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This module is called by Template:GetRecipes, and is the entry point for modules in the system that displays crafting recipes. It takes the item passed to the template, and uses Module:CraftingRecipes to get every recipe related to the item. The resulting list of recipes is then passed to Module:CraftingParser, and the results from CraftingParser are returned to the template.

If the template is passed, this module creates a table using details from the following Modules:

local p = {}

-- Grabs args from the parent frame
-- Trims and parses the args into a table, then returns the table
function norm()
    local origArgs = mw.getCurrentFrame():getParent().args
    local args = {}
    for k, v in pairs( origArgs ) do
        v = mw.text.trim( tostring( v ) )
        if v ~= '' then
            args[k] = v
    return args

-- Main entry point for the Module
function p.main()
    -- get args from the Template
    local args = norm()
    -- assign variables for item, table, and group
    local item = args.item
    local table = args.table
    local group =

    -- load list of recipes
    local completeList = require( "Module:CraftingRecipes" )
    local recipeList =
    local itemList = completeList.items
    local tableList = completeList.tables
    -- groups no longer exists. Need to check all dependencies on this throughout other modules. Expecting implication to be removal of 'used in' table in the wiki.
    --local groupList = completeList.groups
    -- initialize a table to store recipes
    local recipes = {}
    -- load CraftingParser
    local parser = require( "Module:CraftingParser" )

    -- priority: item > table > group
    if item ~= nil then
        if itemList[item] == nil then
            return '===Crafting Recipes===\n\'\'None\'\'\n===Used in Recipes (potentially deprecated due to removal of groups - clean this up)===\n\'\'None\'\'\n'
        for num = 1, #itemList[item] do
            --nil entries in itemList are causing errors. Need to deal with exceptions where entry is ''
            if itemList[item][num] ~= '' then --skip blank entry in array. Applies to Bars (Iron Bars, Steel Bars, etc).
				if recipeList[itemList[item][num]] ~= nil then --skip missing recipes as those use variants
					recipes[num] = recipeList[itemList[item][num]]
            --Handle situations where itemList has a single, blank entry. Set value to item name provided by the calling page. Occurs for all tools. Could cause other issues for invalid item names.
            if #itemList[item] == 1 and itemList[item][num] == '' then
            	recipes[num] = recipeList[item]
        return parser.formattedItem( recipes, item )
    elseif table ~= nil then
		--GROUP deprecated
        --if group ~= nil then
            --local count = 1
            --for num = 1, #tableList[table] do
                --for gnum = 1, #groupList[group] do
                    --if tableList[table][num] == groupList[group][gnum] then
                        --recipes[count] = recipeList[tableList[table][num]]
                        --count = count + 1
            for num = 1, #tableList[table] do
                recipes[num] = recipeList[tableList[table][num]]
        return parser.formattedTable( recipes, table )
    --GROUP deprecated
    --elseif group ~= nil then
        --for num = 1, #groupList[group] do
            --recipes[num] = recipeList[groupList[group][num]]
        --return parser.formattedGroup( recipes, group )
        return 'Invalid use of parameters, please see [[Template:GetRecipes]].'

return p