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Text Markup[edit | edit source]

The appearance of text can be modified with certain HTML tags. These work on signs as well as in chat.

  • bold = <b>bold</b>
  • italic = <i>italic</i>
  • underlined = <u>underlined</u>
  • strikethrough = <s>strikethrough</s>
  • color
    • <#FF0000>color</color>
    • <color=red>color</color>
    • <#FF000050>color</color> (50% transparency. Last two digits are for opacity, 00-99)
  • subscript = <sub>subscript</sub>
  • superscript = <sup>superscript</sup>
  • <br> — Line break (creates a new text line)
  • <nobr>Long text</nobr> — Force text to be shown on single line
  • <align=left>Alignment</align> — (can align "center", "left", or "right". Center is default)

Icons can also be shown in chat using the item ID. The following example would display the icon for Stone:

  • <ecoicon item='StoneItem'>

Chat Commands[edit | edit source]

NOTICE: This page is in the process of being templated. The chat commands listed below may not accurately reflect the new commands in Eco v0.7.5. Contact wiki editors on the Eco discord for more information.

Chat commands can be activated through the chat log by pressing "enter" (using default key layout).

Use /help to see all chat commands available to you in-game.

Note: "[ ]" indicates a parameter is required. "( )" indicates a parameter is optional

Player Commands[edit | edit source]

Player Chat Commands
Command Description Usage Result Notes
/allaccounts Display all bank accounts in the game.
/angry Angry.
/authlevel Displays your authorization level Returns "User", "Admin", or "Developer".
/frown Frown.
/grin Grin.
/help Displays all the commands avaliable
/listadmins Displays a list of all administrators.
/mark (waypointname) Drops a waypoint at the current position. Accepts an optional text string for the waypoint. /mark
/mark Test Waypoint
Creates unnamed waypoint
Creates waypoint called "Test Waypoint"
Waypoint can be removed by clicking on it when viewing it in the world and clicking "Remove".
/players Returns a list of online players
/sim sealevel (/sea) Displays the current sea level and how much it has risen.
/smile Smile.
/testroom Check the current surroundings to see if it's a room, and if not explain why not.
/thirdperson Toggles Third Person Camera
/titlelist Lists all existing titles and info about them.
/unstuck Attempts to unstick your avatar
/util unstuckvehicle (/freecar) Attempts to unstick your vehicle Command that should help when the vehicle for some reason turned around or got stuck. Added in 8.2.6.
/useractivity Displays a list of users and when they last logged in.
/whatami View your current skill title
/whoami Shows your user ID
/yawn Yawn

Admin Commands[edit | edit source]

If you wish to use admin or developer commands, you must be added as an admin on the server (User->Config->Admins in Windows GUI).

The admin config list, blacklist, and whitelist all use player IDs. You will need to enter the proper ID when editing these lists manually. You are able to use the player's name when running the corresponding commands from inside the game.

Many server changing admin commands are not saved between server restarts. To make them persist between server restarts, change the setting in the server config file.

SLG only account use SLG ID
Steam only account use STEAMID64
SLG + Steam linked account use SLG ID

Warning! Some of the commands might not work as intended! Use all chat commands at your own risk, especially developer commands.

