Mountain Goat Carcass

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Mountain Goat Carcass
Natural Resources
A dead mountain goat.
Used at: Butchery Table
Carried in: Backpack
Weight: 30kg
Stack limit: 100
Item ID: MountainGoatCarcassItem
Medium Carcass, Medium Wooly Carcass,

A Mountain Goat Carcass is harvested from killed Mountain Goat.
A Bow can be used to kill Mountain Goat.


Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipes


Used in Recipes

Crafting Station Item Materials Level Needed Crafting Time
Labour Cost XP Gained
Butchery Table Goat Mount x1 Mountain Goat Carcass x1 Hewn Log Tag x10 Fabric Tag x20 Hunting
Level 4
10 300 4
Butchery Table Stuffed Goat x1 Mountain Goat Carcass x1 Lumber Tag x5 Fabric Tag x20 Hunting
Level 5
12 300 4

History[edit | edit source]

  • Introduced in Beta 8.0.0.

Gallery[edit | edit source]