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Sleep will cause time to speed up in the world. This can be useful in helping with many things, such as skill points gain, crafting time, plant growth, and more.

Characters can lie down in a bed to go to sleep. While in the bed, time will accelerate until it reaches the fast-forward speed (configured in server settings). If multiple players are on the server, all of them have to be lying in a bed for this to take effect.

It is suggested not to used this feature on larger servers, use at your own risk.

Server Config[edit | edit source]

Sleep has to be enabled in the server config. This is default enabled on local servers, but disabled on dedicated servers.

AllowFastForward determine if sleep is enabled or not. SleepTimePassMultiplier (defaulted to "500") defines the maximum fast-forward speed, while TimeToReachMaximumTimeRate (defaulted "10") defines how long the windup time is to reach that speed.

Beds[edit | edit source]

Image Name
Wooden Straw Bed Wooden Straw Bed
Wooden Fabric Bed Wooden Fabric Bed