Soil Moisture

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Soil Moisture content is a keep aspect of Soil Composition in Agriculture. It is critical to maintain soil moisture within limits for good crop growth and yield. Soil moisture values for a 5x5 plot of land can be discovered by using the Soil Sampler. This page will be a discussion of methods a player can modify soil moisture % to achieve better crop bounty.

Soil Moisture Overview[edit | edit source]

Soil Moisture content is identified as a percentage (%) and is one of the main factors for plant and crop growth, the other being Temperature. While temperature is primarily determined by average block height in a 5x5 plot, Soil Moisture stems from multiple variables in the simulation: Rainfall, proximity to water, biome type, and whether or not there are trees/plants in the 5x5 plot. Players are still trying to figure out how these affect Soil Moisture and how to modify them. Soil Moisture is anticipated to be updated in the Farming Enhancement update.

Techniques to Raise Soil Moisture[edit | edit source]

Soil moisture can be minimally raised by digging a trench for flowing water from a water source, but currently has only a minute effect. Aqueducts are the most reliable way to increase Soil Moisture content in a plot.

Techniques to Lower Soil Moisture[edit | edit source]

Soil Moisture can reliably be lowered 10-15% by creating "raised beds".