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<slideboxlightshow halign="center" width="500" height="300">

File:Cabin Logs Tomatoes Corn.jpg File:Agriculture Barn Windmill.jpg File:Mountain River Aerial.jpg File:ECO Mine Ramp.jpg File:Town Tailings Stone Braziers.jpg File:ECO Corn Huckleberries Farm.jpg File:Tailings Dead Trees Elk.jpg File:UI Third Person Map Layers.jpg


Using this template[edit source]

This template uses the SlideBoxLightShow extension to display a slideshow featuring some image (9 in this case, though the number can be much greater). The slideshow itself will be centered with respect to the section in which it is placed on the page. All the images included in the slideshow are centered with respect to each other and are scaled to a maximum width of 250px and/or a maximum height of 150px, whichever is smaller.

This template could also include a mobile view alternative which used smaller, more mobile friendly dimensions.

Follow the extension link for further information.