that notifies you that you got experience for a task.
  • Fixed yellow colored text on yellow background for the experience bar.
  • Fixed issues with tooltip placement in the skills menu.
  • Fixed lan server detection issues.
  • Fixed the ping display for servers that are reachable both locally and by remote address.
  • Fixed an issue with negative law allocations being able to cause a negative account balance.
  • Fixed various things disappearing when turning very quickly.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the impersonification of another player in the chat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tooltips to not appear when mousing over a link in the tutorials.
  • Fixed world markers overlapping district / room and nutrition / housing UI.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to an insane amount of memory allocation on world migration.
  • Fixed an issue with the sweeping hands talent, it should now pick up stones properly again. Pickup should also work much faster.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash when cutting a tree stump.
  • Fixed fishing pole and fishing process, fishing can now also be performed in rivers if there is fish nearby.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to transmute carried items into a different item.
  • Fixed the multiple crafting speed related talents.
  • Fixed work clothes to no longer remove calorie cost completely.
  • Fixed a crash when opening the economy viewer.
  • Fixed the skid steer and excavator not being able to collect rubble.
  • Fixed an issue that caused rubble pieces to randomly flying away, clipping through textures and popping up on top of the terrain when mining.
  • Rubble causes less trouble.
  • Rubble is no longer frozen on top of vehicles or players to prevent blocking movement.
  • Fixed contract payments to allow setting the amount of payment to a value below 1.0.
  • Fixed generated worlds not being random because of the seed not being changed.
  • Fixed holes in water no longer filling up.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to room data being lost after a server restart.
  • Fixed several issues with the behaviour of the chat, including random scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue in contract clauses that could lead to a crash.
  • Fixed an issue that required a player to re-login to get access to a bank account after being authorized to use it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused money transfers to not function when a transfer tax was set.
  • Fixed an issue with currency dropdowns displaying the top most currency instead of the selected one.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the transfer menu to show an incorrect tax.
  • Fixed world map in the web ui not working correctly on paused servers.
  • Fixed the block form selection for cranes.
  • Fixed animals appearing at the wrong height when first viewed.
  • Fixed alt-tab not showing windows behind game window after switching from exclusive to borderless mode.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to get back into the game when alt-tabbing out of the game in exclusive fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed display for labels in the web ui for missing localization strings, instead of numbers it now shows the original english strings.
  • Fixed the broken economy viewer filter.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when passing a law that affects the run for office function and then trying to open the law menu.
  • Fixed occupancy of treasury, bank and registrar.
  • Fixed meteor no longer being enabled by default.
  • Fixed several issues related to the citizen account feature.
  • Removed the display of “Tier 6” and “Tier 10” in item filters.
  • Fixed tutorials sometimes not completing despite all tasks were completed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to have to interact with a world object twice to open it after closing it.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to accept repeatable contracts that were already taken and in progress by another player.
  • Fixed stockpile tutorial to also recognize when a player puts logs into a stockpile by using the inventory UI.
  • Fixed the talent selection popup not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused specialties in the skills menu to not react correctly to unlocking a skill without reopening the menu.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to only consume calories and tool uses for one hit, despite them needing several hits to break a specific rock type.
  • Fixed an error that showed up when submitting a new law where “Redefine Districts” was first selected but then unselected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the effects of clothes to not work correctly for new users until the server got restarted.
  • Fixed an issue with the housing skill points calculation.
  • Fixed collision on the back wall of the starter camp.
  • Fixed treasury synchronisation with leader elections.
  • Fixed the range option in bonds and loans contracts. You can now set it to values that are different from “1 - 1000” again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the treasury to not show all personal bank accounts in the allocation menu.
  • Fixed a server crash issue related to titles.
  • Fixed an issue that caused recipes to disappear from crafting tables.
  • Fixed an issue related to allocations in laws.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the lasers to show no visible signs of actually destroying the meteor.
  • Fixed an issue that causes garbage bags to not convert into garbage blocks until a server restart as well as issues in converting when sleep mode is used.
  • Fixed economy viewer not showing the backing item of a currency.
  • Fixed the first tool animation after switching to third person mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players mounted on a vehicle to be shown at a wrong position.
  • Fixed an issue with the head / view rotation of passengers in a vehicle.
  • Fixed a server crash issue related to garbage processing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused animals to occasionally freeze when multiple players are nearby.
  • Fixed a migration issue when trying to upgrade a world from a version before to the latest version.
  • Fixed an issue that required a player to hit reconnect several times when reconnecting to a server.

v0.8.0.7[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • Fixes memory leak that was crashing servers
  • Fixes Sweeping hands talent
  • Water pumps now migrate to mechanical pumps
  • Fixed skill level update in skill level UI on level up
  • Fix repair cost display for repair table
  • Fix crash with transfers

v0.8.0.6[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • Added new GI quality setting levels.


  • Revised existing localized strings
  • Added localization to species Yield and Capacity
  • Fixed registrar localization category filter failure


  • Compost now has a tooltip in the water filter UI.
  • Trashed compostables will now turn into compost.
  • Pickaxes now work on a damage system rather than a strict tier system. Repeatedly hitting harder rocks will eventually destroy them.
  • The water pump was split into a mechanical and electrical version.
  • Waste Filters that shut down due to full inventories will now restart themselves if there is more inventory space available.
  • Added specialties display in foodstatus hud
  • Made water filter accept 20x more throughput (from .1 sewage block per second to 20 sewage blocks per second)
  • Made water filter output 10x less compost (from 1 compost per 10 sewage blocks processed to 1 compost per 100 sewage blocks processed)
  • Fixed sewage continuing to output after a recipe finished
  • Tree trunks now give some wood pulp when destroyed.
  • Most non-progress blocking recipes have had their skill level requirements returned. This includes objects like beds, chairs, some light sources, etc.


  • Made Character XP tooltip more clear.
  • Fixed talent sync, when skill window is open
  • Added Food UI hide skills button until skills tutorial
  • Fixed xp icon huge lag when no specialty
  • Fixed xp icon no specialty "x" sign position
  • Fixed skill window opening when you do not have completed tutorial ("z" key, xp bar, specialty bar, chat links, xp icon)
  • Fixed skill star flashing and proper number display
  • Fixed display for specialty level users
  • Fixed skill research and skills ui sync (on server restart, on missing resources, etc)
  • Now you can see the hotkey "Z" for open skill browser during mouseover it


  • Fixed rare issue with crossing borders after a vehicle was destroyed while the player was driving
  • Fixed various issues with mounting other players on vehicles
  • Fixed vehicle speed multiplier on ramps


  • Removed Users from Tax/Allocate menu
  • Added Bank accounts to Tax/Allocate menu
  • Added proper messages on Tax
  • Optimized tax/allocate to use with old system (users list, ex for laws)
  • Added tooltips to bank accounts in allocate/tax menu
  • Fixed bank account dropdown update on leader changes
  • Added law tax from all accounts
  • Fixed zero tax display
  • Fixed world leader removal from treasury bank account
  • "Your currency" law clause now counts all funds on all accounts!
  • Fixed transfer dialog ui fields reset on tied ones changed
  • Divided direct transfer taxes (self & public)
  • Fixed currency limiter in economy viewer
  • Fixed wrong currency indexing in dropdowns
  • Fixed durability display in store offers
  • Fixed store headers (now sticky)
  • Added ability to set negative prices in trade offers
  • Fixed world leader sync in government tab
  • Fixed world leader removal from Treasury bank account
  • Fixed "Your Currency" counting in laws and law taxing account pickup. Now it accepts only managed/created by you accounts except special ones, like treasury, etc.

Server Webpage

  • Web map now animates voxel change history
  • Started storing full-resolution terrain history
  • Web map now starts paused at the current server time, switching layers while in this state is much more responsive.
  • Added a layer comparison page with synchronized maps

Other Fixes

  • Updated Aura to address memory leak issue
  • Optimized rubble even more.
  • Specialization tutorial now appears after food tutorial
  • Replaced the "ExperiencePerAction" option on the server with a "PlayerExperiencePerSpecialtyExperience" option which grants experience for overall levels when players gain specialty experience. As with the previous option, this is not intended for normal use.
  • Updated sprites on pies (foodstatusUI)
  • Fixed server crash when loading after demographic was repealed by law

v0.8.0.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • Improved world layer performance to fix some disconnection issues
  • Modified the stats database to help improve performance

v0.8.0.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • Fixed zero tax display
  • Fixed world leader removal from treasury bank account
  • "Your currency" law clause now counts all funds on all accounts!
  • Optimized rubble.
  • Fixed initial currency setup from server default currency
  • Fixed issue with non-withdrawing funds during trade when total tax (seller + buyer) is greater than buyer funds.
  • Fixed currency dropdown indexing (from master) => results in working /leader command and some minor stuff
  • Fixed black screen on first login
  • Fixed steam tractor exceptions when it moved with no driver

v0.8.0.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • Fixed contract payment issue (source user hadn't access to escrow account, to get back his payment/deposit)
  • Fixed confused "zero" tax string when transfering funds to special account
  • Fixed issue with vehicles and players sometimes become invisible.
  • Make Real Estate Desk working again!
  • Fix for the not working law taxes

MacOS & Linux clients included!

v0.8.0.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • tweaking for view distance and chunk loading
  • fixed completed tutorials list layout
  • fixed "?" as balance string in treasury
  • fixed DefaultWorld to one with valid Citizenship law
  • fixed dead-lock with steel (when pump was needed for steel and steel needed for pump)


  • graceful shutdown for Windows servers. If you close it (Alt+F4 or with close button) then it will try to save state (Windows will only provide 5-10 seconds for that) or you can configure your software

to send Ctrl+C to console app and configure own timeout for shutdown.

  • added ping retries if for some reason ping was lost for first attempt


  • minor performance improvements

v0.8.0.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • vehicles crossing 0-coordinate should behave less obstinate
  • fixed some "Alice in Wonderland" effects (world titled issue)
  • fixed problem with unfair deals when you get full price for part of sold/bought items if destination inventory has not enough space
  • fixed links to previous elections in Web UI
  • fixed starting New Game from clean Steam installation
  • fixed incorrect ping calculation
  • fixed crash while connecting pipes through zero point
  • fixed redefine District action to take into account existing Districts
  • fixed issue with large world generation and ore amounts - low sample size sometimes created inadequate amounts of ore in worlds 200x200 or larger

Performance improvements:

  • memory optimization (fixed regression for chunks memory consumption)


  • self-improvements experience slightly nerfed
  • minor changes in tech tree for pipes
  • the following objects now require flowing water supplied via plumbing: BlastFurnace, OilRefinery, Sink, Laboratory, Combustion Generator

v0.8.0.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

Feature Highlights

New World Generation

World generation has undergone a variety of changes and improvements. Many new parameters have been added to world generation, such as land/water balance, number of continents and islands, sizes of biomes, and number of water features such as rivers and lakes. All of these parameters may be tweaked within the world generator config file. As a result, worlds are much more varied with specific resources only being made available within specific biomes.

In addition, we have reworked the world geology, by adding an assortment of rock types like Sandstone, Granite, Shale, and Limestone. Certain rock types appear only in specific biomes and at specific depths. These rocks all have different uses in recipes and can be made into unique looking mortared stones. Ores like Iron, Copper, and Gold are now located in specific host rocks which will encourage you to choose the place of your settlement wisely.

Lakes have been added, and the river generator has been rewritten to have an improved look and feel to them.

New Plants

New Animals

New Skill system

The skill system has been simplified and reworked to encourage active engagement. While specializations will still be based on the same time-gated model as before, you no longer need to choose between improving your current specialties and gaining new ones. Instead of having multiple skills under specialties that all need skillpoints to advance, we've rolled all those benefits into an action-based leveling system. For example, players who choose to take the hewing specialty will be able to hew logs with increasing efficiency and speed as they complete orders rather than being forced to wait on skillpoints to achieve maximum efficiency.

The second major change is that the vast majority of recipes are now available without taking the related specialization at a drastically increased cost. This should allow players to experience parts of the game they would have previously been locked out of while still giving players an immediate and powerful benefit for choosing specializations.

In addition to more generic benefits for a specialization, player will occasionally be able to choose specialization-specific talents upon leveling up. Talents for a given specialty are mutually exclusive: if you take one you lock yourself out of the other. Do you want to destroy the forest faster or do you want to be able to clean up the debris you leave behind easier? The goal is to encourage you to pick talents that benefit the way you want to play the game.

Even with the new changes, don't neglect your diet or house! What used to be skillpoints/day has been changed to an experience multiplier that is applied in two places: the rate at which you gain new specialties and the rate at which those individual specialties level up.


We have implemented banks to allow you to create additional bank accounts that you can share with other players. You can set who has access to the account and who is allowed to manage it, which will make playing together easier and also allows the world leader to grant other players access to the treasury. Everywhere where you need to pay with currency you can choose from which bank account you want to make the payment. Of course, you can also set into which bank account payments should go. And to make your life easier, we added the possibility to transfer money to different players and bank accounts just by clicking a button.


Registrars enable you to create titles that you can grant to other players. Those titles can then be used in any authorization UIs and in the law system which allows you to easily group players or create titles for people that you want to work for the government.

New Animal AI

The AI of animals has been greatly improved and exposed for modding. Animals now eat, sleep, form packs and have species-specific behaviors. Beware though, as they became more intelligent and will now notice when your arrow hits just besides them. We have also implemented a headshot mechanic to make your life easier.


