Land Claim Papers

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Land Claim Papers are required to claim plots of land. Players start with 10 papers in their backpack, and will gain 5 more for each skill scroll used.

Using a Land Claim Stake on the ground will add an area of 5x5 blocks to the player's property. The plot claimed is part of a pre-defined grid; whatever part of the grid that the stake is placed in is the part that will be claimed. Claims cannot be placed twice in the same plot, and therefore the papers cannot be wasted.

Land claims are visible in the game when holding a Land Claim Stake and can be seen more clearly by zooming in on the map.

Players who are not authorized to a land plot will not be able to remove or place any blocks in the area of the plot unless authorized. The same rule applies to all storage and crafting stations within the plot.

Properties can be managed at the Real Estate Desk.

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