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A Deed is a collection of objects or land plots belonging to a player. Deeds are generated upon placement of a vehicle or when using a Land Claim Stake away from current property. Alternatively empty deeds can be created at the Real Estate Desk.

The tooltip of the deed will display what object or land plots contains, as well as its associated coordinates.

Deed Management[edit | edit source]

The Deed management window.

Clicking on the name of the deed will open a window with more details and controls for changing auth for the whole deed, allowing the player to change access rights to the object or property that the deed contains.

Real Estate Desk[edit | edit source]

File:RealEstateDesk Details.png
The Real Estate Desk deed list.

The Real Estate Desk can be used to see a list of all deeds belonging to you. Allowing you to manage them remotely or even sell your deeds to others.

Chat Link[edit | edit source]

When the name of a deed is written in chat it will appear as a link to the deed, showing information about it in the tooltip.

Because deeds become links in chat, it is common courtesy to not name them basic common words such as: "Road", "My Place", "House", etc. Doing so might annoy other players.

Gallery[edit | edit source]