Tips and Tricks

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  • To move multiple stacks of the same items at the same time, hold Left Shift and click and drag one of the items. All items which share the same name will be moved into the new inventory.
  • If you ever get stuck in the world and can't move, type "/unstuck" in chat. This has a cooldown (default 60 seconds).
  • To pick up any crafting station (such as the Workbench) or other object, use a Stone Hammer, which is acquired through the tutorial.
  • Stumps can be destroyed with an axe.
  • You can take items from a workbench or container without opening its inventory. Use a tool, like the axe, to hit the object, and the first item in its inventory will be added to your backpack. Use the shovel on the object, and the first item that is carried by the shovel (e.g. dirt) will be picked up.
  • Coal can be used as fuel in Campfires. It burns longer than Logs do. You can burn other wood items such as boards or arrows as well.
  • You can hold E to pick up logs, stones, etc.