In Update 8.0 several workbenches need to be supplied with water to function. In order to do so, you craft a pump and place it near a water source, connect it with pipes and deliver the water to the crafting table where it is converted into sewage. The sewage then needs to be taken care of – in the early game your only option is to release it into the environment, harming it. Later in the game you will get access to the water filter which allows you to clean the sewage and create compost blocks out of it which make a good ingredient for fertilizers.

General Changes
  • Added UPnP support for the game server.
  • Added the ability to customize the reputation colors.
  • Added an API for viewing and setting server configs.
  • Added “HEAD” backups that keep the latest snapshot and happens often enough to minimize data loss.
  • The behavior of backups is now more predictable and works correctly for all settings.
  • Added Disconnect from game when entering another lobby, allowing to join a different server is the player is already in game.
  • Added Arabic and Vietnamese language support.
  • The physical behavior of falling objects has been improved.
  • Animations for jumping players and network interpolation have been improved.
  • Updated the meteor intro sequence.
  • All tutorials can now be reviewed in the “tutorial” tab, left clicking an tutorial there will show it’s popup.
  • Language names in the language selection in the menu now show in their respective language.
  • Added pathfinding functions to allow movement between land and water and quickly finding paths back to water for amphibious animals.
  • Most animals now attempt to return to their home area so visible populations should be more similar to the world layer displays.
  • Added basic herd/pack behavior to some animal species.
  • Moved animal movement behaviors to mods to give modders some examples of how to work with animals.
  • Wolves are now nocturnal.
  • Otters can now venture inland and float with their glorious tummies on display.
  • Tree felling now scares nearby animals.
  • Updated predator behaviors to show eating prey, hunting, relaxing and sleeping.
  • Animal will now flee hunting predators.
  • You can now get closer to animals if you move slow or avoid moving directly towards them.
  • Animal corpse physics is now synced between clients.
  • Improved splitting items by offering specific values to split.
  • Stockpile graphics have been altered so you can now see if there is a hole below.
  • Currency drop downs are now sorted by backed currencies first, then by amount of currency in circulation.
  • Improved behavior of item selection when left-clicking a storage with a tool in your hands.
  • Improved the hammer tool to not cause any more unintended item removals from storages.
  • Added /spawnsewage and /raisesealevel developer commands.
  • Added /sealevel user command.
  • Added /spawn command that accepts different parameters to spawn automatically claimed buildings with a specified world object inside.
  • Added /listadmins command.
  • Added animation randomization scripts to the modkit.
  • Added launch parameters
    • --restoreBackupIfSaveMissing which will inform the eco server to try restore latest backup if save file is missing
    • --restoreFromBackup which will force the eco server to restore from specified backup instead of using save file
  • Added ability to set initial server ID with command line argument (--serverId) or environment variable (ECO_SERVER_ID).
  • Added display of progress when loading mods instead of just hanging on the “Loading …” message.
  • Added error handling for local server connections.
  • Dropdown lists now automatically close after leaving them.
  • /setreputation can now skip value clamping.
  • Admins can now be specified by username which allows to grant admin rights before a user logged in.
  • Usernames that could resemble a slg or steam id are now prevented.
  • Chat commands now both accept the English and localized names.
  • Empty data files are now treated as corrupted and will start restoration from a backup, if available.
  • Slight optimizations in bandwidth for the web interface have been made.
  • Improved shutdown logic for Windows and especially Linux servers. The server now catches SIGTERM and SIGINT signals and tries to gracefully shutdown.
  • Improved the dev-tool to be able to destroy everything.
  • Extended the drag zones for items – no more item drag reverts.
  • Added shift modifier to dragging items, you can now drag all items of the dragged type anywhere you want.
  • Species and World Layer settings are now defined in the mods directory, making it easier to release simulation mods.
  • Improved physics performance of animals.
  • Improved connection logic for the server started from client, it is now less likely that it will hang on startup.
  • Single player servers now start in the same language as the launching client.
  • Chat commands were added to the localization system.
  • Disabled the possibility to click on main menu buttons until it is visible to the player.
  • The meteor intro screen is no longer skipped if space or mouse button is pressed during the end of a scene.
  • Added volumetric fog graphics option using Aura.
  • Added quality slider for global illumination.
  • Changed view distance slider to 50-200
  • Tweaked shadow settings for better performance
  • Tweaked foliage LOD settings, can set all the way up to 200% quality if desired.
  • Improved performance of global illumination and reflections; These effects will update less frequently, but at a dramatic improvement in performance.
  • Added tier display to world object tooltips if it has a tier. (Doors, etc.)
  • Added tier display to items, if they have a tier attribute.
  • Added extra seed recipes to the Farmer’s Table for all new plants.
  • Added seed recipes for Amanita Mushrooms.
  • Added minimap store location display in the economy tracker.
  • Added housing category color to housing tooltip.
  • Added batch selection to stores.
  • Added title to the minimap UI.
  • Added a delay for “has for sale” messages to prevent spam.
  • Added an “All” button to UIs with an input amount.
  • Added a description to the chainsaw that is used instead of the description of the axe.
  • Added quick item transfer between inventories using mouseclick and shortcuts.
  • Added automatic quantity capping on item transfer.
  • Added the possibility to set the worlds default currency by the leader in the treasury.
  • Added the bank account balance of a storeowner to the economy viewer.
  • Added the possibility to see if you are authorized to use a shop in the economy viewer.
  • Added an elevator call post to control the elevator remotely.
  • Added the possibility to charge fees to the repair station.
  • Added a popup when trying to open the skill ui without finishing or skipping the needed tutorial first.
  • Added an “transaction successful” popup for bank transfers and payback of debts.
  • Players now move slightly faster on roads.
  • Most higher tier food recipes now require lower-tier food recipes to be crafted.
  • The areas in which farming is suitable have been drastically expanded. For example, tomatoes now may survive in almost all 'grassland' areas as opposed to only smaller areas of those biomes.
  • Left clicking on a storage with an empty selected toolbar slot will fill it with the first item in the storage.
  • Tree debris is now dependent on the tree species and slows you down.
  • Seeds for all tree types except cactus are now acquired from the debris rather than whacking branches.
  • Almost all object and item crafting recipes had their costs increased. (From very slight adjustments to almost double, depending on the recipe) to account for the new skill system granting 50% efficiency immediately when choosing a specialty.
  • Removed the storage tab from some objects that didn’t need them.
  • Pipes are no longer considered walls and thus do not affect room score or count as structure.
  • Plants now impede vehicle movement, construction vehicles are unaffected.
  • Plant sounds are now played for animals, other players and vehicles. This should help moving entities feel more present in the world and finding animals hiding in dense vegetation.
  • The tooltip for room tier will now differentiate between constructed blocks and stacked blocks.
  • The computer lab will now show a message if there is not enough power available to run the lasers and disable them when they run out of power while active.
  • Treasury will no longer show currency if there is none of it in the treasury.
  • Tweaked treasury currencies update times, it now shows more recent information.
  • Tutorial tasks that have been completed before opening the tutorial will be completed when the tutorial is opened.
  • Removed selecting land claim papers subtask in the tutorials.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed transferring of multiple stacks into the inventory.
  • Fixed strange behavior of the shelf cabinet.
  • Fixed multiple issues with nested contracts that have multiple sub-clauses.
  • Fixed an exploit related to contracts.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to change store listings without proper access.
  • Fixed some issues with the housing bar.
  • Fixed calories in the stomach triggering the foraging tutorial.
  • Fixed repair station titles and mechanics.
  • Fixed forgive mechanics for debts.
  • Fixed loans and bonds targeting the wrong account.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the web ui to randomly not show water in the map.
  • Fixed a problem that caused random server names to appear on the continue button and in some cases connecting to the wrong server.
  • Fixed some issues with the UI of the real estate table.
  • /testtreasury now works as intended.
  • Fixed adding new entries to authorization.
  • Fish and otters no longer swim through the ground (or air when going up a waterfall)
  • Adjusted the height offset for checking if grass is below a certain level, fixing the mow contracts.
  • The contract board will no longer show “bucks” in some of its dropdown lists.
  • Prevented the server from crashing after setting the World Leader as an authorized user.
  • Fixed loans not saving their currency on server restarts.
  • Fixed some bugs with debts and contracts.
  • Fixed an issue related to discord hyperlinks and them not showing in the server browser.
  • Fixed players getting their crafting fees waived for orders when they should be paying the fee.
  • Fixed arrow disappearing in choose world screen.
  • Fixed treasury currency dropdown, it’s now dynamic and adapts to window size.
  • Fixed treasury button margins for better localized text support.
  • Fixed /allplants to work again.
  • Fixed accidental block placing with shovel, for example when the storage is full when trying to put the carried item into it.
  • Fixed the local server to be unable to be started from the client.
  • Fixed skill benefits rounding with server-side only calculations.
  • Fixed treasury buttons spacing for localized names.
  • Fixed some skillpoint localizations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused icons to eventually become offset when being dragged around.
  • Fixed orange color in tooltips.
  • Fixed storage interaction errors when the storage is full.
  • Fixed position of the food status UI tooltip.
  • Fixed hitboxes of status bar tooltips.
  • Fixed blocks attempting to connect to the wooden elevator. The elevators ‘doorway’ for sealing rooms is now below the elevator and you must have an empty space there when placing it.
  • Fixed a strange behavior for law buttons to sometimes cause to scroll instead of their intended action.
  • Fixed wrong bank account funds numbers in direct transfer dialog.
  • Fixed target bank account name not shown in direct transfers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused completed tutorials to not show up in the tutorial list.
  • Fixed the escape menu to no longer show the wrong default selected tab.
  • Fixed item selection in the toolbar.
  • Fixed digging and mining tutorials.
  • Fixed picking up carried items with left click.
  • Fixed sorting in the economy viewer, it now sorts by the localized name instead of the english name.
  • Fixed graphics tab layout and sliders in the escape menu, allowing them to dynamically scale for bigger localized text.
  • Fixed /give command, it now behaves more like usual inventory transfers.
  • Fixed cranes no longer showing their interface and being unusable.
  • Fixed showing of error messages in the Web UI in cases of a server error.
  • Fixed the chat to jump to a wrong position when opening.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the animal populations reset to max population on a server restart.
  • Fixed scrolling in the server browser.
  • Fixed distribution station tracker for remaining items to update correctly.
  • Fixed third person camera behaving oddly near large plants.
  • Fixed wrong name in work orders being passed to the localizer.
  • Fixed “Array out of Bounds” Exception in /creative command.
  • Fixed distribution station caused breaks.
  • Fixed double connection error message.
  • Fixed broken inventories.
  • Fixed editing of bank accounts.
  • Fixed exception on the removal of bank accounts.
  • Fixed a problem that lead to the server not being added to the recent servers when joining through direct connect.
  • Fixed several localization bugs.
  • Fixed crash when placing a starter camp.
  • Fixed being stuck at the connection UI.
  • Fixed an issue when reconnecting to servers.
  • Fixed a crash on shift-clicking empty slots.
  • Fixed strange behavior when setting tax percentages in the treasury.
  • Pinned “Make a transfer” button outside of the scroll area.
  • Fixed the layout of the housing tutorial.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could happen when multiple players tried to pickup the same world object.
  • Fixed hunting not leveling up properly.
  • Fixed several issues with tier requirements on various tables.
  • Fixed server browser layout.
  • Fixed buggy line in the header of the crafting UI.
  • Fixed the name parsing of the leader in the treasury.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed other players than the leader to change the worlds default currency.
  • Fixed star glow effect appearing on level up and points changes.
  • Fixed frame-rate degradation after closing crafting UIs.
  • Fixed title tooltips not shown
  • Fixed skill notification window layout.
  • Fixed adding double rows in currency exchange offers.
  • Fixed ping to server behind a NAT.
Versions: - v7

v0.7.8.9[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixes
    • Fixed annoying issue with resetting Store public access permissions after server restart
  • Backups
    • Backups logic fixed and reworked to be more predictable. There are now following options (default value in brackets):
      • MaxBackupsInLastHour (2) - max number of backups for last hour (if backup frequency less than 1 hour)
      • MaxHourlyBackups (24) - hourly backup is a first backup in a hour, in average it is one backup in a hour
      • MaxDailyBackups (3) - daily backup is a first backup in a day, in average it is one backup in a day
      • MaxWeeklyBackups (10) - weekly backup is a first backup in a week, in average it is one backup in a week at Monday
    • With default settings it will keep hourly backups for last 24 hours, daily backups for last 3 days, weekly backups for last 10 weeks.
    • Default backup frequency changed to 0.5.

v0.7.8.8[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Urgent hotfix which reverts changes for pending writes which seems causes problems with hanging during entering the world.

v0.7.8.7[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Minor improvements
    • It is now possible to connect to the server directly using server id instead of IP address
  • Server Optimizations
    • World Layer Tick optimization (~33% faster)
    • Reduced server lags during backups
  • Server Admin options
    • WebServerUrl and RemoteAddress on Network tab which allow to have a better control how your server will be available externally
    • New option EnablePendingWritesOnBackup for StatDatabase which allows to make stat database backup without stat read/write locks

v0.7.8.6[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Server Features
    • It is now possible to put World on pause (look for "Pause" tab in Server GUI)
    • Import for zipped backups (you can just place zip archive with backup files into backup directory and it will be automatically unarchived if necessary)
  • Minor Improvements
    • Removed language lock from Settings, now by default Language filter only enabled for English
    • Always show Your Worlds, new players now can use direct connection, LAN and official servers
  • Bug-fixes
    • CO2 fix;
    • Servers with long description now correctly appears on Recommended Tab and in server search results;
    • Added timeout to direct connections and remove wrong message "Invalid IP address" for valid connection;
    • Improved saves stability, now it less likely they will be corrupted during writing to disk;
    • Fixed problem with loading archives with long paths inside.
  • Optimizations
    • Legislation checking
    • User login

v0.7.8.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed reconnection issue after disconnect timeout

v0.7.8.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed shelf cabinet strange behavior
  • Fixes incomplete-able tutorials when playing in languages other than English

v0.7.8.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed initial auth component value setting (initialization order fix)
  • Fixed Steam tractor
  • Fixed large windowed lumber door

v0.7.8.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed problems with opening URLs from game for some users.
  • Now if Steam failed to initialize it will be handled during login phase and informative message will be displayed. It also will allow you to login with SLG account.
  • Fix server loading for saves where Harvest Contracts was created.
  • Fix server loading where Work Orders for removed items was created.
  • Fixed issue where generating new world would crash on Sleep plugin.

v0.7.8.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed server migration issues
  • Fixed problem with empty recommended servers tabs
  • Fixed sleeping when more than one player is online

v0.7.8.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

New Content

Nap Time

We have added sleep to the game! You can now sleep in beds to cause time to pass and speed up skill gain, crafting, and crop growth. Primarily for use in private servers

Item Filters

You can now filter by item name, type, and tier in the economy viewer.


