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{{VariantDetails|name = Adorned Ashlar Stone Bench}}


Note:The Infobox displays information for all Variants as they have the same stats. World Object item variants are crafted using different recipe materials which usually means the items come in a variety of different colours depending on the material used.

Adorned Ashlar Granite Bench
AdornedAshlarGraniteBench Icon.png

AdornedAshlarGraniteBench Placed.png

Adorned Ashlar Sandstone Bench
AdornedAshlarSandstoneBench Icon.png

AdornedAshlarSandstoneBench Placed.png

Adorned Ashlar Basalt Bench
AdornedAshlarBasaltBench Icon.png

AdornedAshlarBasaltBench Placed.png

Adorned Ashlar Shale Bench
AdornedAshlarShaleBench Icon.png

AdornedAshlarShaleBench Placed.png

Adorned Ashlar Limestone Bench
AdornedAshlarLimestoneBench Icon.png

AdornedAshlarLimestoneBench Placed.png

Adorned Ashlar Gneiss Bench
AdornedAshlarGneissBench Icon.png

AdornedAshlarGneissBench Placed.png