Admin Chat Commands
Command Description Usage Result Notes
/addtodeed Adds you to the permissions on the deed /addtodeed You now have auth on the deed you are standing on Use /removefromdeed to undo it
/admin [player] Adds a user as an Admin /admin Ecko Gives Ecko admin rights on the server
/allblocks Spawns all blocks
/allconstructed Spawns all player constructable blocks
/allplants Spawns all plant blocks
/allskills Unlocks all skills The player will receive property claim flags too.
/allterrain Spawns all diggable blocks
/allworldobjects Spawns all world objects Spawns from the player's current position in a single line heading East.
/atm Add atmosphere
/ban [player],(reason) Bans a user /ban Ecko
/ban Ecko,Breaking the rules.
Bans Ecko from the server.
Bans Ecko with the reason: "Breaking the rules."
Kicks the player if they are online when they are banned.
/bhop Toggles bunny hopping
/buildtechtree Builds every worldobject in an appropriate building and fills it with fuel Takes a while to spawn.
/bunnytime Spawns 100 Hares
/chattest Spam a bunch of stuff to chat USE WITH CAUTION. This will create 5-10 chat channels and will continue to spam until server is next shutdown/restarted.
/claimrect Claims plots in a given rect centered on the user.
/clearlaws Removes all active laws
/clearrubble (radius) Clears rubble around the player. /clearrubble
/clearrubble 10
/day Set and lock the server time to noon You can only reverse this by editing timeofdayscale in your server settings. This has a default value of 48.
/deletecontract [id] Deletes contacts by id.
/destroyedatmosphere Set the percent of a destroyed atmosphere to display, blended to over a given number of seconds
/dump Removes all items from your inventory.
/dumpcarried Removes only the items you are carrying in the carry slot.
/dumpselected Removes only the currently selected item in your inventory.
/durability (#) Set the durability of the item you are holding /durability
/durability 500
Sets the item's durability to 1.
Sets the item's durability to 500.
Can be set over the item's usual maximum durability. Causes the durability bar to extend past it's usual max limit.
/eat Max your calories Does not affect nutrition.
/fastforward (1/0) Turns the fast forward effect on or off. /fastforward 1
/fastforward 0
Starts fast forward.
Stops fast forward.
To enable sleeping in beds, you have to edit the server config.
/fly Toggles fly mode Shift to move faster, can move through objects / ground.
/give [itemname],(amount) Give yourself an item /give Lumber
/give Lumber,10
Gives the player 1 lumber.
Gives the player 10 lumber.
Will not give the player anything that they couldn't hold normally. Won't exceed the player's carrying weight.
/giveskillpoints [player],(amount) Give skillpoints to another player /giveskillpoints Ecko
/giveskillpoints Ecko,100
Gives Ecko 10 skill points.
Gives Ecko 100 skill points."
/kick [player],(reason) Kicks a user /kick Ecko
/kick Ecko,Breaking the rules
Kicks Ecko from the server.
Kicks Ecko with reason: "Breaking the rules."
Only works if the player is online.
/leader (player) Set the leader /leader
/leader Ecko
Elects the commanding player as leader.
Elects Ecko as leader.
The player will be awarded with the same items and powers as if they were elected normally.
/level [x(default=10)],[y(default=10)],[BlockType(default=GrassBlock)] Level the terrain /level
/level 50,50
Spawns an 11x11 plot of grass.
Spawns a 50x50 plot of grass.
Any terrain spawned will reach to the center of the world from whatever height the command was called.
/levelup Learns and levels up a skill and all its prerequisites.
/massinteract Uses your currently selected tool on surrounding blocks
/meteor destroy Destroys the meteor in orbit.
/meteorfall Begin the meteor impact sequence
/meteorhitworldlayers Triggers world layers to act as if they were hit by a meteor
/meteorimpact Make the meteor strike instantly
/meteorrain [count],[timeBetween],[radius] Makes meteorites rain down the sky /meteorrain
/meteorrain 20,3,10
Spawn only 1 meteorite
Spawn 20 meteorites with 3 seconds between each meteorite in a 10 blocks radius
/move [x],[y],[z] Moves you to position x, y, z; where xyz are integers.
/noah (count) /noah
/noah 5
Spawns 1 of every animal.
Spawns 5 of every animal.
/noskills Resets all skills to zero
/oneshot Kills nearest animal
/openserverui Opens the server UI Only works if the server is running in same directory as the client (e.g. single-player).
/ownall Claim all property
/ownnone (player) Revoke your property /ownnone
/ownnone Ecko
Revokes all of your property.
Gives all of your property to Ecko
USE WITH CAUTION. May crash server / kick player.
/passlaws Pass all pending laws
/polluteco2 Creates x PPM of air pollution
/polluteworld Rains tailings from the heavens to ruin the world
/poorbunnies Kills all animals USE WITH CAUTION. May crash server / kick player.
/record Toggles record mode Prevents animals from running from the player. Enables recording mode.
/regenlayer Regenerates a world layer, restoring it to the state it would be in if the world were newly generated
/remove [BlockType], (x), (y), (z) Removes the given block type from the area relative to the player /remove DirtBlock, 100, 100, 100 Removes Dirt from a 100-block cube Can use "soil" as BlockType to remove Dirt, Sand, etc. together.
/removeadmin [player] Removes a user as an Admin /removeadmin Ecko Takes away Ecko's admin status
/removefromdeed Removes you from the permissions on the deed /removefromdeed You no longer have auth on the deed you are standing on Opposite of /addtodeed
/repairallrooms Reinitialize all rooms that have broken and don't contribute to the housing score.
/repopulate Regenerates eco population
/setpowercost Reduces power consumption of all existing objects within a given radius to passed value (defaults zero).
/setreputation [player],(reputation) A command to set the user's reputation /setreputation Ecko
/setreputation Ecko,10