Added ladder climbing and ladder blocks. Ladders can be made taking one of a variety of materials including hewn wood and placing it using a hammer. They take up a single block of space and can be placed freestanding, they are ideal for getting up tall buildings or deep mine shafts where stairs and ramps are impractical.


Added new "Demographics" feature. A Demographic represents a group of players. They're defined in laws, using law conditions. Once defined, you can reference Demographics in multiple laws, as well as authorize Demographics on deeds and objects. Demographics can be removed through laws also, but only if they are not being referenced by anything else.

New and Improved Chat Commands
  • Added chat command history. Press the up and down arrow keys while typing in chat to cycle through your recently entered commands.
  • /give now accepts item display names. You can type the name of the item exactly as it appears in game now.
  • /time - shows the current time since server start. A user command.
  • /deletecontract - Deletes contacts by id.
  • /fastforward - Toggles the fast forward effect from sleep on and off.
  • /spawnbed - Spawns a bed in a house and puts you to sleep.
  • /spawncrafting - Creates a craft setup where output from one thing is input to another.
  • /claimrect - Claims plots in a given rect centered on the user.
  • /levelup - Learns and levels up a skill and all its prerequisites.
  • /unclaimabandoned - unclaims abandoned plots, owned by players that havent logged in for a given number of days.
Random Improvements
  • Avatars now play animations when their clothes/hair change.
  • Updated Meteor intro! Now runs on a timer, or clicks.
  • Added profanity checks to sign and license plate text.
  • Show login UI after starting animation completed.
  • Prevent players from from making a currency that already exists.
  • Don't show exchange rates with NaN values.
  • Map icons are now GPU accelerated! (drastically improves map performance in worlds with a lot of objects).
  • The tractor module, sower and harvester can be enable/disable using alpha1 key.
  • With contracts, in the "transport" clause and "put item in container" clause you are able to target fuel container like blast furnace and brazier.
  • Tweaked player acceleration so it's easier to make small movements while building.
  • Max reputation you can give a person is now 30 (3 days worth).
  • You can now sit upon various world objects.
  • Added an option for doing one-time taxes and allocations on law passed.
  • Set the treasury at the top inside the currency report.
  • User handles enable admins to refer to users by a numeric handle instead of username.
  • Adds Ukrainian Language Option.
  • Tooltips now close when you start dragging items.
  • Change the match rating on the server listing UI to be a match score, not a percentage.
  • Add new animations for server category banners on the recommended new game server UI.
  • Update new game server browser headings to include particle effects.
  • Contractors can now mark a contract as failed if the time limit on the contract is reached.
  • When loading from a backup, servers will now try to load from a different backup if the most recent one is corrupt.
  • If an object has no owner, display the name of its creator in the user interface instead.
  • Add tiers to certain world objects, such as doors, to count towards a building's overall tier rating.
  • Guard against overwriting .eco save file if it would end up corrupted.
  • Greatly improves server start-up speed for servers with big Power Grids.
  • Added additional foraging triggers.
  • Changed selected item text from "Amount" to "Selected".
  • Mods can now define new components and UI for them! Values can be set to be editable/visible by owners or guests, and supports a few different types of values: numbers, ranges, and buttons.
  • Implemented language/region lock. By default you will now only see servers that match your configured language. This feature can be opted-out of in the escape menu settings. This feature does not affect LAN, Favorites, or Recently Played listings. The Server and Client now detect system language on first start-up. If launched through steam, Eco will take the language set in your steam preferences.
  • Fixed errors with the tooltips of users that have special characters in their names. Tooltips should now work for all users.
  • Fixed a bad hitbox on the Treasury Allocation window, that caused it to close unexpectedly.
  • Fixed spelling for Calculated.
  • Fix an issue where the contract currency reset to the owner currency credit after a server restart.
  • Force the skill points to be between 0 and 1 million to prevent giving huge number of skill point and break the UI.
  • Fixed map shadows sometimes disappearing when zooming in.
  • Fixed various avatar tool change animation issues.
  • Fixed bug where metal brazier not see linked inventories.
  • Fix issue where you can't select shovel when carrying garbage.
  • Fixed a client bug which caused the laws window to display placeholder text ("Voted for George") if you placed a vote but later all the candidates you voted for got removed.
  • Fixed held tools not showing when exiting vehicles.
  • Should of fixed the red bar issue, possibly due to multiple ways data was being displayed.
  • Prevent crash if server info (e.g. name and description) are too long.
  • Fixed bug causing error message pop ups to appear behind the server connection menu.
  • Prevent use of the property claim tool while carrying stuff (e.g. wood, sand, etc.)
  • Fix a rounding issue occurring when changing price using Ctrl + click for some values.
  • Fixed a bug that would destroy plants upon being picked if their yield is zero.
  • The minimap now loads much more smoothly.
  • Fix reputation title saying N/A instead of the current title.
  • Fixed incorrect owner given in the notification message for buying a deed.
  • Fixed problems with the size and position of the minimap on reload.
  • Guard against server crash if a user's first time login fails.
  • Fixes all misspellings of the word "Tuesday".
  • Fix bug that was showing a control popup to place some tools (such as torches) into storage with a right-click, even though the server would not accept them.
  • Fix for new game menu left/right nav buttons occasionally becoming invisible.
  • Fix bug that force added 'Everyone' to authorisation settings for stores, etc. on server restart.
  • Fix for removal contract not granting permissions to remove fallen tree debris.
  • Make the Build Room contract clause require a minimum tier rather than specific building materials. Also fix a bug that was preventing the "No room at requested location" message from showing.
  • Fixed physics/plant issues near world borders.
  • Blocks placed above the world MaxY will now disappear instead of breaking everything.
  • Fixed a rare server exception in VehicleComponent.
  • Fixed building intro ui prefab.
  • Fix empty error bar in web interface.
  • Fix eventual problem with server hanging on load.
  • Fix server crash resulting from trying to repair an object (e.g. the hammer) which can be degraded but not repaired.
  • Fix issue that prevented the laws UI 'View' button from being clicked when it was "behind" the Government panel scrollbar.
  • Fixed a bug where getting taxed while crafting an object generates emissions would crash the server if the user didn't have enough money to pay the government.
  • Fix for non-disposed stream in DataStore.cs when save is corrupted.
  • Fixed problem with server crashes during startup during MinimapManager initialization.
  • Mint item filter is now resizable and draggable.

v0.7.7.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed a bug that made vehicles spawn world object blocks
  • Fixed another case that was allowing tooltips to stay open while dragging items
  • Fix for loading and password and error text appearing behind browser window

v0.7.7.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed 'new game' menu not appearing on mac/linux
  • Fixed a problem that would keep users from logging back in if they left without finishing the Controls tutorial
  • Added more clear error reporting when mods fail to initialize

v0.7.7.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

New Content
  • Loans and Bonds!
    • Players can offer loans, or bonds (which are the reverse of bonds - people buy a bond from you and you pay them back with interest later).
  • Updated Ramps
    • Ramps are no longer objects but blocks, and can be built in 1-wide increments.
    • They can be dug up with a shovel for their component material.
  • Intro Story Sequence
    • Added a new introduction story sequence! Appears when you first look at the meteor for the tutorial and both sets up the story and objective and emphasizes the cooperation needed to succeed.
  • Recommended Servers
    • Changed the flow of getting into a game so recommended servers are highlighted and players are matched to servers based on their playtime. This should make finding online games much easier.
  • Discord Server Popup
    • Servers can now set a Discord address in their settings, and new joining users will be prompted to join it through the tutorials.
  • Tailings Efficiency
    • Changed base production of tailing from 2 to 5 for Iron Ingot recipe and from 1 to 2.5 for Smelt Iron recipe.
    • Now tailings affected by efficiency. On max efficiency 1 for Iron Ingot recipe and 0.5 for Smelt Iron recipe (you should smelt at least two ingots to get benefits).
  • Updated Minimap
    • Revamped the pullouts on the minimap. Everything is in one settings pull out now, which has been updated to the new visual style. World layers (now titled "Environment Data") have been changed from a drop down to a scroll box, with layers grouped into categories.
  • Performance has been improved, most noticeably when walking around the world.
Other Changes


  • Add contract tax to Payment Contract Clause.
  • Create new currency with "Coins per item" = 1.
  • After Currency created (and first coins emitted) you're not able to change "Coins per item".
  • Now contract for harvest allows to select beans, rice, camas bulb and other crops without seeds.
  • Contract Tax will be retained from payment on completion. Client will pay exactly specified amount, but contract have to pay tax from received payment. In case of failed contract it will be applied to Deposit as well, in this case Client have to paid tax from deposit.


  • Currencies list will now have scroll when it can't be fully placed on display.
  • Added actions "Plant", "Remove Stump", and "Harvest Leaves" to laws and stats.
  • Actions "Pick Up" and "Place" now support world objects, in addition to blocks.
  • The "Pick Up" action now supports mining and picking up rubble.
  • The "Pick Up" action also supports picking up "Wood Pulp", which is what"tree debris" is now called.
  • Laws can now reference total currency in circulation, as well as treasury balance, in addition to just the acting player's currency balance.
  • You can now have as many proposed laws at one time as you want. This restriction was pretty meaningless, since you can already propose multiple clauses in a single law, and it's not as necessary anymore since the default ** Citizenship law already prevents the most egregious cases of trolling.
  • Added support for conditions on the "number of players" value. For example: "when attempting to gain skill Cooking, if (number of players where (level of Cooking > 0) > 3) prevent".
  • Indirect ways of killing plants are now counted as "Harvest" actions. This includes things like shoveling or plowing the dirt under a plant. This only applies to living plants. Removing a dead plant does not count as a "Harvest".
  • Changed how stats and legality checks for "Craft" work. You can now always start a project, regardless of legality. The project will become blocked based on whether it is legally allowed to craft one more item. A "Craft" action is only recorded in stats once an item has finished crafting. Among other things, this significantly reduces inaccurate "Craft" stats due to cancelling a project. The issue can still arise if you cancel a project after some items are crafted and waiting to be collected at the crafting station.
  • Added the ability to regulate minting coins in laws.

Graphics and UI

  • Updated the Storage tab to the new visual style.
  • World markers now clamp to the screen correctly, and display in minimap list properly if they have tags.
  • Updated Global Illumination to reflect terrain / water colors.
  • Make info panel resizable (Currencies Report etc).
  • Updated the following object tabs to the new visual style: Credit, Exchange, Power, Mint, Modules, Network, Pipes.
  • Made the meteor not zoom-in until after you have opened the meteor tutorial.
  • Added a button to world marker UI to open/show markers on the map.
  • Add filter by language and version for recommended servers.
  • Rapidly clicking now performs the same as holding down click e.g. when chopping down trees and mining rocks.
  • Opened server info for Recommended Tab will not persist after Escape.
  • Adjusted headers width so they now works much better with non-English locales having longer words.
  • Added an error message which explains why a skill scroll failed to work if the player has a full inventory.
  • Added a notification message when buying a deed.
  • Ensure that open/closed state on linked inventories gets saved between play sessions.


