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A unique biome characterized by a saturation of the soil with fresh or brackish water.
Can have lakes?: Yes
Elevation: 2 - 30
Temperature: 6 - 14 °C
Moisture: 60 - 80

A Wetland biome is an environment covered with mushrooms and thick foliage (albeit devoid of any trees), primarily Buttonbush. It has a very high temperature, similar to the Desert, and a very high moisture content. It has limited agricultural use, yielding mostly Beans, Rice, Pumpkins, Cotton and mushrooms of most if not all varieties.

The geology consists of Coal and soft Shale, both quick to mine and valuable to Miners, and other professions. Digging roughly 8 blocks under the surface is almost guaranteed to find Coal.

On the world map, it appears as a dark, turquoise landscape. Wetlands tiles texture have an appearance of watery/swampy grass.

Plants[edit | edit source]

Grasses & Bushes[edit | edit source]

Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals[edit | edit source]

Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

Trees[edit | edit source]

There are no trees in this biome

Animals[edit | edit source]

Geology[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Despite having a very limited crop output, a Farmer may wish to make their home within or near a Wetlands biome, in order to have easier access to Beans, Pumpkins, Rice and Cotton.
  • In virtue of having no trees, Wetlands are an ideal location for large construction projects like markets or hotels.
  • One can make a quick profit by mining Coal under Wetlands. Many professions require Coal, and it is thus likely to be bought at nearby Stores.
  • Containing every edible mushroom in the game, a Cook may want to buy from a Farmer near this biome, to allow quick and efficient fabrication of Vegetable Medleys.