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Some blocks have tiers when used to construct a room. The tiers of the blocks used to construct a room determine the room's overall tier level, which affects what crafting stations can operate in it: for instance, the Anvil requires an overrall room tier of 1 before it will function. The overall tier of a room also determines the maximum skill points that can be gained from furniture placed in it.

Higher tier blocks require more advanced skills and crafting stations to produce, and in turn allow for a higher housing skill point cap and more advanced crafting stations.


Image Name Tier
Dirt Dirt 0


Sand 0


(and other natural blocks, such as Iron Ore, Copper Ore, and Gold Ore)


Log 0

Hewn Log

Hewn Log 1
Mortared Stone Mortared Stone 1
Lumber Lumber 2
Brick Brick 2
Glass Glass 2
Reinforced Concrete Reinforced Concrete 3
Corrugated Steel Corrugated Steel 3
Flat Steel Flat Steel 4
Framed Glass Framed Glass 4


Image Name Tier
Door Door 1
Hewn Log Door Hewn Log Door 1
Stone Door Stone Door 1
Lumber Door Lumber Door 2
Large Lumber Door Large Lumber Door 2
Large Windowed Lumber Door Large Windowed Lumber Door 2
Large Corrugated Steel Door Large Corrugated Steel Door 3
Framed Glass Door Framed Glass Door 4


Reinforced Concrete building has its tier reduced slightly below 3.00 because of Dirt blocks.
Robotic Assembly Line is prevented from operating because of an inadequate building tier.
Uniform Reinforced Concrete building causes tier to increase to exactly 3.00.
Robotic Assembly Line is working due to adequate building tier.