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Template:Ambox Skill Points (SP) are used to learn Specialties in Eco. Each time a player gains a certain amount of XP, they will level up, granting 1 SP. Skill Points are represented by the star symbol in the bottom left of the screen.

By default, XP gain occurs over time at a speed depending on two variables: The nutrition bonus gained from food, and the housing bonus from having a furnished home.

Different server configurations, mods, and admin commands offer additional ways to obtain SP.

Skill Points HUD[edit | edit source]

  1. Experience Multiplier — This represents how much XP you gain over one 24-hour period of the server running. It is a sum of your nutrition and housing bonus. Hover over it for more information on how long until you level up.
  2. Nutrients Graph — Reflects your current nutrient balance, which affects skill points gained per day. Hover over the pie chart for more nutrition details, Calories, and to see the contents of your stomach. The "-2" represents 2 calories being lost due to activity.
  3. Nutrients Bonus — The XP bonus from your nutrition (quality, balance, variety, appreciation & cravings). The Bread icon will occasionally change, indicating a Craving of the newly shown food item.
  4. Skill Points — The number reflects the current skill points. Click on the star to open the skills menu.
  5. Housing Bonus — The XP bonus from your housing (quality and balance).
  6. Housing Graph — Reflects your current housing bonus and passive skill point boost every day. Once you have a house, a pie chart similar to the nutrition chart will appear here.

Nutrition SP Bonus[edit | edit source]

Nutrition bonus is calculated by the calorie-weighted average of the total nutrient value of food eaten in the last 24 hours. This average is then multiplied by the balance modifier and skill gain multiplier, and added to base skill gain.

The below equation shows the daily SP bonus for a player with 3 foods in their stomach.

( N1 × C1 ) + ( N2 × C2 ) + ( N3 × C3 )


C1 + C2 + C3
] × Balance Modifier × Skill Gain Multiplier + Base Skill Gain = SP/Day
  • "N" represents total nutrients of each food. Simply add up all 4 nutrient values. N1 is first food, N2 is second food, etc.
  • "C" represents calories of each food. C1 is first food, C2 is second food, etc.
  • Balance modifier ranges from 0.5 to 2, with 0.5 being no balance, and 2 being a perfect balance.
  • Skill gain multiplier is configurable in the server difficulty settings. It has different default values depending on the collaboration preset.
  • Base skill gain can be modified in It defaults to 12.

Housing SP Bonus[edit | edit source]

Housing SP Bonus is calculated by the sum of the furniture value of each room, multiplied by the balance multiplier.

The balance multiplier maxes out at 1.25 for a house with an equal number of each of the 5 room types and an equal value for each room. Template:See

Increasing Skill Point Gain[edit | edit source]

Server Settings[edit | edit source]

Skill Gain Multiplier[edit | edit source]

The Skill Gain Multiplier can be configured in the Difficulty Settings tab of the server GUI.

The multiplier increases the daily nutrition skill gain.

Skill Points Per Action[edit | edit source]

Skill Points Per Action can be configured in the Difficulty Settings tab.

It grants SP progress for every player action (e.g., using tools).

It should be set extremely low or not at all.

Skill Points Per Craft Time[edit | edit source]

Skill Points Per Craft Time can be configured in the Difficulty Settings tab.

It grants SP progress at the end of every crafting project.

It should be set very low or not at all (~0.0003 recommended).

Admin Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /skillpoints [valueofpoint] — Gives yourself SP. Defaults to 10,000 if no value is specified.
  • /giveskillpoints [player],[valueofpoint] — Gives another player SP. Defaults to 10 if no value is specified.
  • /spawntech — Gives all players 200 SoP in addition to spawning buildings containing crafting stations.


Mods[edit | edit source]

Some mods can allow SP gain in other ways, for example by adding consumable items to the game that grant SP.