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Talents are perks that enhance a Specialty when that specialty reaches level 3 and level 6.

When the specialty levels up, opening the Skills menu will give the player an opportunity to choose between one of two talents for that level. Choosing one talent locks the other one. There is no way to switch to the other talent.

Every specialty will have perks offered at these levels, and have 2 talents to choose from at each level.

List of Talents[edit | edit source]

Crafting Specialties[edit | edit source]

Most specialties in the game are crafting specialties, which have the same sets of talents. As of Beta 8.0, the only non-crafting specialties are Mining, Logging, Gathering, Hunting, and Self Improvement.

  • Focused Workflow — Level 3 — Doubles the speed of related tables when they do not share a room with the same table type.
  • Parallel Processing — Level 3 — Increases the speed of related tables when they share a room with the same tables by 20 percent.
  • Frugal Workspace — Level 6 — Lowers the tier requirement of related tables by 0.2.
  • Lavish Workspace — Level 6 — Increases the tier requirement of tables by 0.2, but reduces the resources needed by 10 percent.

Self Improvement[edit | edit source]

Self Improvement has its own set of talents.

  • Level 3 — Deeper Pockets — increases your inventory size by 5kg
  • Level 3 — Glutton — Increases stomach capacity count by 1000cal
  • Level 6 — Urban Traveller — Increases movement speed by 20% in areas with high player activity.
  • Level 6 — Nature Adventurer — Increases movement speed by 20% in areas with low player activity.

Harvesting Specialties[edit | edit source]

Mining, Gathering, and Logging have the following talents available at Level 3, but have their own Level 6 talents. Hunting has a unique set of talents.

  • Level 3 — Tool Efficiency — Lowers the calorie cost of using related tools by 20 percent.
  • Level 3 — Tool Strength — Increases the tier of tools related to the skill by 1. This means that a stone axe (for example) will behave as an iron axe, and an iron axe will behave as a steel axe. And so on.

Mining[edit | edit source]

  • Level 6 — Lucky Break — Mining rocks no longer has a chance to create large chunks.
  • Level 6 — Sweeping Hands — Picking up rocks also attempts to pick up similar rocks of the same kind in an area.

Logging[edit | edit source]

  • Level 6 — Cleanup Crew — Destroying tree debris no longer costs additional calories.
  • Level 6 — Loggers Luck — Not implemented.

Gathering[edit | edit source]

  • Level 6 — Experienced Farmhand — Increases the yield of farmed plants by 20 percent.
  • Level 6 — Natural Gatherer — Increases the yield of natural plants by 20 percent.

Hunting[edit | edit source]

  • Level 3 — Arrow Recovery: Hunting— Provides a 50% chance to recover arrows shot into animals when harvesting them.
  • Level 3 — ???
  • Level 6 — Deadeye: Hunting — Increases headshot damage by 50%
  • Level 6 — Power Shot: Hunting — Increases damage tier of bows

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