Reporting Bugs

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The most effective way that ECO players can contribute to the development of the game is by identifying, documenting, and reporting bugs.

Bugs can be submitted directly to Github. Users must register for a free Github account before submitting their report.

If you do not have experience submitting bug reports, please read this guide before posting your bug.

Identifying a bug[edit | edit source]

Crashes, exceptions, UI issues, and visual glitches are all examples of bugs that should be reported. Even the most minor bugs should be reported.

Gameplay tuning and "balance" issues should not be reported as bugs. They should instead be submitted as suggestions on the ECO Ideas and Feedback forum

Not sure if your issue should be submitted? When in doubt, report it!

Documenting a bug[edit | edit source]

Write down as much information as you can about the circumstances surrounding the bug. What were you doing during the time leading up to the crash or exception?

Ideally, you should try to reproduce the bug. If you can reproduce it, write down step-by-step instructions for reproducing the bug. Even if the bug is not 100% reproducible, the more detail you provide about the situations the bug occurs will make it easier for the developers to resolve the bug.

Reporting a bug[edit | edit source]

Go to and create an account if you haven't yet. Click on the "Issues" tab to see all current open issues.

The first thing you should do is search to see if your bug has been reported already. Use the search function in the upper right and enter relevant keywords and see if your bug or a similar one is already reported. If you find a similar bug, try adding to the comments on the existing bug before submitting a new issue.

If you still think you are dealing with a bug that is unreported, click on the green "New Issue" button to submit your report.

Bug Report Title[edit | edit source]

Add a tag at the beginning of the bug report title based on its category:

  • [Client] - Issues when playing the game.
  • [Server] - Issues about ECO servers, such as server crashes (be sure to attach crash dumps)
  • [Web] - Issues about ECO's website and web browser tools

What to Include in Your Bug Report[edit | edit source]

Make sure to include the following items in your bug report:

  • ECO version - (e.g. "Alpha")
  • Expected behavior - What should happen without the bug present
  • Actual behavior - Behavior caused by the bug
  • Steps to Reproduce - A detailed, step-by-step guide to reproducing the bug

The following items should be included in the bug report as appropriate:

  • Operating system or web browser - (e.g. Windows 10 or Google Chrome)
  • System specs - CPU, graphics card
  • Error message text - Screenshot the error messages if you can't copy the text
  • Additional files
    • Crash dumps for the ECO client can be found in Users -> (Username) -> AppData -> LocalLow -> Strange Loop Games -> ECO -> Crashes
    • Crash dumps for the ECO server can be found in the server folder at Eco_Data -> Server -> Dump
  • Screenshots or videos - Strongly encouraged. These are very helpful for resolving bugs