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General Questions

Can I play Eco single player?

Yes. Eco can be played single player on your local computer. Your own game can also be configured to turn off the meteor or to adjust skill point gain and costs. For more information, read the Getting Started guide or see the guides on the Server page.

It is worth noting that a large part of the game is based on economical multiplayer interaction. Playing in single player restricts access to that content.

Which server do I play on?

Eco servers are hosted by players. The in-game server browser shows public servers set up by the community. You can use the Unofficial Eco Server Tracker to see what servers are the most popular and active, though not all are listed. Servers are also advertised in the Template:Eco Discord #server-ads channel.

Newer servers are simpler to catch up with - having a progression closer to the beginning makes it significantly easier to have updated technology.

Where do I download the game server?

See Setting Up a Server

My server won't work! What's wrong?

See Setting Up a Server (advanced) for a troubleshooting guide.

Do I have to pay to play?

Yes. You have to purchase the game from Steam or the Strange Loop Games website.

Why should I pay $30?

Fair question. We're charging $30 because we want early access to be limited to dedicated backers at this point (people who want to be involved in development and see it through to the end) and have their feedback influence the game

System Questions

What are the minimum system requirements?

See System Requirements.

Can I play on Mac?

The game is available on Mac, but the client is not officially supported. The server is not available for Mac, but might be in the future. (Right now you can try to run the server with mono and a -nogui command)

Can I play on Linux?

The game is available on Linux, but the client is not officially supported. The server is available and supported for Linux for Eco version 9 and above.

Gameplay Questions

I just started and have no idea what I'm doing. How do I play?

Read the Getting Started guide.

If you have questions, there are active communities of Eco players on the Template:Eco Discord and the Template:Eco Forums.

Why can’t I move/look around?

Try hitting the Tab button to go between mouse modes.

One mode brings up a cursor to select and interact with items. The other mode allows for camera movement.

My calories are getting low! Will I die?

You will not die if your calorie count reaches zero, but your skill point gain will be frozen until you eat something. Additionally, most work is impossible to do without calories.

It is currently impossible to die - there are currently no plans to add player death into the game.

How do I remove the interface/HUD for screenshots?


Other questions

How do I report an account issue or request a non-Steam refund?

Email [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#a5d6d0d5d5cad7d1e5d6d1d7c4cbc2c0c9cacad5c2c4c8c0d68bc6cac8 [email protected]]

Where do I report bugs?

You can report bugs on Github or the official forums

Please make sure your bug has not been reported already by using the search functions. Remember to note the version of ECO you are running and your system specs, along with a step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the bug.