  • You can once more edit the names of unowned objects.
  • You can now cancel loading a world with the escape button.
  • Players authorized on a property now have full edit capabilities on any stores on the property, instead of having strange partial edit capabilities.
  • Room tiers are now determined by the average tier of all blocks that make up the room, World objects have a had their material requirement changed to reflect this change.
  • Created a testing framework for auto-testing UIs on the client.
  • Editing world markers no longer auto-opens the map.
  • Added /save command for admin which saves the world!
  • Increased time you can pick up hunted animals to 3-5 minutes.
  • Changed the cap on crafting order quantity from 999 to 9999, which is now enforced both when typing and when clicking the buttons.
Bugs Squashed
  • If for some reason tutorial broken it now will not stop you from progress.
  • Fixed duplicate content sometimes appearing in tooltips.
  • Fixed several issues with tooltips closing unexpectedly.
  • Fixed some cases of the tooltip for a nearby link showing up instead of the one you are actually hovering over.
  • Opening the Storage tab for the first time is significantly smoother, and should no longer cause freezing when there are large numbers of linked inventories. Re-opening a recently opened Storage tab is near instantaneous.
  • Fixed a bug that made the player turn when toggling vehicle tools on/off.
  • Fixed being able to lock yourself out of public objects.
  • Fixed controls popups showing up even when you aren't in range to interact with what you're looking at.
  • Added tooltips to missing ingredients of current projects on the Crafting tab.
  • Fixes issue where recipe text was not being localized.
  • Fixed cases of servers joined by ip address not being loaded in the Join screen 'Recent' section.
  • Fixed cases of the Join screen 'Favorites' section becoming confused after changing favorites around.
  • Pulls last remaining strings from escape menu for localization.
  • Fixed a bug where plants would rarely have insane negative and/or positive populations.
  • Fixed the caret in the New World text box being too high sometimes.
  • Fixed the controls text for the form selection popup (it used to always say '1', now it will say 'shift' or whatever the appropriate control is).
  • Prevent the eating of food directly from inventories where you would not be allowed to remove it.
  • Sprite tags used in signs & license plates no longer float when viewed from far away.
  • Fixed doors counting as T0 materials.
  • Fixed being able to place starter camp on other people's property.
  • Fixed an issue with storage links on electric tables.
  • Fixes a break in the tutorial sequence.
  • Fixed contracts giving access to vehicles that happen to be on a property specified by the contract.
  • Fixed contracts with null property specified giving auth to vehicles that happen to be on public land.
  • Fixed a display issue where a single property plot would not get updated visually until relogging.
  • Fixed plant pollution visualization.
  • Fixed weird behavior when starting swimming from a 1 block depth.
  • Fixed Vehicle tools won't dump/pull from fuel supplies.
  • Fixed property & world layer alignment for far away terrain.
  • Fixed the Storage tab still showing inventories for objects that had been recently picked up.
  • Fixes crashes related to property threading issues, perhaps caused by placing a lot of objects really fast.
  • Fixed a bug that could make you get stuck on steep block edges w/ falling sounds.
  • Fixed a rare exception while updating animal positions.
  • Elevators now reliably load before carts that might be on them.
  • Fixed UI problem when No More Wanted appears for owner.
  • When failing to claim property with the property tool (Eg. because you have no land claim papers), there will no longer be an empty deed created.
  • Fixed other player animations jiggling while riding in vehicles.
  • Fixed other players appearing to get stuck when exiting some vehicles.
  • Fixed: Distribution Station fails to Apply distribution.
  • Fixed full screen resolution setting and Apply/Reset behavior.
  • Fixed cursor not disappearing after closing the escape menu.
  • Fixed table headers cutting for Economy Viewer (like Curenc for Currency).
  • Fixed resetting to defaults for graphics UI.
  • Fixes issue where cursor interaction is shifted when playing in windowed mode.
  • Fix for text components (e.g. signs, carts, etc.) not updating when the text was deleted/cleared.
  • Fixed behavior when Favorite servers list preserves space after refresh.
  • Fixed laws that prevent placement allowing you to actually place infinite starter camps for free.
  • Fixed bug which allowed the starter camp to be spawned partially over water/big drops.
  • Fixed tab wasn't counted as pressed for tutorial.
  • Fixed bug that prevented vehicle modules from being picked up along with the vehicle itself, causing those modules to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the UI from updating when a user entered an IP address on the server browser screen.
  • Fixed bug preventing the world objective from showing until after the player interacted with the text input field.
  • Replaced all instances of 'governship' with 'governance'.
  • Fix a crash occurred when clicking to select a item stack while carrying something with a shovel.

v0.7.6.3[edit | edit source]

  • Modified the colliders on the starter camp and stockpiles to prevent new players from getting stuck
  • Fixed /unclaim crash if property was already public
  • Fixed bug where currency exchange wasn't checking balances properly
  • Other internal bug fixes

v0.7.6.2[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug with currency exchange
  • Fixed various bugs with the distribution station

v0.7.6.1[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed crash when opening a currency report
  • Fixed an issue where certain objects crafting time was listed as NaN
  • Fixed steam saying Eco is still running if it opens your web browser
  • Fixed stores sometimes crashing the server when the owner unclaims the property they are on.
  • The elevator bottom now counts as a door for detecting rooms
  • Fixed migration of linked inventory settings from 7.5.1 to 7.6.
  • Fix for inventory related exceptions
  • Made the 'food' tutorial pop up after forage, so you always have a route to see the food tutorial and get the food status UI.
  • Also fixes economy viewer issue with tooltips.
  • Fixed housing not setting up on load.
  • Misc fixes

v0.7.6.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

New Content
  • Distribution Station
    • Added a new Distribution Station object. This is a stockpile where the owner can set a ration of items that every new player can take, which they will be notified of with a World Marker when they enter the game. With this object, citizens and governments can set up items to provide to new players to help them get started/catch up. You'll also be able to see the items provided from the Server Browser.
    • You can set the max 'age' of a player for them to be eligible for items.
  • Added Chainsaw
  • Starter Camp
    • The camp comes with a small stockpile and contains starting supplies.
    • The camp also serves as a crafting table that can craft a limited selection of things.
  • Real Estate Desk
    • At the desk, you can examine your deeds, edit their settings, move land and vehicles between deeds, create and delete deeds, and unclaim land and vehicles. You can also buy and sell deeds.
    • Deeds are no longer items that you can carry in your inventory.
    • Replaced Property Claim Flags with a Land Claim Stake tool and Land Claim Papers. The Land Claim Stake works similarly to how claim flags used to work - hold it and right click to claim some land. It also has some new features. You can hold it and left click on claimed land to unclaim it. You can also target claimed land with it and press 'E' to open the deed window for that land. The Land Claim Stake uses Land Claim Papers. Each paper represents your right to claim 1 plot of land. Unlocking skills will grant you Land Claim Papers, in the same way it used to grant you Property Claim Flags previously.
    • When you claim land with the Land Claim Stake, the deed that the land is attached to is no longer determined by the deed in your inventory (since you can't have deeds in your inventory). Rather, it is determined by the deeds of nearby plots belonging to you, and . If there are none within range, a new deed is created.
    • The treatment of vehicles versus stationary objects with regards to deeds and authorization has been unified, and the 'Auth' tab of the object window - which has been renamed to the 'Authorization' tab and given an overhaul to improve both clarity and appearance - will appear for both. No more 'Lock' toggle for vehicles - they now have full authorization settings support just like stationary objects (that is, the ability to set them to public, whitelist, or inherit from deed mode).
    • Added an "Unclaim Property" action to stats, which can be referenced in laws.
  • Robotic Assembly Line
    • The Robotic Assembly Line is used to craft all internal combustion engine vehicles and other advanced machinery.
  • Added calculated exchange rates. Eco will now compare trades of the same item in different currencies to make a rough exchange rate, which can be used by citizens to help understand prices (how to shop and how to set prices). The inner details of how they're calculated is displayed as well, so players can make informed decisions. You can view this in a currency’s ‘Currency Report’. Will be doing more with this exchange rate later.
    • Added intro sequences for food and housing, explaining the concepts with icons and animations.
    • Made it easier to exit water in a few situations like 1 block thick docks.
    • Third person mode in vehicles now zooms out further and behaves more consistently.
    • Vehicles with tools now attempt to dump into multiple inventories for objects that have multiple inventories.
  • Made the server browser ping filter go to ‘unlimited’ (previously went to 500ms)
  • Improved client script performance.
  • Eliminated performance impact of using world markers.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Added a key binding to toggle 3rd person (defaults to F5).
  • Changed the nutrient values of almost everything, generally a ~20% increase.
  • Nutrient values now scale more aggressively with higher tier food.
  • Recipe costs changed due to recent farming/collection changes.
  • Removed Campfire Cooking skill - the recipes are now available to everyone.
  • Old Campfire Cooking recipes ingredients have been modified due to no efficiency/speed skills.
  • Removed Basic Crafting skill - the recipes are now available to everyone.
  • Basic Crafting recipes ingredients have been modified due to no efficiency/speed skills.
  • Players now start with reduced land claims and a camp item.
  • Most plants now give less resources.
  • Added seed recipe for mushrooms.
  • Gathered seeds no longer increase with gathering skill.
  • Blast furnaces once again produce tailings.
  • Blast furnaces are now harder to make.
  • Lots of miscellaneous changes to late game recipes.
  • Ingots (all kinds) are more expensive, other recipe costs reduced where appropriate.
  • Ingots now weigh less.
  • Steel now requires coal or charcoal to smelt.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a vehicle with both a fuel supply and storage would behave inconsistently in the linked inventory UI. (The UI displayed the fuel supply and the storage as separate inventories with separate settings, but the server treated both inventories as sharing the same settings. Now the server also treats them as separate inventories).
  • Fixed the fishing line not meeting with the lure correctly.
  • When attempting to join a server by ip address, if you enter an invalid ip, it will now show an error message instead of attempting to connect forever.
  • Single-player server will now close itself if the client crashes.

v0.7.5.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed some block visuals behaving strangely in moving stockpiles
  • Fixed truck physics glitches
  • Fixed various vehicle sounds
  • Fixed Eco.Mods.dll loading bug
  • Misc Fixes

v0.7.5.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

New Content
  • Added Elevator for transporting materials and carts vertically!
  • Added stone, hewn log, and lumber door recipes.
  • Added wooden standing light, wooden table light, and wooden ceiling light
  • Added the Assembly Line!
  • Added cranes! Players can use the crane to build large walls in one click by targeting the corners with the claw.
  • Added a modular attachment system for vehicles
  • Added the Steam Truck!
  • Added the plough, harvester, and sowing attachments for the steam tractor
  • Players now have more realistic physics
  • Players can push rubble, trunks, and respond more realistically to other physics object movement
  • Stockpiles can now store any item, not just blocks.
  • Vehicles with tools can now give/take from other vehicles, stockpiles & objects with inventories
  • Vehicles with tools now have placement previews
  • World object names can now have color tags
  • Improvements to some display on chat commands
  • Passing ‘?’ as any parameter in a command will now show help for it
  • Property now has a tooltip and can be linked in chat
  • In the server browser detail panel, it will show a dash instead of 0 when ping fails
  • Item tooltips show relevant store listings again
  • World objects now have a default inherited auth-mode
  • Can now compile the game when your OS uses other language besides English
  • Economy Viewer changes:
    • Much, much faster to open and use
    • ‘For Sale’ and ‘Wanted’ are no longer separated, now both are displayed together under ‘trades’. This makes it easier to find things you can buy and sell and compare prices.
    • Trades now list items by category
  • Web map can now support over 256 block types
  • Improved wording of law actions that required units. Instead of "Play (hours) actions", laws will now say "Play hours". ("Play (hours) actions where performed by you" becomes "Your Play hours")
  • Chat window now shows 50 messages at a time, loading more as you scroll. Speeds up chat window significantly for larger chat databases.
  • Sped up several UI’s
  • Improved world layer history compression. (On an example world this shrunk the save file from 261mb to 98mb. This also reduces the impact of browsing the web page)
  • World Layer history animations now work on linux servers
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Removed the factory from the game, recipes have been offloaded to the assembly line/robotic assembly line. Some have been removed.
  • The tables tab now only shows tables that are marked ‘Public’.
  • The currencies tab now only shows currencies that have circulation (more than one owner).
  • Changed law actions 'Learn Skill' (which referenced skill levels) and 'Unlearn Skill' (which referenced specialties) to 'Learn Specialty' and 'Abandon Specialty', which can be meaningfully compared now, since they both reference specialties. (Existing laws using 'Learn Skill' will be changed to 'Learn Specialty', but existing stat history will still have the skill levels data)
  • Added a law clause option to perform an action every x days (for example, you could tax everyone 1 dollar per day, or tax everyone a percentage of their money once per day).
  • Added a 'Login for the First Time' law action, which enables laws that give things to new players.
  • Added a 'channel' filter for the 'Message' law action, which enables creating restrictions on certain chat channels (for example, you could create an Announce channel that only admins can post in)
  • Changed how 'performed by' action filters are displayed. Instead of 'Harvest actions where performed by you', laws will now say 'Your Harvest actions'. Before, this filter caused much confusion and many mistakes, since people assumed 'performed by you' was the default. Now it is the default. (Existing laws will have strange wording, but should function the same as they did before. New laws should be correct.)
  • Cranes can deposit to trucks and other multi-inventory objects
  • Updates ecostrings.csv to most recent version
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash caused by multiple people looking at a species tooltip at the same time
  • Fixed a crash caused by changing a drop down selection to ‘<’ on the ‘propose law page’
  • Fixed removing things from vehicle fuel supplies being affected by property authorization (which also affected being able to pick up the vehicle).
  • Fixed a bug causing messages sent by you to a different channel while the chat log is closed not to appear on your own screen.
  • Fixed some strange behavior with favoriting servers. It seems sometimes servers on the same LAN would get confused with each other in the favorites section.
  • Fixes issues with garbage disappearing on server restarts.
  • Fixed world objects not loading occasionally near large bridges. (or other buildings above empty chunks)
  • Players falling through the world is now corrected client side
  • Worlds built in windows can now load in linux again. (Zips now use the standard path separator for zips '/' on all platforms)
  • Fixed fragmented layer history due to zip path separator path changes (some worlds have 2, histories will be merged during migration)
  • Fixed awkward highlighter interactions when switching between specific interactables in the same object
Other Fixes
  • Fixed a number of mistranslations and localization errors

v0.7.4.7[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed minimap markers
  • Connecting to a server by ip address now also adds it to your recent servers list in the Join screen.
  • Saved servers (eg. recents, favorites) now also save ip address and port. This means that favorites will have a good chance of connecting, even when the master server is inaccessible.
  • On the Join screen, increased how many servers are processed per frame from 1 to 5.
  • Fixed an issue where placing a vehicle didn't set you as the owner.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not pick up vehicles on someone else's property.
  • Fixed non-LAN servers appearing in the LAN section on the Join screen
  • Fixed the 'Owned by' indicator in object windows - It will again say 'Unowned' if unowned, instead of 'Owned by .'
  • Fixed signs displaying run-off text
  • Fixed the text editing box for signs to show markup tags instead of previewing with them, and now it allows multi-line editing.

