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A wet and warm biome that supports a forest abundant with plant and animal life.
Can have lakes?: Yes
Elevation: 10 - 50
Temperature: 14 - 22 °C
Moisture: 70 - 100

Rainforest biome in Beta 8.0

Rainforest (sometimes called Jungle) is a biome characterized by a dense forest dominated by Ceiba trees, and is also home to various kinds of Mushrooms.

Plants[edit | edit source]

Grasses & Bushes[edit | edit source]

Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals[edit | edit source]

Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

Trees[edit | edit source]

Animals[edit | edit source]

Since the 0.9 update of the game, there are animals that lives in this biome, as:

Geology[edit | edit source]