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NOTE: The modding system is under heavy development. APIs are expected to change, which may break existing mods! Feel free to update any information on this wiki that is out of date.

For those wanting to learn about how to develop mods, the Eco ModKit wiki is a great place to start.

It contains a link to download the modkit, as well as tutorials on how to make different types of mods. Read through each tutorial to learn how to use the Eco ModKit.


You can discuss mods and modding on the Eco Discord.

We have multiple channels:

* #mod-ads for advertising your own mods
* #mod-dev for talk about the development of mods
* #mod-talk for general talk about mods, such as what existing mods to use or how to make basic changes to the game.
* #mod-help for issues with mods
* #mod-tutorials for links to tutorials


Strange Loop Games recommends using the latest versions of Visual Studio and Unity.

  • Visual Studio 2019
  • Unity 2019.4.x (latest available)

Official Guides[edit]

Installing the ModKit

Eco New Flag Mod, with animations and materials setup

Player Contributed Guides[edit]

FZM. Eco Mod Tutorial: Creating New Constructable Blocks

Other Resources[edit]