v0.7.4.6[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Improved the horizontal overflow behavior of the Contract window, preventing the text in the header column from being squished until it overflows vertically everywhere.
  • Fixed an issue where some contract clauses had way too much vertical whitespace.
  • For LAN and local servers, connect directly by ip address, rather than connecting through the master server. This prevents connection issues when the master server is down.
  • When attempting to connect via the master server, timeout and return to the main menu if the master server does not respond.
  • Fixed client-side lag due to unnecessary property texture updates
  • Fixed Combustion Generators polluting forever when the power grid demand was 0, which was making some servers flood (flooding can produce a lot of client-side lag when your map is open on large servers)
  • Combustion Generators now consume fuel at a constant rate.
  • Power grids only enable combustion generators one at a time as energy demand increases.
  • Power grids with insufficient power now disable the most recently added objects instead of disabling everything.
  • Reduced sea level rising performance impact
  • Reduced client-side lag related to frequently changing pipe outputs
  • Minimap icons load faster on big servers
  • Player names are now always visible
  • Improved map update performance
  • Fixed a performance issue related to opening the chat log
  • Decreased lag due to opening the chat log by having it load 1 message per frame instead of all in 1 frame.

v0.7.4.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed a variety of problems that could occur if the master server is unreachable
  • Fixed some chunk issues near world borders and wrapping issues with vehicles
  • Fixed invisible vehicles when someone drives into your view range
  • Fixed stretched animals near world borders
  • Fixed webserver link from using the wrong address
  • Fixed some performance issues with stats and the web server
  • Fixed an issue where server passwords were being double-encrypted on server startup. Server passwords will now show in plain text in the server window but are still encrypted when sent between client and server. Existing server passwords will need to be reset to the desired value.
  • Fixed a bug in client-side predictions that sometimes made blocks appear, disappear then reappear in your carried slot.
  • Added a warning when the server is unresponsive to user status

v0.7.4.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

Networking Upgrade
  • A large part of the networking code has been overhauled for this release. The server now uses UDP on port 3000 for game traffic by default, and TCP on port 3001 for web traffic by default. If you were forwarding ports to your dedicated servers in the past, you will need to update your rules accordingly, including any rules in firewall programs.
  • In most instances, you should no longer need to port forward when hosting a server. We'd recommend using the steam friends "join game" feature to easily join each other games, instead of needing to find IP address and connect manually.
  • Moved the "MaxSlots" configuration value from the config to the config
Join Screen
  • New layout and visual style. Among other things, the new layout allows many more servers to fit on screen.
  • This screen has been split into 2 tabs - one for only the servers that you are most likely to join (for example, your favorites, LAN servers, and official SLG servers), and the other for browsing for a new server. This allows you to view the first tab without having to query all the servers, which is more expensive.
  • Added many new searching, sorting, and filtering features
  • Improved performance by limiting how many servers are displayed
  • Added a new category on the server browser for 'Test Servers', which for now will link only the official SLG test server for the next version. Players will need to switch to staging to join this build, and a popup will inform them of that if they attempt.
  • You can now drop any non-carried items into garbage piles
  • If left alone, food items will decompose into nothing
  • If left alone, other items will become trash blocks which will cause minor pollution
  • Added a modern pickup Truck!
  • Added the hand plough
  • Added a nimble Skid-Steer vehicle
  • Vehicles can now dump in water
  • Unstuck can now extract players from ditches, correct invalid positions, added a delay to unstuck
  • Added hewn log, lumber, and stone signs for both standing and hanging.
  • You can no longer consume food when full.
  • Candle Stands no longer require solid ground.
  • Zero and low population plants will now be force spawned into worlds without them.
  • After activating the meteor destruct sequence, removing lasers or generators or otherwise breaking the laser setup will now cancel the destruct sequence.
  • Official integration with is now ready!
  • Server can subscribe to, download, and install mods from
General Server Changes
  • Servers with several thousand world objects should notice fewer cases where world objects seem unresponsive.
  • We are now tracking which world objects need to be saved and saving is distributed over time.
  • Saving during shutdown is much faster.
  • Save all now also saves recent block changes
  • Added proper detection and handling of save-game corruption.
  • If a save is corrupt upon starting, it will restore the most recent backup.
  • If a save is corrupt mid-game, it will delete it and resave everything.
  • Made the server start auto-backups by default.
  • Spaced out backups. Now there are by default 6 made for the last hour, 10 for the last day, -7 for the last week, and up to 100 weekly backups. These numbers are configurable in the backup plugin.
  • Made any server errors that are logged also send to all admins via chat.
  • Fixed a crash when commands cannot be parsed
  • Hid many testing chat commands from players
  • Fixed an exception thrown when a mod overrides PlayerDefaults.GetDefaultSkills to be empty.
  • Show a better stack trace in the tooltip if the tooltip errors out.
  • Blacklisted a few characters from usernames, which caused people not to be able to use chat. Namely '<' and '>'. These will now be automatically replaced with '?' the first time a player signs in to a server.
General Client Changes
  • Now using a borderless window that remains visible when unfocused
  • Improved client performance a bit in areas with lots of world objects
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made you press interact twice when reopening a world object UI.
  • Fixed some client / server prediction desyncs
  • Disabled the unfocused fps limiter, it didn't work properly when vsync was enabled.
  • Users can now copy the log file easily when an error occurs. Log file will also be attached when bugs are reported.
  • Disabled single player new/load buttons for osx & linux.
  • Can no longer toggle off all chat channels
  • Sending an empty chat message once again switches you to that channel without sending a message
  • Made Skills UI Show All toggle not invisibly take up the whole bottom bar.
  • Added confirmation when deleting markers
  • Fixed contract pickers displaying contents wrong, and sometimes excepting

v0.7.3.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Plants overlapping with constructed blocks now get destroyed during initialization.
  • Fixed lasers lagging servers that have lots of world objects.
  • Icons / rewards now assigned correctly on first login
  • Skip windows firewall setup for other operating systems
  • Fixed valid laws getting incorrectly removed on server startup.
  • Fixed the soil sampler incorrectly displaying yield
  • Fixed fertilizers all having the same nutrients
  • Fixed some instances of invisible plants caused by migration
  • Disabled shader warmup in opengl (fixes initial freeze on linux/mac)
  • Fixed some startup crashes related to districts
  • You can now remove districts that are referenced only by failed/repealed laws

v0.7.3.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Clothes can only be swapped in the avatar editor during the first play session
  • Fixed Tree exceptions
  • Fixed Trees overlapping with other plants/things
  • Fixed simulation data not being saved in all cases
  • Fixed underwater plants spawning air pockets on death
  • Fixed old stacks of torches being immovable
  • You no longer lose calories when you try and fail to pick up an object (eg. a chest with too many items)
  • Fixed incorrect 'not authorized' errors on stores.
  • Fixed plants instantly growing during migration
  • Fixed inaccurate /players list
  • Fixed server migrating every restart

v0.7.3.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Localization system first-draft added to the game! Will be expanding it and adding translations into other languages.
  • Added Steam Friend Listing in the server browser
  • Fixed aqueducts not transporting water correctly
  • Fertilizer will now stack
  • Fishing no longer causes ghost fish to (not) appear in your inventory
  • Fish will now bite slightly faster
  • Repairs now scale with the skill required to repair them
  • Tool calorie consumption no longer scales with durability
  • World markers now appear on a list in a Minimap panel.
  • You can now see all markers on the minimap and click them.
  • Added the concept of global markers, which can be set by the server leader and will be displayed to everyone. These can be hidden per-user.
  • 'Add Marker' in the minimap will add to where you're looking at.
  • Updated the string table with more strings, removed some invalid strings.
  • Fixed the fuel supply tab remaining time display not showing up.
  • Prevent stats errors from kicking people / crashing the server (instead they will show an error message in the server console).
  • Fixed some stat related crashes (The "Cannot insert duplicate key in unique index '_id'" ones and the "The given key was not present in the dictionary." ones. Save files that already saw the latter may not be fixed, but new * instances should not happen.)
  • Made the Icebox auth default to 'inherit' instead of 'public', like other storage objects
  • Save config file when selecting 'skill points on action' on a local world
  • Better messaging when /ban fails to find user
  • Fixed a case of carts having the wrong weight
  • Fixed buying/selling multiple of the same item being recorded as only one buy/sell action, for graphs and laws
  • Fixed changing your election speech counting as a 'run for office' action, for graphs and laws
  • Fixed exception when vehicles fall through the world
  • Fixed broken skill tooltips
  • Fixed Excavator / Powered cart moving while no one is driving
  • Fixed Excavator digging while the arm is disabled
  • Excavator has stronger brakes
  • Fixed Fishery occupancy
  • Fixed Stove chimney
  • Adds and fixes functionality to ServerWatcher
  • Meteor Shard can't push physics objects anymore
  • Avatars now put away tools while driving
  • Fixed linux startup stalling during "Compressing"
  • Fixed some people not having their working directory set correctly, which prevented starting up servers
  • Improved error messages when starting new worlds from in game
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking delete on a store listing would get you kicked, which I marked as fixed before, but it is really fixed now!
  • Fixed projects getting stuck at 100% progress without outputting their last item.
  • Made stomach contents tooltip line wrap
  • Change string references to language to enums
  • Update CSV to include language
  • Added a framed glass door
  • Fix translation dropdown indexing
  • Obscure "Gibberish" option
  • Added more options to control target frame rate & vsync
  • Reduced FPS to 10 while game is unfocused
  • Gathering efficiency skills are now a multiplier rather than a flat increase from (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)
  • Gathering efficiency skill cost reduced from (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) to (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)
  • Added new steel lighting solutions: table lamp, ceiling light, and standing lamp.
  • Made /spawnplant case insensitive, and added better messaging for error cases.
  • Replaced the prop backpack with an actual backpack
  • Fixes issues with invalid parameters wrongly getting passed in Chat Commands.
  • Adds ability to reset keybindings to default.
  • Prevents issue where users get deadlocked after assigning keys.
  • Fixes misc. bugs related to above
  • Fixed land animals occasionally getting stuck under water
  • Stopped the toolbar from scrolling while the cursor is shown
  • Prevented an exploit where you could continue dragging and dropping an item stack while walking around
  • Almost certainly fixed dragged item icons getting stuck floating on the screen. Hopefully.
  • Fixed searching on the search and select window before all items have loaded (eg. the store selection window)
  • Fixed an exploit where negative-priced store items would cause you to pay negative tax (thus stealing from the government)
  • At stores, the person spending money on each offer pays taxes for that transaction. Eg. if you sell items at a store, the store owner pays taxes. Conversely, if you buy a negatively priced item at a store, the store owner pays taxes.
  • In store windows, tooltips, and the economy viewer, quantities for 'buying' listings all now show the number of items that the store wants to buy minus the number in its inventory.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to repair the road tool
  • Fixed a bug where the skillpoints bar would get stuck at maximum
  • Fixed a crash caused by multiple people rapidly right clicking on the same stack of items.
  • Fixed a crash caused by picking up a chest with stuff in it.
  • Increased starting skill points from 9 to 12
  • Increased the cost of the first two specializations from (0, 0) to (1, 2)

v0.7.2.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed a common disconnect crash caused by the quadtree
  • Fixed Excavator / Powered cart moving while no one is driving
  • Fixed Excavator digging while the arm is disabled
  • Excavator has stronger brakes
  • Fixed exception when vehicles fall through the world

V0.7.2.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Small client-side tweak to the title screen to fix some black screen issues.

