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Approval is the process of validating the edited information is valid and not abusive but also having discussions as a community about a change when required.

Strategy[edit source]

Wiki admins will take 3 days per week to review approvals.

The review process goes like this:

  • Visit the Special:ApprovedRevs page and review pages in the following categories:
    • Pages whose approved revision is not their latest
    • Unapproved pages
    • Pages with invalid approvals
  • Either approve the changes on each page or revert the changes if they are inaccurate, spam, abusive, etc.
  • Discuss the changes in Discord if they are disputed. For controversial changes, approval can be deferred pending discussion.

Schedule[edit source]

Monday[edit source]

Wednesday[edit source]

Friday[edit source]

  • User: Any available admin
  • Time: TBD