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Research in Eco is the method through which players unlock new specializations.

Research is done by crafting skill books at a Research Table, which may require large amounts of resources. Once a skill book is crafted, it can be used to create skill scrolls, which can then be distributed to anyone on the server.

Skill Books

A research recipe will result in a skill book, and right-clicking the book will spawn a skill scroll. There is no limit to the number of skill scrolls that can be gained from a single book.

Skill Scrolls

Right-clicking on the scroll will grant the player the corresponding specialization. It will also add 5 Land Claim Papers to the player's inventory.

The stack limit for skill scrolls is 100.

Research Table

The Research Table is currently the only crafting station for research. It is crafted at the Workbench.

To function, the research table must be placed in a room with at least 25 volume and 18 tier 1 blocks.

Skill Book Recipes

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