v0.7.2.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed high CPU and lag caused by shooting arrows
  • General server optimizations

v0.7.2.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Miscellaneous fixes working on addressing CPU spikes and lag
  • Blast furnace / Oil refinery should correctly no longer require a room
  • Charred Fish now has the correct efficiency and speed skills associated with it
  • Fixed washboard audio

v0.7.2.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Reverted a last minute bug fix suspected of causing lag

v0.7.2.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Tweaked worldgen to have more "terraced" feel to it
  • Tweaked worldlayer gen to have larger regions of biomes
  • New players now start with the basic tools (previously given through the tutorial) placed in their backpack. The tutorial is updated to direct players there, then to popup tool-specific tutorials when they select them.
  • World objects automatically switch to the "status" tab when they're disabled
  • Added a discord button to the title screen
  • Building is much smoother now and shows an in-world cursor where you are targeting blocks / objects. (can be disabled in advanced settings)
  • Re-enabled stats, with significant performance improvements. Stats can now be disabled manually from the server panel if they continue to be a performance problem.
  • Updated Road and road ramp meshes and textures to function more smoothly with vehicles and buildings.
  • Plastic is no longer a block. If you have any plastic inside stockpiles, it will remain in them, but it should be removed and placed into chests as soon as possible.
  • Objects that affect housing now display it in their tooltips.
  • Exiting vehicles now uses the standard interact keybinding
  • Currencies can now be backed with different items (not just gold)
  • Fixed a bug where picking up mints would cause other mints to have the wrong associated currency
  • Changes the recipe cost of a couple late game research and recipes.
  • Solar Generator cost changed from (1 steel) to (15 steel, 5 servos, 5 circuits)
  • Wind Turbine cost changed from (10 iron) to (20 steel, 10 gearboxes, 10 circuits)
  • Moved the stove recipe from the Factory to the Machine Shop
  • Dead plants now disappear after 24 hours.
  • Plants that die young no longer continue aging to maturity.
  • Player planted plants are now significantly more resistant to natural forces.
  • Tailings in carts will now pollute
  • Fixed the stack sizes for Mortared Stone, Hewn Logs, Bricks, and other block materials
  • Added 8 slots of storage to the shelf, cabinets, icebox, and refrigerator
  • Added acorns (oak seeds) and fir seeds
  • Beans gathering improvements moved from Grassland Gatherer to Forest Forager
  • Added a seed recipe for tomato seeds
  • Birch growth time reduced from 5 to 4
  • Cedar growth time reduced from 5 to 4
  • Tomato growth time reduced from 1 to 0.8
  • Amanita Mushroom growth time reduced from 1 to 0.7
  • Crimini Mushroom growth time reduced from 1 to 0.7
  • Rice growth time reduced from 1 to 0.8
  • Oak growth time increased from 1 to 6
  • Fir growth time increased from 1 to 4
  • Saguaro Cactus growth time increased from 1 to 3
  • Camas growth time increased from 0.2 to 0.8
  • Wheat growth time increased from 0.15 to 0.7
  • Fern growth time increased from 0.2 to 0.6
  • Huckleberry growth time increased from 0.25 to 0.8
  • Beet growth time increased from 0.2 to 0.8
  • Corn growth time increased from 0.15 to 0.8
  • Fireweed growth time increased from 0.2 to 0.6
  • Creosote Bush growth time increased from 0.25 to 0.6
  • Sagebrush growth time increased from 0.25 to 0.6
  • PricklyPear growth time increased from 0.2 to 0.7
  • Beans growth time increased from 0.2 to 0.8
  • Fishing skill max level reduced from 5 to 4
  • Fishing skill cost reduced from (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) to (1, 2, 2, 3)
  • Fish cleaning moved from butchery to fishing, including two new skills under fishing
  • Clams can now be harvested for clams
  • Urchins can now be harvested for urchins
  • Kelp can now be harvested for kelp
  • Fishery has three new recipes: shuck clams, clean urchins, and shred kelp
  • Charred Fish recipe was moved from Campfire Creations to Campfire Cooking
  • Freshly generated worlds have a little special something hidden somewhere probably maybe
  • Simplified client mod building so you just need to select a save location for the built bundle.
  • Added a server option to continuously scan for unity bundle changes for faster client-side mod iteration times. (just save & reconnect to test in game)
  • WorldObjects now automatically set animation controller parameters, see ModKit wiki[] for details.
  • Added scripts to modkit
  • MaterialEvents - use in conjunction with unityevents to animate material properties
  • iTween Visual Editor - flexible tweening for animating movment / properties
  • EcoLight - make lights that play well with Global illumination.
  • SyncPhysics - keeps physics in sync (makes custom rubble & vehicles possible)
  • Cleaned up the wiki a bit and added an in-depth getting started tutorial[] covering the complete process of creating a client-object mod
  • A large amount of performance changes were done that will allow the server to handle considerably more players concurrently than before. Our stress test had close to 70 players on a 16km² server at once!
  • Optimized object relevancy check by finally adding that spatial partition we've put off forever.
  • Optimized the connect-to-server process of the client
  • Claiming property no longer causes stalls for all clients
  • Minimap updates are now much more efficient (helps increase players per server limit). On larger worlds, the minimap may take some time to load in fully.
  • Optimized some of the animal simulation code, removed some concurrency issues that caused animals to sometimes just stand in place
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from seeing changes made in a store until they logged out and back in.
  • Fixed ‘Items In Container’ contracts not saving list of items.
  • Fixed inserting items via right-click not counting for contracts.
  • Fixed display of items left to place in world markers for contracts.
  • Fixed Contracts to properly handle temporary, limited authorization on objects (you can put bricks into a container you don’t own if you have a contract allowing it, but you can’t remove them).
  • Fixed currency exchanges working despite bad room requirements.
  • Fixed currency exchanges failing if you try to use default currencies.
  • Fixed currency exchanges letting non-authed users mess with the lists.
  • Fixed issue where server search got out of sync with the displayed search string
  • Blast furnaces can now be placed outside
  • Fixed a web API exploit, allowing anyone to set server config remotely.
  • Sadly, "/unstuck" while driving will no longer do awesome things
  • Fixed silly avatars when destroying a cart someone else is driving
  • Replace stockpile exception with a warning if the world<->inventory sync fails, instead of crashing the server
  • Fix float parsing which has issues in other cultures and caused misc weird issues, including some "connection failed"
  • Fixed occupancy for solar generator, stove, repair station, stove, washboard, couch, padded chair, and washing machine
  • Fixed missing art for washboard and washing machine objects
  • Blocks that don't stick to walls will now fall immediately (fixes phantom blocks when falling across chunk borders)
  • Object spawning is now synchronized to prevent weird physics collisions that often sent objects flying
  • Fixed cut trees occasionally floating w/o gravity
  • Players no longer get stuck when stockpiles change or blocks are placed where they are standing
  • Vehicles, rubble and trees should fall through the world much less frequently
  • Vehicle acceleration has been clamped so launching vehicles should be much more difficult
  • Dev Tool can now target more things
  • Display full stack traces in the disconnection dialog when disconnected due to an exception. This will make reported bugs much easier to fix.
  • Fixed a typo in a chat command name ('exeptional' -> 'exceptional')
  • Fixed some more moderately rare chunk build exceptions
  • Fixed a bug where the fish caught would sometimes not seem to be added to your inventory
  • Fixed being unable to move after exiting a text box using 'Escape'
  • Fixed a server crash related to leveling up skills (A concurrency problem)
  • Show better error messages when there is a problem with our auth servers
  • Fixes preventing the 'Play' action with a law - Instead of crashing the server, it will now kick the player with an explanatory message.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Linux server from running as a background process
  • Can no longer propose new districts with unnamed districts or districts with the same name. Servers stuck with districts with the same name should be able to redefine them to have unique names now.
  • Fixed redefining districts being incorrectly prevented due to editing a district that is referenced by another law
  • Fixed existing law text not getting updated when districts are renamed
  • Fixed a server crash from air pollution emitting objects, which was due to threading problems
  • Fixed a server crash that happened when double clicking 'x' on a store listing
  • Fixed a login problem that may have caused users to log in as someone else
  • On object windows, the 'Status' tab is now hidden if there is nothing on it
  • On object windows, the 'Storage' tab shows an 'empty' message if there is no linked storage on it, rather than just being empty
  • Each time you open an object window, the first tab is shown, regardless of what tab you had open when you last closed it - Unless the object is disabled, in which case the 'Status' tab is shown.

v0.7.1.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed an exploit that could be used to login as other users
  • Some improvements to how error messages from connection failures are displayed
  • Added some usability improvements to server browser

v0.7.1.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed occupancy for Waterwheels
  • Fixed wall forms not connecting to doors properly
  • Fixed some errors that could cause disconnects for users with multiple characters on a server (due to prior accounts bug). (fixed ShouldSelectUser bug)
  • Allowed setting backup periods smaller than one hour

v0.7.1.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Temporarily disabled the tracking of actions in an effort to improve server performance. Population stats, and laws that rely on checking action counts will temporarily not function (such as limiting tree chopping, or the species population stats on connect)
  • Fixed some issues with nutrients from farming not being calculated correctly (fertilizers)
  • Added more information to the soil sampler

v0.7.0.8[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • When logging on to a server where you have two characters, the character that you do not choose is no longer deleted. If you were burdened with the duplicate character bug, you now have two characters on that server. :)
  • Whitelisting a user using the whitelist chat command no longer blacklists that user.
  • Making a user an admin using the admin chat command no longer blacklists that user.
  • Removing admin status from a user with the RemoveAdmin chat command no longer blacklists that user.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a duplicate character with property or contracts would crash the server.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a duplicate character did not actually delete the duplicate character permanently.

v0.7.0.7[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed issues when more than one steam-only user connects to the same server.
  • Massively sped up the time it takes to detect tailings during server startup.
  • Fixed an issue with contracts serialization.
  • Additional auth fixes for single player client-launched servers
  • Fix weird things like rooms breaking and dirt appearing out of nowhere. This bug was introduced in 7.0.6 (or for servers who tried the early preview of the performance fixes included in 7.0.6)

v0.7.0.6[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed some issues when playing on a linked steam and slg account
  • Added a recovery path for players with multiple users on a server due to account linking problems. After re-linking your accounts, you will see a popup asking you which user to play with the first time you join your server. The other user will be permanently deleted. Steam linking will be re-enabled on the accounts page separately (but very soon!)
  • Change admin commands to set admin/banned/whitelisted users by userid (steam OR slg) or username (if they are online)
  • Attempted fix to an issue where some players behind routers with an incorrect UPnP implementation could not connect to their own local servers when NAT detection was on.
  • Fixed an issue with migration that caused world migrations that werent actually needed with every server restart.
  • Changed how the server performs background simulation work to reduce performance impact on players on the server
  • Various optimizations to serverside performance
  • Fix occupancy on the standing torch (it can no longer be placed inside walls or other objects)
  • Local games now save more reliably when exiting
  • Server will save and exit if you type "exit" in the console
  • Added support for mods to control the logic for determining if a user can run a command. (contributed by @Pradoxzon)
  • Fixed a bug where skillpoints were incorrectly displayed upon relogging
  • Increased skillpoint gain in single player (no collaboration) from x1 to x24
  • Added a bar to display progress towards the next skillpoint
  • Added an option to grant a small amount of skillpoints on the completion of work orders (recommended for single player only)
  • Fixed inventory synchronization when rapidly placing blocks
  • Fixed an issue with the tailings cache that could cause inordinate amounts of pollution to be spread.
  • Road Tool repair skill changed from Wood Construction to Road Construction
  • Plant Fiber weight changed from 0.1 to 0.01
  • Skillpoint cost of T0 efficiency skills reduced from (1, 2, 5, 10, 15) to (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Standing Torch fuel consumption drastically lowered, should now last approximate 4 times longer per torch
  • Tallow Lamps can now be toggled on and off

v0.7.0.5[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Allow players already connected to a server to keep playing if the auth server dies
  • Fixed occupancy for the Refrigerator and Icebox objects.
  • Fixed occupancy for the Farmer's Table, Waterwheel, and Currency Exchange.
  • Fixed that the Kiln required a Tier 2 room despite being required for all Tier 2 room materials
  • Lowered the room requirements for almost all housing objects to a more reasonable level
  • Fixed not being refunded enough points when abandoning a specialty
  • Confirm popup for abandoning a specialty now shows how many points you will be refunded
  • Fixed the missing ingredients list for in progress crafting projects showing incorrect information

v0.7.0.4[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Attempted fix for some users seeing black title screen
  • Some errors when trying to launch a local server game (via new game / load game option)
  • Fix steam users not being able to propose/vote on laws
  • General server performance tweaks for servers with larger #s of players

Carpentry Table

  • Hewn Log cost reduced from 4 logs to 2 logs


  • Hewn Log cost reduced from 4 logs to 2 logs
  • Hewn Log crafting time reduced from 0.3 to 0.2

Large Butchery

  • Skill Requirements for all Large Butchery was reduced by 1
  • Changed skill cost to T1 unlock costs (1/2/2/3) from (6/8/10/12)
  • Lowered maximum level from 4 to 3.

