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Add a tooltip to an abbreviation of a unit of measure showing the actual name of the unit.

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Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


Numerical value to format for display with the unit.

2, -2, 3.45
Unit abbreviationabbr

Case sensitive abbreviation of a unit of measure. If the abbreviation contains a forward slash "/" it may be replaced with the character "p".

m/s, mps, GHz, ppm, kg, m2, kWh

Usage[edit source]

  • With a formatted number: {{Unit|number|abbr}}
    • If a number is specified, it is formatted with a space " " as a thousands separator and a period "." as the decimal separator.
  • With unit abbreviation only: {{Unit|abbr}}

New units[edit source]

Recognized units are defined and documented in Module:Unit/data.

Examples[edit source]

Commonly used units.
Code Result
{{Unit|ppm}} ppm
{{Unit|1200|m}} 1 200 m
{{Unit|1|m/s}} 1 m/s
{{Unit|mps}} m/s
34 {{Unit|kg}} 34 kg
{{Unit|+2|degc}} +2 °C

Note that the abbreviation is case sensitive and if the unit contains special symbols they are displayed correctly:

Various units.
Code Result
{{Unit|-2,1|mHz}} -2.1 mHz
{{Unit|-0.1|MHz}} -0.1 MHz
{{Unit|0|m2}} 0 m2
{{Unit|+1|kohm}} +1
{{Unit|852001,99|kWh}} 852 001.99 kW⋅h
4–8 {{Unit|um}} 4–8 μm
{{Unit|J/(Kmol)}} J/(K⋅mol)

If a unit definition is not found, the abbreviation (or text) is returned unchanged. However, if the unit definition data is later updated to include the unit, it will begin using the tooltip correctly later.

Invalid units.
Code Result
{{Unit|99|things}} 99 things
{{Unit|something/other}} something/other
{{Unit|-2|players per hour}} -2 players per hour
{{Unit|7|lbft}} of torque 7 lbft of torque
{{Unit}} ERROR: No value given to Unit template!

Modules[edit source]

This template is using the following Modules: