Installing the ModKit

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Get the ModKit[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to and log in if necessary.
  2. Click on "ModKit" in the downloads section.
  3. Unzip the ModKit archive to a directory on your computer.

Install the ModKit[edit | edit source]

  1. Check the ProjectVersion.txt file in the ModKit directory, you will need to install a version of Unity that matches the year and first number exactly, but matching or higher than the third number is OK.
  2. Create a new Unity project, selected "3D" as the template.
  3. Click on the "Assets" menu, then "Import Package", then "Custom Package...". Select EcoModKit.unitypackage in the ModKit folder and press "Open", then select "Import".
  4. Select the "Window" menu, then click "Open Package Manager". If in the top left it says "In Project", click it and select "Unity Registry". Select "Collections" from the list and then click "Install" down the bottom right.
    1. Unity 2019.x: If you don't see the "Collections" package then you will have to turn on "Preview packages". Look for the "Advanced" drop down button in the "Package manager" and check "Show preview packages".
    2. Unity 2020.x: In this version of Unity some packages are hidden entirely. You can install the package by clicking on the "+" (add) button in the "Package Manager" windows and click "Add package from git URL". Next input com.unity.collections and click "Add".
  5. You are now ready to go!