Small Butchery

  • Lowered maximum level from 4 to 3.
  • Specialty costs reduced from (0, 5, 20, 100, 250, 500, 800) to (0, 0, 5, 15, 50, 100, 300, 500)
  • Birch Seed drop rate increased from 0.1 to 0.3
  • Cedar Seed drop rate increased from 0.1 to 0.3
  • Sprinting calorie consumption reduced from 0.125 to 0.05
  • Hare health lowered from 1.2 to 1.0

v0.7.0.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Improved performance of the simulation tick to reduce lag
  • Fixed userid checks for admins and blacklist not working correctly for some users
  • Fixed currency selection dropdown. For real this time - I promise.
  • Adjusted tree debris & how the trampled area it creates persists
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed steel windows were not obtainable
  • Fixed steam users not being able to create or vote on laws
  • Removed construction efficiency skills that currently do nothing
  • Removed extraneous skillbooks for specializations that start out unlocked
  • Added descriptions to all food, items, and world objects that were previously missing them.
  • Reduced the cost of smaller rugs.
  • Fixed Mortared Stone blocks that were left over
  • Fixed some crashes when placing objects
  • Fixed crashes when sending an empty PM
  • Fixed some skills becoming inaccessible when migrating an old save
  • Fixed Latrine, Icebox, and some other world objects
  • Fixed oil barrel art

v0.7.0.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed issue with rooms not being saved, which would would cause manually needing to refresh rooms after a server restart (removing/adding a block of the wall)
  • Fixed some account login issues

v0.7.0.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed 3rd person cart pulling animation.
  • Fixed the selection of the currency selector dropdown on stores being off by one.
  • Fixed small error in /Admin command
  • Fixed problems with migrating saves from the previous version
  • Fixed the server password being impossible to edit
  • User accounts are now banned/whitelisted/admin based on their steam id for steam-only users, or their slg id for linked accounts.

Note: The server Whitelist, Blacklist, and Admin list are now done by ID, so you may need to update your entries in the list.

  • /whoami - Will show you your current ID
  • /whois - Will show the ID of another player, if you are an admin
  • Fix wheat not spawning in some worlds
  • Added new housing objects (couch, padded seat, washing board, washing machine)
  • Added standing torch.
  • Added a chat command, /regenlayer, that regenerates a world layer to the state it'd be in if the world were newly generated. Use it to restore wheat to a world that regenerated with no wheat.
  • Increase density of beans in new worlds; you can regenerate your beans population instantly with /regenlayer beans, or wait for them to increase naturally.
  • Fixed steam login issues
  • Fixed web page issues from login via steam
  • Fixed player stacking when multiple players are editing avatars for the first time

v0.7.0.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

Feature Highlights


Using the laws system, you can now define districts for your world. Once one or more districts have been defined, you can pass laws that reference these districts, for example that only apply inside a certain district - or that only apply outside of it.


World generation has been tweaked and balanced, in order to generate a better balance of biomes.

Optimized simulation code, in order to speed up world generation and simulation ticks.


The behavior and simulation of plants has been redone in order to be both more simple and more realistic. Plant populations are more dynamic, and can migrate and out-compete one another as the environment changes. Soil nutrients are easier to understand, and can be tuned with a variety of fertilizers.

Farmed plants are now treated no differently than wild plants; they will flourish in appropriate environments, wither and die in inappropriate ones, can spread to nearby areas and can be out-competed by other plants. You will need to pick a good spot to farm - or carefully manage soil moisture and soil nutrients - in order to succeed.

Finally, with the new Cause and Effect page (accessible from the server website), interactions between plants and their environments can be explored and understood, in order to get better results with farming and controlling plant populations in the wild.


Several new species were added to the game (Note: requires generating a new world).

  • Fir and Oak trees
  • Saguaro Cactus
  • Rice
  • Desert Tortoise


You can now specify a password required to connect to a server.

Whitelisted users are exempt from needing to enter a password.

This removes the prior "Private Server" setting


Tutorials now give a base set of items, rather than specialties. (Skipping tutorials will give you all the starter items) Some specialties will award an improved initial tool instead.

New tutorial content has been added, and existing content has been rearranged and improved.


Updated the HUD with new art, including the nutrition and housing displays, the toolbar, the action bar, and the time of day display.


Initial support for downloading and installing mods via

More support to come here soon after beta release, stay tuned

Other Changes
  • Added automatic windows firewall rule settings for the web server ports.
  • Added brightness option
  • World layers can be viewed in-world by selecting a layer in the minimap and checking the "Show In World" toggle
  • World layers are now displayed with a colorblind friendly gradient
  • Polished the world object UI panel graphics
  • Plant nutrients and fertilizer have been redesigned and simplified
  • Nutrients are now consumed and produced by the ecosystem in a cycle, instead of being a static capacity-based constraint on the ecosystem
    • Plants consume nutrients as they mature, and return those nutrients to the soil when they die
    • Only half of the nutrients are returned from plants killed or harvested by direct player action
    • Fertilizer adds nutrients to the cycle, thus restoring the ecosystem
    • The nutrient cycle and plant maturity changes support the Cause & Effect UI
  • Plant maturation mechanics are adjusted to be simpler and to work well with the new nutrient behaviour
    • Plants age at a constant rate independently of the properties of the local environment
    • Plants consume more nutrients, and produce proportionally more yield, if they are raised in a nutrient-rich environment
    • Plants are less effective at taking up nutrients if they are in an inhospitable environment (poor temperature or moisture match or high pollution levels) and therefore have lower yields
    • You can see the potential yield of each species in its corresponding PotentialYield layer
  • Plant population growth mechanics are redesigned to be simpler, more directly related to the behaviour of real plants and to work with the new nutrient mechanics
    • Plant reproduction is constrained by nutrient availability
      • The more nutrients are available, the more rapidly they will reproduce, up to a maximum intrinsic reproduction rate.
      • If there are very few nutrients available, plants will slowly start to die; the fewer nutrients, the faster they’ll die, up to a maximum intrinsic death rate.
      • Plants require greater nutrient availability to survive and reproduce if they are raised in an inhospitable * environment (poor temperature or moisture match or high pollution levels)
    • Plant reproduction is constrained by available empty space
      • There are three kinds of empty space - canopy space, shrub space, and fertile ground. Trees consume canopy space and fertile ground, farmable plants the last two, and grasses only occupy fertile ground.
      • The more empty space there is, the more rapidly plants will reproduce, up to a maximum intrinsic growth rate if there is no competition for space
      • In inhospitable environments (poor temperature or moisture match or high pollution levels), plants require extra empty space to survive and reproduce.
      • If more space is consumed than is available - for example, if a farm is planted too densely and the plants are crowding one another - the plants will slowly start to die. The more overcrowded they are, the faster they will die.
    • Only the tightest constraint limits plant reproduction - for example, if there is very little nitrogen available, plants will grow at the same slow rate no matter how much empty space there is.
    • Different species have different requirements for empty space and nutrient availability, different intrinsic growth and death rates, and different temperature, moisture, and pollution tolerances.
    • As a rule of thumb, intrinsic growth and death rates are tuned so that in perfect conditions the plant population in an area will double in 24 hours, and in completely inhospitable conditions the plant population will halve in 24 hours.
    • Plant reproduction supports the Cause & Effect UI
  • Added the world layers: OccupiedFertileGround, OccupiedShrubSpace, and OccupiedCanopySpace, which record the amount of each kind of space that's currently occupied by plants in the area.
  • Fixed empty tooltips appearing over empty item slots
  • When you right click to add food to a crafting project, you will no longer also eat one
  • Fixed a null reference exception in the inventory system
  • Added ability to change screen resolution at runtime
  • Added ability to toggle fullscreen mode at runtime
  • Allowed unlearning specialties that give you items. Only gives you items the first time.
  • New art & design for the HUD
  • Power type is now displayed on the Power tab for all objects that produce or consume power
  • Fixed some things not being saved when the server's save menu option was clicked
  • Allowed reporting a bug from the title screen
  • Added a report a bug button to the title screen error popup
  • Avatar creation occurs in-world
  • Improved network performance (faster chunk loading, more consistent physics / avatar syncing!)
  • Redid Meteor impact sequence:
    • Meteor enters atmosphere, starts to burn
    • When it contacts ground, triggers a huge explosion + 30 meter radius crater
    • Atmosphere begins to cloud with debris, becomes fully overcast in a few minutes
    • Meteor chunks ejected from the blast begin raining down, creating craters from 2-10m radius
    • These meteor chunks number 1 per 250 square meters of world area (4000 on a 100x100) and rain down once every .2 seconds (13 minutes on a 100x100)
    • High pollution emanates from the crater positions
    • Temperature drops 20 degrees across the globe
  • Fixed bug that made dismounting vehicles difficult
  • Fixed players teleporting to surface on login
  • Removed the default Unity launcher dialog.
  • Fixed 100% GPU usage in title scene
  • Added error message when failing to collect output of a project
  • Fixed getting kicked with an error message when trying to repair some tools
  • Fixed the Repair Station's requirements text sometimes not updating
  • Optimized world layer tick time when checking for tailings in the world.
  • DevTool now places forms like a Hammer
  • Can now select property for contracts.
  • Can now split up property easily with buttons on the deed or the minimap panel which spawn new deeds.
  • Fixed several contracts bugs
  • Fixed the red highlight on crafting ingredients that shows when you don't have enough
  • Removed the delay between law related actions (such as proposing or voting on a law) and others seeing that in their laws window
  • Fixed a duplicated message in the nutrition pie tooltip
  • Sped up server startup by skipping some unnecessary work ticking world layers.
  • Made tooltips for Professions and Specializations in the skills window appear off to the side instead of to the top or bottom (which blocked important parts of the window)
  • Fixed targeting and interaction of objects within stockpiles, such as fallen trees or rubble.
  • Fixed duplicated vehicle inventories showing on the storage tab
  • Removed buy listings where the store is already over 'max to buy' from store tooltips
  • Significantly reduced specialty costs
  • Added a configurable hotkey for opening the skill window
  • Made the control popups display the correct key when rebound
  • Changed error messages, if a disconnect message was expected, the "report a bug" and "copy to clipboard" * buttons are hidden.
  • Contracts can now have repetitions set by the client.
  • Fixed permissions not being granted on build room and road clauses.
  • Capped players at 10 accepted contracts at once.
  • Changed building materials allowed to no longer allow raw logs and stone.
  • Made build road accept only materials marked for roads.
  • Construction posts can be specified for jobs if they are on public property, if you are the creator of them.
  • Hunting animations are now visible on other players
  • Arrows remain in animals/objects for a while
  • Replaced hunting crosshair with a trajectory prediction line
  • Further optimized world layer tick time when checking for tailings in the world.
  • Removed avatar button from action bar. Moved avatar clothing inventory into the backpack. Moved ping indicator into the escape menu
  • Added a 'third person' toggle in the avatar drawer in the backpack
  • Saved the state of avatar drawer, minimap filter drawer, and skills 'show all' option in player prefs
  • Added some wolf whisperer reward items
  • Reward items are now automatically given when entering a server for the first time.
  • Road tool can now be used on tilled soil
  • Fixed tooltips appearing while dragging other items
  • Fixed crashes related to equipping clothing
  • You can now configure the controls for selecting hammer constructs
  • Added scripts to modkit that allow for more interesting mod interactions
  • Added NAT detection for local hosted servers. When enabled (enabled by default), it will search for a UPnP device and add proper port-forwarding for that device, to allow easier connecting by outside clients. This makes it easier to join friends servers without needing to forward or open ports in most instances.
  • Avatars now sit in or pull vehicles more realistically
  • Added support for the "Invite to Game" and "Join Game" features when running in Steam.
  • Fixed bug when eating and placing carried items at the same time
  • Fixed bow damage
  • Fixes some annoying occupancy bugs
  • Fixes min/max value bugs in chatcommands
  • Tweaked default world generation settings such that they are more acceptable for smaller groups of players (~10 or so). Larger server operators are still encouraged to use larger values.
  • Fixed occasional gaps in tree trunks
  • Player icons tinted red on minimap to improve visibility
  • Added the following useful admin commands
    • /kick [user] [reason] - kicks user
    • /ban [user] [reason] - kicks the user, and adds them to the blacklist
    • /whitelist [user] - whitelists a user
    • /admin [user] - grants admin to a user
    • /removeadmin [user] - removes admin permissions from a user (if they have it)
  • Starting a new world will automatically make you an admin.
  • Added a 'showserver' launch option, starting the client with this will cause the server console window to be visible if you start a new world.
  • Can now pass an admin to the server with a command line, -admin=name
  • Fixed some parts of the ugly Escape Menu UI
    • Moved Resolution dropdown to a sensible location.
  • Fixed several scrollbars
  • Added ability to authorize using your steam account, rather than requiring an slg one.
  • Fixed some bugs with resolution/fullscreen switching
  • Hat color is now saved
  • Re-enabled pollution, sea level rising, and etc.
  • Fixed tutorial bugs
  • Improved OpenGL shader pre-loading
  • Fixed a variety of audio bugs.
  • Added /warn admin command
  • Sorter the YieldPotential world layers for each species to the bottom of the list, and hid the Growth world layers for each species completely
  • Added /skillrate to view or change the global skill rate multiplier for the server.
  • Fixed some errors with special characters in names (such as deed or currency names) when used with laws.
  • Fixed a minor issue with setting resolution
  • Tweaedk player audio settings
  • Fixed admin fly mode
  • Added a second pie displaying your different room values.
  • Fixed a problem where if you exited a server before saving your avatar, when you re-entered the ui would be invisible
  • Made the action bar prettier
  • Faster world creation!
  • Fixed an invisible error occurring when attempting to create a new world with the same name as an existing world.
  • Added in-game shortcuts for a few server configuration options when creating a new world
  • Redid habitability information in the soil sampler to match the new mechanics.
  • Removed the option to set store currency to null (this caused crashes)
  • Fixed deeds given with /give (these caused crashes)
  • Added a item weight summary display on the backpack tooltip.
  • Added a server setting so admins can specify an exact spawn location for new players
Versions: - Alpha 6 and Earlier

Alpha 6[edit | edit source]

v0.6.4.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fixed some objects causing exceptions and disconnecting clients (TownHall, RollingMill)
  • Fixed not being able to get tier 3 blocks without tailoring

v0.6.4.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Fix some migration crashes from 6.3.1 involving point of interest components
  • Fix some player action managers that were configured wrong, which prevented the default citizenship law from functioning
  • Fixed not being able to sell skill scrolls in stores
  • New players now receive a small set of tools on login, useful for performing most basic tasks in the early game
  • Fixed a variety of chunk mesh building issues
  • Fixed issue with some crafting tables requiring modules, such as Saw Mills requiring Saw Mills
  • Fixed bug that caused issues migrating some saves with economy objects (currencies and contracts)
  • Fixed some objects not being highlightable and removable with the hammer, such as chairs and tables
  • Fixed placing rubble on walls creating the wrong blocks

v0.6.4.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


New Features

  • Replaced the character controller
  • Character no longer slips and slides around walls in confined spaces.
  • The new controller is more responsive, should feel better when moving around in precarious situations like building the walls and roofs of buildings.
  • Character climbs stairs without requiring jumping.
  • Character no longer slides off of steep slopes, like roofs.
  • Improved the tutorial
  • Added a Controls popup that tells you how to interact with things in the world when you look at them for 1 second. Shows what each mouse button and ‘E’ key do.
  • Added initial support for playing on local worlds. Note: Initially this is a PC only feature, we will be looking at adding support for this on OSX and Linux in the future.
  • You can create and load worlds locally, and play without needing to setup your own server - it does most of the legwork for you.
  • Added a ‘Continue’ option, which will remember the last server you joined or world you loaded. One click gets you back into the game!

