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Running an Eco server on the Linux operating system is not supported by Strange Loop Games.

Some Linux users have successfully run servers with certain tools, but they can have debilitating problems with new versions, which may require different workarounds each time.

If you have a support question regarding Linux servers, please join the #linux-discussion channel in Eco Discord, but keep in mind the information above.

User Guide: Running from a shell (linux/debian) with UI[edit | edit source]

Note: This is a guide submitted by User:Simonmicro, using Eco server version on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

If you want to run the eco server from a shell under linux with the UI for easier server configuration, you will need a virtual desktop environment. The following example will demonstrate a basic setup under linux (debian 9) using a minimalistic virtual desktop.

First you will need to install some required packages: vnc4server (the virtual desktop), lxde (minimalistic desktop), mono-devel (to execute .exe files). You can install them using the following command - maybe some packages can not found for your distribution (for that please see your distros documantation).

sudo apt install --no-install-recommends vnc4server mono-devel tigervnc-common lxde

Now you can run your VNC server using the following command - please take a look inside the printed log file to query the vnc listening port!

vncserver -localhost=no -geometry 1366x768

Now use a VNC client to connect to your server. If you are connected right-click to the desktop background to open a terminal. Inside the terminal you can start the desktop with a file manager using the following commands:

lxsession &
pcmanfm &
Lxde on VNC

Now navigate to your servers root (where EcoServer.exe is located) and right-click its file. Select "Mono Runtime (Terminal)" to run your eco server with its UI.

Screenshot to open a eco server with ui - vnc client connection

Alternatively, you can use the already opened terminal to navigate to your folder and start the eco server with the following command:

mono EcoServer.exe

Please not that this procedure doesn't work with eco server versions 7.6.0 and 7.6.1 (see!