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Server Management

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Servers don't normally need too much over sight from owners or admins, but some times issues can arise because of bugs or troublesome players. Here are a few tips on how to do a few basic management things.

The #server-talk and #technical-help channels on the official Eco Discord server are good places to ask for help.

Promote a Player to Admin[edit | edit source]

To make a player an admin on the server, you have to add the player's SLGID and/or Steam64ID to the `` file's admin list.

Ban a Player[edit | edit source]

Changing Spawn Point[edit | edit source]

Provided you have access to the Server UI, you don't need to fiddle with the config files to set spawn. While the /setspawn admin command will update the spawn point to your current location (and will show up in in the Server UI), it requires you to click on File -> Save in the Server UI for it to persist across reboots.

In v8.? semi-random spawn points were implemented. It will try to place new players in areas with wild plants so they can forage for food. To disable this you need to set the UseExactSpawnLocation option in User setting to true.

Delete a Player[edit | edit source]

You cannot delete a player's profile from the server.

This was only possible in older versions of the game, but as of v0.8.0.0 it is no longer possible to delete a player profile without corrupting the world beyond repair.

Proper Shutdown[edit | edit source]

The server software will automatically save the world and shutdown the server when it is closed.