Revised skills

  • Introduced the concept of ‘Specialties’, which are branches of the skill tree that require research
  • Restructured the skill tree to place all Specialties at the root
  • Reorganized the skills window to be easier to navigate
  • Simplified skill costs

Avatar improvements

  • Player avatars now have more accurate foot placement and new animations including running, jumping and swimming.
  • Torches can now be seen when carried by other players
  • Updated water art!
  • Improved the end game win sequence.
  • Changed the way the Laser works: it now destroys the meteor 30 seconds after activating. Since this removes the 9 hour charging time, it instead requires double power.
  • Animated the lasers to turn to their target
  • Made the meteor easier to spot, fixed issues where the meteor was impossible to see.
  • Improved hammer functionality(edited)
  • Changed the units of the AirPollutionSource and AirPollutionSpread world layers from tons of pollution per 16 square meters to tons of pollution per square meter.
  • Made /help sort and categorize the displayed chat commands.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug where laws and government were not saved when hitting save in the server GUI
  • Added /dumpcarried command
  • Fixed room requirements for the Repair Station
  • Reduced stutter due to garbage collection
  • Added admin commands /setreputation and /setreputationrelative
  • Fixes phantom items in inventory
  • Fix bug where the Cause & Effect API would fail when inspecting layer relationships in an area that isn't aligned with the world origin
  • Fix some number formatting issues in Cause & Effect
  • Fixes a lot of issues when holding logs with shovel, or rubble with pickaxe, etc.
  • Fixes some items not appearing in store selection window, including coal and certain seeds.
  • If world layers changed dirt in stockpiles to other types, such as grass or desert sand, the stockpile used to lose the dirt item associated with it. Fixes that.
  • Fixed a server crash when claiming property with a deed crafted at a workbench
  • Removed Stone Roof (migrated to mortared stone roof in a previous release)
  • Fixes some server crashes related to crafting projects
  • Fixed problems with tooltips that were too tall for the screen
  • Fixed problems with tooltips closing even while still being hovered over
  • Added tooltips to items showing which skill gives that item, if any
  • Fixed not being able to walk after opening the advanced settings in the escape menu.
  • Fixed protection on fuel supplies that prevents unauthorized players from removing fuel from them
  • Fixed rubble placement against walls
  • Fixed occasional crashes when performing trades

Source 1 Source 2

v0.6.3.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

* Fixed issue with stoneroofblocks
  • Capped housing SP/day to a max value (50 by default) as a temp fix before more housing balance can occur

v0.6.3.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Lag-free building & digging
  • Fixed temporary holes in terrain when digging near chunk edges
  • Web map renders more efficiently, uses minimal resources when idle
  • New Avatar Art & animations! More enhancements coming in 6.4!
  • Report a bug window
  • New hammer building! You can shape raw materials such as logs or stone into various blocks with the use of the hammer, no need to craft into specific materials anymore.
  • Added ability to remap most controls
  • Added plant pots

v0.6.2.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


World Markers

You can now place markers in the world to keep track of important locations. Markers display with an arrow on the HUD, making navigation between points that much easier.

  • Drop one by clicking the button on the mini-map panel, or typing ‘/mark’
  • Clicking on coordinates in descriptions and tool-tips will drop a marker at that point.
  • Contracts will mark the places you need to do work with world markers.

Lag-Free Interactions

  • Moved most of the interaction code from server to client. As a result of this, Players should notice snappier interactions.

Player Housing Objects

  • Started adding in objects that grant players benefits via the new Player Housing system, like beds and rugs.

Improved ModKit Chat Commands

New chat command system to improve usability and modability.

  • Commands like ‘/help’ and ‘/?’ now list all usable commands, along with their descriptions and syntax.
  • You can read more about their use in the documentation here.

Avatar Creation

Made improvements to the avatar creation menu.

  • You can now recolor your backpack.
  • Add option to toggle between walking and idle animations.
  • Add ability to cancel changes.


v0.6.1.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

* Hotfix resolving server performance issue

v0.6.1.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

* 2 hotfixes

v0.6.1.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


Player Housing

New to 6.1 is Player Housing, which will be the second way (next to food) to earn skill points. The better furnished your house is with the more variety of rooms, the faster you’ll gain skill points.

Adding furniture of matching categories to a room (ie bathroom, living room, bedroom) will provide a room bonus to the property owner, and having multiple rooms of various types will apply a ‘balanced house multiplier’.

The goal of this feature is to put more individual incentive into the game, increasing the quality and size of your house in order to increase your skills. Important to the group, yes, but it can easily get out of hand, and finding a balance of resources put towards individual needs vs. the needs of the group will play a big role.

With 6.1 we’ve added the basic system to try out, still in the works are a whole slew of housing objects to add, which will arrive in 6.2. Let us know your feedback.

Improved Controls

  • Holding shift allows you to sprint, at the cost of additional calories. If you have zero calories, you can’t sprint.
  • Holding control allows you to move slowly. Doing so also prevents you from falling off of ledges.
  • Diving below the surface of water now requires calories. Swim underwater by holding control. If you have no calories, you can only swim on the surface.
  • Fixes

Over 375 issues fixed since 6.0.3. (!)


v0.6.0.3[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • Some memory usage optimizations
  • Fixed some contract clauses; added "Mow lawn" and "Remove tree debris" clauses
  • Some optimizations to collider generation
  • New/Improved art for mortared stone walls, floors, and roofs

v0.6.0.2[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

* Disabled the sea level rise and temperature (global warming) simulation

v0.6.0.1[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

No changelog

v0.6.0.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



Updating from alpha 5.6.X:

  • Migration is supported from the prior version, however there are some item changes that will result in deleted blocks or missing items. Some of the new biomes will also not exist in prior worlds, such as the wetlands biome. It is recommended to start a fresh world.


Mining mechanics have been revised:

  • When mining stone and ore, the resource will break into smaller chunks, which can then be collected by hand. Mining resources can be stacked in multiples of 4, both into stockpiles or on any flat terrain, before being processed into other materials.



  • Many items will degrade in effectiveness as they are used. Items that are more broken become more difficult to use, consuming your calories faster.

Added repair stations:

  • Players can use repair stations to improve item durability. Resourceful players may specialize in tool repair and buy and sell items to repair.

More tools:

  • Not all tools are created equal. Progressing through the game gives you access to better technology to craft superior tools. Better tools degrade slower and use less calories.

Programmable Laws

  • The new law system introduces a new way to construct laws for your Eco worlds. Build laws composed of many different conditional statements and effects, with a simple drop-down based interface.
  • Pass laws that restrict many player actions, such as voting, placing blocks, gaining skills, talking in certain chat channels, as well as the original harvesting plants and animals and crafting items.
  • Compose complex conditions on when to restrict actions, using parameters such as what property the player is on, what their skill levels are, and how often they have performed a certain action.
  • In addition to preventing actions completely, you can now tax certain actions, or even subsidize them by allocating money from the government treasury.


  • Animals move more intelligently, are more difficult to trap and can be found in more realistic locations.
  • New plant species: Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Buttonbush, Salal, Waterweed, Kelp, Rice, Pitcher plants.
  • New animal species: Trout, Salmon, Tuna, Clams, Urchins.
  • Added wetlands biome: Find mushrooms and other exotic plants within the wetlands biome. (Requires newly generated world)
  • Added ocean biome: Waterweed, kelp, clams, urchins and fish are now spawned within the ocean biome.
  • Deforestation: Felling trees now produces tree debris. This material is a nuisance to remove and inhibits the growth of other species within the area.
  • Fishing: Fish are now able to be caught and used as a resource, both with the fishing pole or fishing traps.


  • Contracts
    • Contracts are created and posted at a Contract Board.
    • You can set a variety of clauses on a contract, combining various ones to describe many kinds of jobs.
    • Players accepting a contract will be given specific auth to do the work (ie, the Clean Tree Debris job will only allow them to remove debris, nothing else, on a property).
    • Added a ‘Custom Clause’ that allows you to specify in words what you want done, which then will have to be reviewed by the client before accepting it.
      • Clauses:
      • Remove Tree Stumps and Debris
      • Transport
      • Put Items In Container
      • Build Room
      • Build Road
      • Add/Remove Blocks
      • Payment
      • Custom Clause
      • Reputation Limiter
      • Receive Permissions
      • Nested Clause
  • Reputation
    • Players can give and receive reputation to one another, up to 10 points per day.
    • Player names will highlight different colors based on whether their reputation is good or bad.
    • Reputation from multiple people is weighted higher than reputation from fewer.
    • Contracts can be blocked based on reputation
    • Reputation is set by clicking the ‘reputation’ link in the player tooltip.
  • Player Objectives
    • A new dialog displaying the objective of each player is added. Use this to convey to others the projects you’re working on, and how they can help provide or sell you what you need.

The leader of the server can set the World Status, which will be displayed in the server browser.

  • Player Credit
    • Every player has an associated credit currency named after them. This allows players to begin participating in the economy immediately, doing things like charging a fee on their craft table which players acquire credit for by selling to their store, which uses the same credit.
    • Players have infinite credit of their own type, and can give out freely with the /pay command.
    • Mints create ‘backed’ currency, which no one has an infinite supply of, thus making is much more stable as it requires resources to create more.
    • Added a Currency Exchange object, which allows players to passively sell/buy currency of any kind, transferring between currencies.


  • Added skill options to the server, allowing different levels of skill cost inflation (flat and percentage) and limits on levels.
  • Added an option to allow unlearning skills.
  • Reworked skill costs and gains to be more consistent over the course of the game.


  • Various rendering tweaks and adjustments to improve rendering performance
  • Overhauled inventory system to improve general server performance
  • Various Minimap performance improvements


Alpha 5[edit | edit source]

v0.5.0.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:

  • New climate and ecosystem model, tracking ground and air pollution, global temperature from CO2 released, sea levels rising, deforestation impacts, biomes that change, dynamic irrigation, and much more.
  • Avatar creation and customization, with clothing as a new item type.
  • Added turkeys, bison, and foxes to the ecosystems.
  • New web browser map visualization; Can view most aspects of the world, such as populations of various species and pollution levels as they change over time. View animations of global temperature rising, or any statistic changing. Use it to propose arguments in the law system
  • Power system, both burning fuel for campfires or generating electricity from a generator and power grid.
  • Significant tech-tree work: new skills and crafting items
  • Tons of polish, bug fixes, and other small features.


Alpha 4[edit | edit source]

v0.4.0.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:


New features

  • Vehicles
  • Power system
  • Spherical minimap
  • New art style
  • Logging system
  • New building system
  • New food system
  • New property system
  • Elections
  • Taxes
  • Server browser


Alpha 3 and earlier[edit | edit source]

v0.3.0.0[edit | edit source]

Release Date:



  • Ecosystem balance. Animals no longer are completely dead before the end of day 2.
  • First pass at skills 2.0. Skill points are now earned over time and then spent on skills at the choice of the player. This system is still being balanced, so values are expected to change significantly in the future. There will be skill trees for each skill in Alpha 4, for now each skill just has one skill in its tree.
  • Added Invert-Y mouse option
  • Add more info to server API api/v1/info
  • Added signs you can craft to display messages.
  • Server now runs on Linux.


  • Server memory usage optimizations
  • Big Stack bug StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues#30
  • Fixed Items disappear from backpack StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues#31
  • New player movement controller. This removes wall climbing, so be careful when wandering around the world now as it is more difficult.
  • Numerous other fixes. Check public bug list for current open issues.