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Usage[edit source]

    |file = WoodenHoe_Icon.png
    |link = Agriculture
    |text = <h3>[[Agriculture]]</h3>

Parameters[edit source]

First Parameter - File Name - file
File page title for an image.
You can use spaces or underscores. Do not include the "File:" part of the page title.
This uses MediaWiki:Common.css to create An Icon Background and Frame for the file chosen. [Current .iconBlue for the Background]
Second Parameter - Page Name - link
Name of the page you wish to create a link to.
Use spaces instead of underscores, otherwise the underscores will show up in the link text.
Third Parameter - Text Displayed - text
The text you want to be displayed under the Image.
Forth Parameter - Icon Style - iconBlue, iconWhite etc
The background style of the icon, defaults to iconBlue.

Example[edit source]