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Modding a Torch in Unity

Modding is how the base game is extended with new features such as blocks, animals and additional game play rules. Some mods only change server-side functionality, while others may add additional visualizations and interactions on the client side. Mods may be developed by Strange Loop Games or independent developers and added to the game by server admins. There is no charge for access to the API and all of the tooling for mod development is freely available.

Installing Mods[edit]

Most mods can be installed by placing the mod's files into the Mods folder of an Eco server. Mods may add new files or replace some of the files already found in the Mods folder. Many mod authors will have instructions for installing their mod(s).

Mods that affect the client, such as custom items and models, only need to be installed on the server. The client will automatically receive the information it needs to run the mod from the server.

Server owners can now use and modders should consider putting mods there.

Existing Mods[edit]

NOTE: It is against Eco Wiki rules to post advertisements for specific mods anywhere on the Wiki.

For now, most mods are hosted on third-party websites. The best places to find mods currently are:

  • — Official host for Eco mods, with API available for mod management. This is the recommended place to download mods, especially if you are new to modding.
  • Modding | Eco Forums — Official forums modding section
  • — Unofficial mod hosting site

Mod Development[edit]

NOTE: The modding system is under heavy development. APIs are expected to change, which may break existing mods!

For those wanting to learn about how to develop mods, the Eco ModKit wiki is a great place to start.

It contains a link to download the modkit, as well as tutorials on how to make different types of mods. Read through each tutorial to learn how to use the Eco ModKit.


Strange Loop Games recommends using the latest versions of Visual Studio and Unity.


For more discussion about modding with Eco, visit the #modding channel in the Eco Discord server.