Sets Ecko's reputation to 0.
Sets Ecko's reputation to 10.
/setreputationrelative [target player],[source player],(reputation) Set the user's reputation relative to another
/setspawn Changes the spawn location you your current location The spawn location set by this command is not saved between server restarts. To make it persist between server restarts, change the spawn location in the server config file.
/shuffle (x),(y)
/skillpoints (amount) Give yourself skill points /skillpoints
/skillpoints 50
Gives the commanding player 10,000 skill points.
Gives the commanding player 50 skill points.
/skillrate (rate) Displays or sets the current skill rate multiplier /skillrate
/skillrate 2
Displays the current skill rate.
Chnages the current skill rate to 2.
Announces changed skill rate to everyone on the server.
/spawnanimal (species),(count) Spawns a number of animals /spawnanimal
/spawnanimal Wolf
/spawnanimal Elk,10
Spawn a Hare.
Spawns a Wolf.
Spawns 10 Elk.
/spawnbed Spawns a bed in a house and puts you to sleep.
/spawnbuilding (building type(0-5)),(x),(y),(z),(roof type(0-2)),(windows(true-false)) Spawns a building /spawnbuilding 4,10,5,10,1,1 Spawns a Corrugated steel building 10 wide, 5 high, 10 long, flat roof, with windows For building type: 0=log, 1=mortared stone, 2=lumber, 3=brick, 4=corrugated steel, 5=concrete. For rooftype: 0=block roof, 1=flat roof, 2=pointed roof. For windows: 0=no windows, 1=windows
/spawncrafting Creates a craft setup where output from one thing is input to another.
/spawncrater Create a crater at the current position
/spawneconomy Attempts to build an economy USE WITH CAUTION. May crash server / kick player.
/spawnfullstockpile Generate a full stockpile
/spawnlasers Spawns the end-game lasers and power supplies, and drops thier power needs.
/meteor spawn Spawns a meteor into orbit, regardless of current disaster settings.
/spawnplant (species),(count) Spawns a plant or plants in a row with increasing ages /spawnplant
/spawnplant Tomato
/spawnplant Beet,10
Spawns a Birch tree.
Spawns a Tomato plant.
Spawns 10 Beet plants.
/spawnroad (length), (width), (road type) Spawns a road Road type Dirt by default only use length for Dirt Road, 1=Stone, 2=Concrete. will spawn up hill ramps, does not spawn downhill, only single block drop.
/spawntech (tech level 1-4) Spawns 4 buildings and road /spawntech 1 Spawns a road and four log buildings with crafting stations (Workbench, Research Table, Wainwright Table and Carpentry Table) in them. Also gives all players 200 Skill Points. Tech level changes by building type. 1=wood, 2=Brick, 3=CRASHS GAME 4=Steel
/spawnvillage [building type(0-5)],[quantity] Spawns a village /spawnvillage 2,3 spawns 3 lumber buildings For building type: 0=log, 1=mortared stone, 2=lumber, 3=brick, 4=corrugated steel, 5=concrete.
/steamsale (amount) Give every player an amount of money /steamsale
/steamsale 40
Gives each player 1000.
Gives each player 40.
Gives each player the amount for each currency on the server.
/targetowner (player) Change owner of current target /targetowner
/targetowner Deantwo
Changes ownership of target vehicle to you.
Change ownership of the target vehicle to Deantwo.
change ownership of a targeted vehicle. Aim and the vehicle and use the command. Specify a player if wanting to change its ownership to someone else.
/tax (amount) Tax all players an amount of money /tax
/tax 40
Taxes all players for 1000.
Taxes all players for 40.
Taxes each player the amount for each currency on the server.
/teleport (x),(y),(z) Teleport to an xyz coordinate Acts just like /move. The y parameter has no effect.
/teleportplayer [player] Teleport to a player /teleportplayer Ecko Teleports you to Ecko.
/testcontracts Creates a contract board and creates a LOT of random contracts. USE WITH CAUTION. May crash server / kick player.
/trample Tramples the surrounding ground USE WITH CAUTION. May cover entire world.
/unclaim Unclaim the plot you're standing on Does not return property claim flags.
/unclaimabandoned [number] Unclaims land plots owned by players that havent logged in for a given number of days. /unclaimabandoned 1 Unclaims all land plots owned by players who last logged in 24 hours ago or more. Use /useractivity to check how long users have been absent.
/vomit Empties your stomach Note: Only emptying calories (7.2.5)
/warnuser [player],(message) Sends a warning to a player /warn Ecko
/warn Ecko,Don't do that!
Sends a warning to Ecko.
Sends Ecko a warning with the message: "Don't do that!"
Only works if the player is online.
/whatami View your current skill title
/whitelist [player] Adds a user to the whitelist. /whitelist Ecko Adds Ecko to the whitelist.
/whois [player] Shows the user ID of the requested user. /whois Ecko Displays Ecko's user ID This displays the proper ID to use for admin list, blacklist, and whitelist
/work (calories) Spends calories /work
/work 200
Spends all of your calories.
Spends 200 calories.

Developer Commands[edit | edit source]

Developer Chat Commands
Command Description Usage Result Notes
/dummy Spawns a dummy avatar
/exceptional Throws an exception, very useful
/getpathtoitem Gets the resources needed to craft something
/iodide Set radiation dose to 0
/irradiate Max out player radiation dose
/lastplayeronearth Kills all spawned dummys
/listunobtainableitems Lists the items that cannot be crafted from some set of other items. Note that many of these are not meant to be crafted, e.g. hips and stone
/metime Spawns a clone of your avatar
/resettutorial Resets the tutorial, including record of given items (which menu option does not do)
/spawnbed Spawns a bed in a house and puts you to sleep.
/spawnspecies Spawns a given species near the player, defaulting to a cedar
/teleporttarget Teleports otherPlayer to an xyz coordinate
/teleporttargetplayer Teleports player A to player B
/toggle [uiName] Toggles the show state of a UI, by UI prefab name

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